So you're tired of trying all of the things, but still not having consistent income in your business? 
Then the Abundant Business Academy is everything you need.


Abundant Business Academy

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Why do you need this?

What is it?

Who is it for?

Simply put, if you want your business to finally make you consistent income and replace your 9-5, you need to join this program.

If you’re done hustling and putting life on the back burner only to see minimal (or no) results, this program is EXACTLY what you need.

ABA is a 4 month high-touch program that will teach you everything you need to know to build a successful and sustainable coaching or service based business.

It’s also a sisterhood, a community of badass womxn supporting one another as they scale their businesses. 

This program is for any coach or service provider who feels trapped in their business. You might just be starting out or maybe you’ve been at it for awhile, but you can’t seem to figure out how to truly scale your business. 

Don't just take it from me...

"Starting ABA was the best decision- a week after starting the program, I'd already brought on my first paying clients, and by the end of the program I'd made well over 5k through coaching! ABA included EVERYTHING I needed to attract dream clients and launch my first signature offer. I highly recommend ABA to all coaches and service providers who are willing to put in the work."

 - Stacy Li, Career Coach

Client's Words

 - Emmari Lancaster, Alignment Coach

"Before ABA I honestly was winging it. I knew what I wanted to do but going about it was overwhelming. ABA literally helped me break out of my shell and be confident in my ideas for my business. My favorite thing about ABA was the fact that it touched every aspect of what is needed to be successful and that it provided not just results in the growth of business but life changing results as well! I would absolutely recommend ABA to anyone starting a business or who needs some guidance toward building abundance through their business."

 - Amanda May, Money Manifestation Coach

"I have never felt more confident in myself and in my business and I honestly believe I would have went back to corporate world and given up if it wasn't for Becky and ABA. This is *THE* program for beginner coaches - make no mistake. This is what you NEED and this investment is going to be something you will be grateful for for the rest of your life."

 - Amber Campbell, Cycle Coach

"I just had an idea of what kind of business I wanted to have when I met Becky. If it wasn't for her I wouldn't be where I am today! If it wasn't for ABA I wouldn't have even known where to start. I loved having 1:1 and group calls and the friendships I was able to build with the other women. I signed my first dream 1:1 client in this program!"

 - Ashley Russell, OBM

"I am leaving ABA with a thriving business, more knowledge, connections, self-esteem, and courage to chase after my dream of leaving the traditional 9 to 5. I gained all of this and more in the 12 weeks I was with Becky and ABA, and I KNOW I would be stuck and confused if I had taken this journey on my own."

Meet Your Coach, Becky

When I started my coaching business, it took me months of hard work, thousands of dollars invested into coaches, and a constant mental battle to be successful.

No matter how many coaches I hired, freebies I downloaded, or hours I spent doing outreach, I still wasn’t signing clients consistently.

That’s when I realized I had to make a change.
The marketing tactics I was using weren’t working anymore. The sales tactics I had learned didn’t feel authentic to me. I had become a replica of all the coaches I had hired.
I had to create my own path and do my own thing. I dug deep and asked myself, how do I want to run my business differently than my coaches have taught me?

It wasn’t that what my coaches taught me was wrong, it was that I had yet to put my own spin on it.
It came down to three simple things - I had to figure out how to show up authentically in my marketing, how to sell from soul, and how to implement my intuition into my coaching.

This is why my passion is to help beginner coaches through the Abundant Business Academy.
No more trying to piece together other coaches' blueprints with the hope that it works for you. It’s time to make your own damn blueprint with my help, so we can all start signing high-ticket clients consistently...and have fun doing it!

The secret to signing high-ticket clients is knowing how to sign high-ticket for you.

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