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Are you a business who is trying to convert your target audience into customers or clients? If so, you probably need a Social Media Manager.

You might be wondering why your social media skills aren’t enough when it comes to your business. Well, social media is a pretty big beast to handle. If you are already trying to run a business, you probably don’t have much time to focus on physically running your social media pages. This is where your Social Media Manager comes into play.

Below, I walk you through why you need a Social Media Manager if you want your business to be or stay successful in today’s market.

Social Media is a job of its own

There is a lot of work behind successful social media pages. To truly be successful on social media, it’s important to focus a lot of time on every platform your business is using. Market research is an extremely important part of a good social media strategy. Just imagine trying to run a business, have a life outside of your business, and taking all the steps to have a successful social media presence. It’s truly exhausting!

Social Media is a great utilization of your marketing budget

Once you realize that you probably should outsource social media, you may start to wonder – “why social media?” Well, it’s truly a great utilization of your marketing budget. Digital marketing can reach many more consumers than traditional marketing and can even generate many more leads. People are constantly on their computers and phones and spend ample time looking up stores, restaurants, services, etc. If you have a social media manager to make the best of your social media presence, you’ll start seeing leads coming in day after day.

Social strategy

Your Social Media Manager will come up with a social strategy specifically for your business. They will do market research to figure out what people in your industry post about and how to make you stand out as a business. They will then make a plan for how your business can utilize social media to benefit your business.


Engagement is such an important part of social media. With a Social Media Manager on board, you have a team member whose job is partially to engage with your target market. Great interactions through social media can easily lead to customers and clients. People don’t always trust brands, they trust the humans behind the brand. Your Social Media Manager will ensure that people will be obsessing over your brand as soon as they start a conversation with you.

Reputation management

People are constantly contacting businesses through social media to ask questions and reach out about concerns they may have. With a Social Media Manager, you never have to worry about any of these messages going unnoticed. Everything – positive or negative – will be taken care of pretty quickly leading to a great reputation for your business.

Consistency in posting content

You may be able to post to social media every once in awhile, but to keep your social media up to date, you need to be posting at least 4 times a week. Are you ready to keep up with that? You don’t have to when you hire a Social Media Manager. They will take care of content and copy for you so that you never have to stress about what you should be posting.

Reporting and data

Each month, your Social Media Manager should look at analytics for each platform. They will use the information to determine what is and isn’t working. They will then determine what needs to be tweaked in your social media strategy to better serve your business. Data is key. You can watch certain numbers over time to see what ultimately needs to be changed in your strategy.

Ultimately, it is up to each company whether a Social Media Manager is right for them. If you are looking to increase your revenue through social media, your should hire a Social Media Manager.

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