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Welcome to the age of the internet, where potential customers base their trust on whether your company has Instagram. They would rather send you a DM than give you a phone call to find out what your hours of operation are. Instagram Marketing is extremely crucial in today’s Internet era and will give you the opportunity to reach hundreds of thousands of potential customers.

Instagram Marketing can be difficult to understand, which is why I’m here to help break it down for you. Below, you will find the top reasons why Instagram Marketing is important for your business. Make sure to sign up for my newsletter to get updates on future blog posts, as I’ll be diving even deeper into Instagram Marketing over the next few weeks.

1. Instagram’s User Base & Engagement Are Huge

Over 300 million people are active on Instagram every single day.  As of December 2017, there were 25 million businesses on Instagram. If you aren’t one of them, what are you doing? This is where every business needs to be. With Instagram’s new algorithm changes, it is getting harder to drive people to your page. I’m here to help you overcome that.

2. Visual data is processed 60K times faster 

Your brain processes visual data 60K times faster than text. Of course there are visual learners and then there are people who do prefer to read, but imagine having the opportunity to reach people both ways. Use your Instagram images to tell a story and strengthen that story through your captions. Come to think of it, I might need to start implementing more pictures into these posts.

3. Instagram drives sales

Instagram has always driven sales, but this year they released the option for business accounts to sell products directly through Instagram. This is a pretty easy thing to setup and it will increase your sales. Imagine having the opportunity to convert potential customers to actual customers with the click of one Instagram image. Instagram is visual, so it allows your products to speak for themselves. People who purchase from Instagram spend on average $65 per visit.

4. People spend a lot of time on Instagram

Next to Facebook, Instagram is one of the most used social media apps based on time spent. Imagine what you can do with all of those eyes coming across your page. Share discounts, special offers, news. Discounts and special offers always drive people to actually show up at your business. Everybody loves a good discount. Take advantage of all of those eyes on the app.

5. Take customers behind the scenes

Instagram gives you an opportunity to show your brand like never before. Take advantage of features such as stories, live videos, and IGTV. Tell the story of your brand rather than just pushing out your products. People want to relate to you and understand what your brand truly stands for. Instagram is the perfect opportunity to give them that.

6. Instagram gives a face to a business

Like I said in the beginning of this post, we live in an age where customers may not trust your brand if you don’t have an Instagram. It’s almost as if without an Instagram, your company doesn’t even exist. You want people to relate to you and see you on a personal level. This is what converts viewers into true customers. Show them who you and your business are and they’ll love you forever!

7. More than half of all millennials use Instagram everyday

Sure, millennials may not be your target market, but they are the future. Consider the fact that millennials are in their 20s right now. That is a prime market to sell to in most situations. As a millennial myself, I am here to tell you that we are impulse buyers most of the time. We spend money and regret it later. So, take advantage of that. Realize that you have a huge opportunity to reach millennials on Instagram and how easy it is to make a sale through the app itself.

Need help creating an Instagram Strategy for your business? Shoot me an email and we can discuss how I can help you build out the strategy of your dreams!

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