How to Energetically Prepare for a Launch

[00:00:00] Welcome. Welcome back to the If She Did It podcast. I am so freaking excited to be bringing you guys this really fun episode. We’re doing a solo cast. It’s been a while since we did a solo cast and I’m just I’m just really pumped about it. So just to give you guys an idea, we’re going to talk today about how to energetically prepare for a launch. I had this conversation with my clients recently, and I found it to be such a powerful conversation that I wanted to bring it to the podcast. Now there’s another episode that’s going to be coming soon that I think is going to be really valuable as well. Where we talk about the fact that you get to do business however the hell you want to do business. And I’m really excited about that episode too. So keep your eyes out for everything coming because there’s a lot of really great episodes coming. Now, before we dive into this week’s episode and this topic of energetically preparing for a launch, I did want to share some really exciting things with you guys. So for those of you that maybe don’t see my Instagram posts and stories, or maybe you don’t follow me on Instagram, or maybe you’re just finding me. I have two spots open for one on one coaching with me right now, as well as some lower ticket options for those of you that maybe apply to one on one coaching and then realize you’re not ready for that long term investment or that investment in general. But I’m really excited about these one on one coaching openings. I don’t open to one on one coaching that often. It’s when I’m really feeling a pull to connect deeply with clients and really build a really dope partnership and build something epic with you. So it’s really exciting. So basically whenever I have a really big couple of months of open energy, that is when I open one on one coaching when I know I’m going to be able to give you my all. So usually one on one coaching opens in the.

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[00:01:55] Summer because I have my most energy during that time. So the whole like, Oh, I’ll wait until I’m ready kind of thing doesn’t totally work because I don’t have one on one coaching available all year long, at least not at this moment. So if you are interested in finding a one on one coach to get support in your business, I’m going to give you quick information like 2 minutes max on what one of my coaching looks like with me. And then we’re going to dive into this week’s episode. So one of my coaching with me is really like a full body experience. We take this three pronged approach in business of mindset, energetics and strategy. Strategy is a huge piece of business, but without the mindset and energetic work doesn’t really matter how great your strategy is, it’s something’s always going to fall flat. Hence why we’re talking about the energetics of preparing for launching today. So this is something that we do together. Basically what happens is you enroll in one on one coaching. With me, we have a 90 minute kickoff call where I learn everything I possibly can about your business. You also have a document that I that you fill out when you sign on with me and then I create a business plan for you. I essentially map out what your year, six months to a year get to look like in your business. And it’s a living, breathing document. It doesn’t have to stick that way forever. But I create this document and it walks you through the steps of the process that you’ll need to take with suggestions and ideas and things like that, so that we’re literally co-creating together. And I’m not just like, Here’s a strategy, go figure it out. We’re making plans together. We’re creating this dope business for you together.

[00:03:25] And it’s so much fun.

[00:03:26] I just get excited thinking about it. So then from there, I send you over the business plan that I’ve created for you. We discuss any questions that you have and we get to work. So I map out a plan for you of, okay, we’re going to focus on this, then this and this, etc. You get Fox or Access with me for the entire six months of the container. We get on three calls a month, up to three calls. You’re not required to get on all three calls, but you have the opportunity to get on up to three calls with me every single month. And you also get access to some really dope stuff. So you get access to my entire product suite. You also get access to my upcoming Tick Tock.

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[00:04:01] About. And you also get access to my upcoming feminine mini mind. It’s like a feminine embodiment, mini mind. It’s it’s about business as well, but it’s leaning into the feminine within business. It’s going to be so cool. I’m so excited about it. So there’s some really cool things coming that you’re going to get access to all of that stuff, and when you add up what you’re getting access to, it’s like, Holy shit, this is such a dope opportunity that you get with this one on one coaching experience with me. So I’m really fucking stoked about it. And yes, it’s a six month experience and I’m probably missing so many. Oh, one last thing I want to touch on with this coaching is I actually partnered with a dope money coach. Like, she’s so fucking cool. I should probably have her come on the podcast. But now everybody that enrolls in one on one coaching with me gets a two day VIP experience with this amazing money coach. Her name is Angela, and you also get a week of Rockstar access with her and she helps you get your money in order. Feel confident about your money. Plan out your savings. Plan out your. You’re investing your future investments like it’s going to make you feel like your money has a purpose and like you’re the queen of the world. Like, it’s fucking amazing what she does and I’m so excited. So that’s a gift from me as well. So it’s a really fucking action packed one on one container and I’m so stoked about it. So if you’re interested in working one on one together, there will be the application in the show notes. And you can always DM me if you want to, but once you apply, you know you have the option to enroll right away. But if you have questions, you’ll also have the option to add me on Boxer to have a on demand sales chat with me.

[00:05:34] So yeah, I’m so excited.

[00:05:36] But with that, let’s jump into.

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[00:05:39] And I’ll remind you about the application at the end of the episode. Welcome to the If She Did It podcast with your.

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[00:06:16] Okay, my chickens. Let’s talk about how to energetically prepare for a launch. This is this is a big topic because, you know, the reality of launching is that we’re so focused on a lot of the time, on creating the strategy, on making the plan that we forget that there’s so much more to it than that. And the reason that this topic is so important is because when you energetically prepare for a launch, not only are you opening up the energetic portal of attracting dream clients to you and welcoming them into your space, but you’re also preparing yourself to avoid burnout. Burnout is a really big thing that happens around launch time and it fucking sucks you guys and it doesn’t have to be that way. So we are going to make an energetic plan together today on this episode so that you never have to worry about burnout again. Now, that’s a little bit of an extreme guarantee. There’s no promise here. You have to put in the energetic work for yourself, and you also have to know that sometimes burnout happens like it fucking sucks, but it happens. But we’re going to do everything in our power to avoid it. So let’s dive into energetically preparing for a launch. Now, the first couple of things when it comes to energetically preparing for a launch are kind of like a no brainer and they are a little bit strategy focused. But the reality of energetically preparing for something is that always like the goal here is to allow yourself by the time that you’re in actual launch, not launch prep, but your actual launch. You can lean deeply into your feminine energy because you feel fully supported by your business, because you did the masculine planning within the strategy and the structure and the setup that you feel fully supported by your business, which will then allow you to lean into the feminine and then allows you to really get like flowy and juicy and excited and just energetically attract your dream clients to you. Because that is a that’s just like a really big piece of it. And that can be a whole other.

[00:08:32] Episode in and of itself.

[00:08:33] Of energetically attracting dream clients to you. But let’s dive deeper into this. So the first thing that you have to do is you do need to create a plan prior to launching. So you need to create a plan that prepares you for your launch. Now, of course, if you don’t understand anything about launching, the first step would be learning about launching. If you go back in my podcast, you will find episodes that are specifically about launching. But the other thing is.

[00:09:04] When you work with me one on one.

[00:09:06] We can dive into launching. Now, I will say that unless you are a super, super ambitious beginner, my one on one coaching is kind of more catered to the more advanced entrepreneur. But if you are a ambitious as fuck newer entrepreneur that has no idea about launching and is ready to make that investment, it’s going to change your life out the fucking gate in your business. Let’s fucking go go apply to work with me. There is not like you need to be making this much. You need to be at this place to apply. There’s nothing like that. We’re just going to work at a high level. So if you’re ready for high level, right out the gate. Fuck yeah, let’s fucking go. But anyway, so launching is something. It’s like a necessary evil in a way. There’s many of different ways to run, to run your business. But launching is something that you do want to have in place, so you need to be creating a plan prior to launching. So what this looks like is creating a list of everything that you need to get done with deadlines, providing yourself deadlines, thinking about your launch strategy knowledge, and mapping out a plan for your launch, including a hype face. Now you might be like, I don’t know what the fuck that is. Okay, that’s when you should work with me one on one.

[00:10:14] But seriously, you know, you need to make this plan. You need to consider the strategy. You need to map out your strategy. You need to plan out your launch. Like what are their tasks that you want to outsource? What kind of content do you want to create based on marketing and how many emails are you going to send? How many social posts do you want to make all of these plans ahead of time? You are energetically preparing yourself through creating a strategy and plan. The reason this is so important, like I said before, is that then you’ll feel supported throughout your launch because you already have the plan. You don’t have to think as much, you just have to do, which makes such a fucking difference. I’ll tell you what. So you make this plan and you know I’m not going to dive into that actual concept of like the strategy because that’s not what this episode is about. But you make a plan for your launch, you map out. That entire thing. And then from there. From there, it’s time to energetically prepare. So first of all, I want to be clear. This episode is not specifically about avoiding burnout. But that being said, like having this plan and then leaning into your feminine during the actual launch itself will definitely help you avoid burnout.

[00:11:28] Also, working on your energy before the launch will also help with burnout. I think a really big thing with business and burnout is that we don’t prioritize our health enough. And when you work on your energy, you’re prioritizing your health, which is fucking dope. So let’s continue. So, you know, you make that plan, you make that strategy, and now it’s time to lean into energetics. So what does that mean? That means having, quite frankly, like a routine, an energy routine. It doesn’t have to be something that you do. It doesn’t have to be like your morning routine or your evening routine. It just has to be your routine. It doesn’t matter when you do it throughout the day. It doesn’t matter if you do it all at once or you break it up throughout the day like that. Shit doesn’t fucking matter. What matters is that you fucking do it. You prioritize yourself enough and consider yourself important enough that this is work that you do within your business because this is part of your business. Of course, this isn’t the only way to do business, but if you’re feeling called and pulled towards this energetic angle, then that’s your sign that this is the angle you’re supposed to take.

[00:12:24] Like, Oh, it’s just so fucking good and.

[00:12:27] Juicy and fun to do it this way. So let’s talk about it. The first thing that you want to do is you want to meditate. You want to create a meditation practice. And the reason that a meditation practice is so powerful is that it gets to calm you down, I guess to quiet you down for a while and you get to kind of shut off for a while. Now I love because I am a fucking crazy go, go, go kind of person. What I love to do, I love to blend my meditation and manifestation together. So all usually when I’m meditating, it’ll be like a visualization meditation where I am visualizing calling in my dream clients. Now, if you’re listening to this and you’re like, Oh my gosh, I want to do that, but I don’t know where to find that, or I’ve never related to any that I’ve listened to. I’m going to ask you to do something really important. This is really important because if you don’t, it’s not going to happen. If you want a meditation created by me for you to help you visualize and manifest these dream clients, I want you to send me a DM either on the If She Did It podcast Instagram or the Becky fake Instagram doesn’t matter which one. Send me a dream. Tell me your biggest struggle with attracting dream clients to you and tell me that you want the meditation. And if enough of you send me a message, I will create a meditation with all of you in mind based on what you’ve shared is your biggest struggle. And I will have it in an upcoming episode as a freebie download for you. Ooh, so fun. So some of those messages and I will create it. Don’t be afraid. I’m not going to sell.

[00:14:12] A pitch you if.

[00:14:12] You do this, but I’m only going to create it if I have guidance from you guys on what you want, what you’re struggling with, and where you need help. Anyway. So doing that meditation and you know, some of you might be like, okay, like, yeah, the manifestation element is cool, but I’d rather just like use that time to like show off my brain. That’s totally fucking fine. Do it that way. It needs to be whatever you feel is going to serve you best. I love mixing the two and I find it a lot of fun now. You know, if you don’t want to mix the two, you don’t necessarily have to do the visualization. There’s other elements of this energetic practice that allows you to manifest. But I do think visualization is fucking dope. Maybe you do two meditations. Maybe you do one meditation at one part of the day that silences your brain, and maybe you do another later in the day. That is a visualization. It’s totally your call. So that’s one thing that you need to do. Another thing is journaling. Now, having a journaling exercise in your day is so fucking valuable, you guys. And there are two different kinds of journaling you could do. And I want to be clear that these are different energetic practices that you can do to prepare for your launch and how to energetically get yourself ready.

[00:15:23] You don’t necessarily have to do every single thing that I’m listening to on this episode. I do. I do everything you don’t have to. I think it’s really magical to give yourself this space and this time every day, to prioritize yourself and to love on yourself and to energetically prepare. But it’s completely up to you how much time you want to spend doing this. So when it comes to journaling, I like to do two things. Number one, I love to just journal on how I’m feeling. Let me back up. I do love to do that, but the first thing I like to do is I like to feature script. This is another manifesting practice where I write like, let’s say I’m launching and the launch is going to be like the whole process. Let’s say I start this during the launch planning phase and I’m not the car is not going to close for another month. Let’s say a month from then is like, I don’t know, June 20th, 2022, I don’t fucking know. I’ve picked a random date. So I would then write. I am so happy and grateful that it’s June 20th, 2022, and I blink. I sold out my launch, I made X amount of money.

[00:16:23] I landed all my dream clients. However you want to describe it, if you really want to like get clear on this, if you’re into human design. I’m not a human design expert by any means, but there are different kinds of manifestos and you can find this out through your human design chart. There are specific manifestos and non specific manifestos. Specific manifestos are really great at manifesting with numbers, specific numbers, specifics, right? Whereas non specific manifestos are better at manifesting when they lean into the feelings around the manifestation. I am such a numbers person, so I always try and be specific, but it never works for me when I’m specific because I am a non specific manifesto. So it’s really leaning into the feelings to make your pick of how you want to do it. But you fill that out on like a journal and then you write about how you’re feeling that day. Like you write about the day around. You write as if it’s June 20th, 2022, and what that day is like and how you’re feeling and what you’re going to do and what it’s like around you and what’s going on and all the things and manifest that fucking day with reaching your fucking goal. It’s fucking fabulous.

[00:17:29] It feels so good.

[00:17:30] To do it. So much fun, do that. So that’s the first part. And then when you’re doing that, you might notice some like blockages coming up. Some fear, some panic, some uncertainty. Journal on that. Journal on how you’re feeling. Journal on where you’re feeling stuck. Journal on what you feel the blocks are, because that’s going to help you break through them. It’s like the way I almost picture that is like you do your future scripting and you do that journaling. It’s like the equivalent of like getting a massage. You go in for a massage, take care of yourself, and then the masseuse rubs out all of the like knots. And then you feel so good and loose and open afterwards. It’s the same thing you’re taking, taking care of yourself by manifesting for your future. And then you give yourself a massage by rubbing, like by rubbing up the knots through your journaling to release the tension, to release the fear. I love that analogy and I’m going to talk about all the time now. I just thought of it as I was sharing it anyway. So you do that. So now we have that you are going to meditate, maybe you’re going to manifest, maybe meditate through visualization. If you want that recording, you’re going to DM me. And then we have scripting, feature scripting and then like typical journaling right now, some other things that I love to do. I love EFT Tapping. That is something that I do, and that’s, in my opinion, in some capacity. It’s another form of manifesting because you eft tap gratitude into your life in the space of feeling grateful for the clients, whatever it is. And you can find so many amazing EFT tapping scripts on YouTube search like EFT Tapping Sequence for Abundance or EFT tapping sequence for attracting clients and videos will come up. It’s it’s phenomenal. I’ll probably make them at some point, but right now.

[00:19:08] Go to.

[00:19:08] Youtube for that. Another thing I like to do, this might sound kind of kooky, but I love it. I listen to like subliminal music all day long. Like whenever I’m available to be listening to music, I play like subliminal music and you can find that on YouTube as well. I’ve been listening to one recently that is attract clients and customers fast subliminal with subliminal and audible money sounds. You don’t know what they’re saying, but they’re helping you. Like, it’s it’s just dope. I don’t know how to explain it, but it’s dope how it works. And I love doing that as well. So you’re noticing a pattern or a theme here? It’s like it’s all things that are helping us believe in our ability, right? That is the goal. We believe in ourselves so much that by the time that we get to the launch, it’s like, no, fucking duh, we’re going to do so well. We have no doubt in our fucking mind that we’re going to succeed. That is the end goal that we get to a place where we’re like, No, fucking duh, of course I’m going to be successful and it’s so fucking fun to get to that place. It is so fun to get to that place. So. Those are the main things that I love to do in preparation for a launch. Now, other fun things that you can do to just kind of like move energy through your body and feel really ready and feel really excited.

[00:20:26] Is dance. Dancing is so valuable. So valuable. Working out, you know, listening to audio clips of affirmations, all that kind of stuff is so fabulous. One Another favorite thing I like to do is go for a walk, put on like a track of affirmations and just like, speak them out loud to myself as I’m walking. So these are all things that you can do to help you energetically prepare for a launch. And of course, the first step, like I had mentioned before, is planning out your launch. So your plan is like the worst thing ever, ever is to go into a launch without a plan. And I’ve done it. I’ve done it multiple times cause I’m like, Oh, I could fucking do this. And it sucks, you guys. It really fucking sucks. Do you not go into a launch without a plan? You are better than that. I am here to tell you. Okay. So now you have this whole plan, this whole concept of what you get to do to energetically prepare yourself for a launch. Now. If you do this for yourself, if you do this for yourself, you are going to see a like world of difference in your next launch. And I want to hear about it. So do this for yourself and then give me the update. Give me the 411, let me know what’s going on. And the last thing I just want to like leave you with as a final tip is when you go into your launch.

[00:21:45] So when you plan your launch, when it comes to content planning, you can plan out topics ahead of time, but you could also kind of plan out your content from a place of like, okay, I want to focus on this concept one day, this concept the other without kind of like going deep into what the content is going to be. So then if you plan like that and you’re more of like everything’s prepared, my one task every single day of the launch is I have to write my caption, like, let’s say you decide to do that, do it that way. I would encourage you to, while you’re meditating, ask your guides. Ask yourself, what do my people need to hear today? And whatever comes through to you, that is what you share. It is so powerful to show up in business that way and it feels so fucking good. Just do it. Just trust me. Trust me on this one. Go do it. But that is that is the end of that. You guys. This is everything that I wanted you to know when it comes to energetically preparing for a launch, at least in this moment. I hope that you found this valuable. I hope that you take action on these things. And, you know, the other thing is to just really check in with yourself every day during your launch and see how you’re feeling and make sure that you prioritize yourself because that’s how you show up strongest for your dream clients and that’s what brings them to you.

[00:23:01] So remember that. Now, before I let you go. I want to remind you of those one on one spots that I mentioned previously. Definitely go apply. The link will be in the show notes. I cannot fucking wait to work with you. I’m like squealing inside and have butterflies just thinking about it. And I’m not. I’m not kidding. I’m so serious. So go apply. For those of you that are like, Holy shit, she mentioned that like tick tock program. What is that? I’ll be sharing more about that at the beginning and end of next week’s episode, but I have a Tick Tock program coming. It’s going to be a short little program, but it’s going to be so valuable, so fucking affordable. I am so excited. It’s going to be a one month long program and it’s not about going viral because there’s no guarantee of virality. But if you do the work, you can guarantee for yourself clients from the app. It’s a matter of the strategy that you implement within the app. So it’s bringing marketing into your tick tock strategy and it’s understanding tick tock. So it’s going to be a mixture of understanding tick tock and how to apply marketing strategy to tick tock.

[00:24:09] And it’s going to be so good. I’m so excited.

[00:24:12] So I can’t wait to share more about that with you if you’re interested. I don’t have everything set up yet, but if you’re interested DM me on Instagram and I can get you signed up early. It’s going to be so fun and I feel like there’s one that’s saying, Oh yes, as you know, leave a review, take a screenshot of the review, send it to me on Instagram. If she did, it’s Instagram and you’ll be entered to win a coffee on me this week. And if you don’t win this week, you get re-entered every week until you do in. And if you want an additional entry each week, share that you’re listening to the podcast, tag me type podcast and you’ll be entered for a free coffee on me. So fun. I hope you guys have an amazing, amazing week. I hope you enjoyed this episode and I will catch you next week on the Issue Tip podcast.

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