Creating an Alter Ego for Your Business

[00:00:00] Oh, my goodness. Welcome to this week’s episode of the If She Did It Podcast. I am so insanely excited for this week’s guest. You guys, I have loved Jamie King since I started my business, I swear. And I decided to ask her if she’d be on my podcast and she said yes. And so today we have none other than Jamie King, the Slay Coach on the If She Did It Podcast, sharing her knowledge with you, sharing just so much insight. It was just such a great conversation. And I was just so unbelievably honored to get to interview her. So I cannot wait for you all to listen to this episode and get some juicy nuggets from it.

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[00:03:31] I could talk to you about it for an entire episode. But we have this coach here, so we’re going to dive in there. So I hope you enjoyed the episode. Stay tuned till the end and make sure to share, comment, like, subscribe. If you’re enjoying it, let us know. And with that, let’s dive into this week’s amazing, amazing episode.

[00:03:53] Welcome to the podcast. I’m your host, a business coach for beginner online entrepreneurs. Consider this podcast your go-to guide for all things scaling your business to your first 10k months. Get ready to be inspired through marketing mindset, spirituality, and the stories of successful entrepreneurs. I’m so excited to have you here. Now let’s dive in.

[00:04:18] Welcome to the podcast, Jamie. I am so excited to have you here today.

[00:04:23] I am so excited to be here. Thank you for having me.

[00:04:26] Of course. So let’s start the episode by you sharing your story of how you got to where you are today.

[00:04:35] Well, first, congrats on the podcast. Super proud of you. Oh, gosh, those you don’t know me. Welcome to Crazy Town, earmuffs children. I cannot censor myself. So beauty school dropout in a nutshell. Try and keep this quick. A beauty school dropout who got knocked up at 19. I have no college education, no formal education, but a serial entrepreneur who knew at a very young age that I would not work for anyone else. I grew up learning that I had the power to make my own money. I was a child model, but we were very poor and my mom took all that money. And when she could have used it to pay bills and she took it and put it in a savings account for me. So at like the age of four or five, I bought my first really big nice swing set with my own money because I was like a baby, making 15 bucks an hour then like the 80s, late 80s. So when I was four or five, my mom made sure to teach me the gravity of money and that I had earned this myself. So that was really, really cool. And I just knew early on that I wouldn’t work for anyone else. I thought my dream goal would be in the WNBA is to play basketball and I played sports. My dad was a basketball coach, an only child. You know, he put a basketball in my crib. So that was my path. So I was like all geared up for college life, you know, ready to go.

[00:05:59] I went to summer camp at the University of Tennessee, stayed in the dorms, was ready to go play for Pat Summitt. That was my goal. That was my vision. And then I had spine surgery. I was a scoliosis kid. So I spent a lot of time in hospitals and in doctor’s offices and wore a back brace, got made fun of for all that. And so once the scoliosis journey came to an end, I ended up getting a spinal fusion because I grew a lot and my curve worsened. So I got my spinal fused in 2002. I was 15 and I kind of stunted my growth. And also I couldn’t play sports for a year. So that took me out of the college collegiate basketball track. And then I was like, well now what the fuck am I going to do? So I thought I would go to college and be like this and be a WNBA star and a basketball star. And then I was like, well, I’m not fucking going to college. That sounds stupid. So at 15, I went from being an Advanced Placement straight-A, the smart kid’s classes to barely passing junior year the following year. So I had surgery end of sophomore year, junior year barely fucking passed. I mean, like I failed English and how to take it in summer school, like, they barely let me become a senior.

[00:07:16] And I failed one other class and I took it in summer school. And then I passed chemistry with a D minus. I was one point away from not like being held back. It was that bad. Like my teachers like really like lifted up my grades there for me to let me go through. And then senior year I decided I was going to go to hair school. That sounds great. I’ll be a celebrity makeup artist. I love doing makeup because my mom built trucks and wore no makeup growing up and went to hair school, realized, oh, you have metal rods in your back. This kind of hurts. So that’s where the beauty school dropout thing comes from, is that once I got halfway through hair school, if you got to fifty-one percent, you wouldn’t get any tuition money back. So I got to fifty percent. I was eleven hours away from not getting any money back. So I was like, well if this is going to hurt I can’t do this as a career. So I’ve dropped out halfway through even though I was the first one in my class to test out as one hundred percent on boards. And I was like a master at hair and makeup. That’s why you see the crazy colorful hair and always have my makeup done because I love it so much. But then I fell in love with a boy and I was like, well, I guess I’ll bartend and stay in Kentucky and didn’t go to L.A., didn’t become a makeup artist.

[00:08:34] And I got knocked up and I was like, well, this is a typical Kentucky story. Teenager gets knocked up. Great. Is this my fucking life? I thought I was going to be like a superstar in sports, at least like what the fuck is happening. So it was a very toxic, abusive relationship. But I decided, OK, I’ll just work my way to avoid this relationship. That’s awful. I’ll just I got three jobs. I bartended. I was a Red Bull girl. I did the big girl thing like twenty-one and got a corporate job and bought a house, I bought my first house on my twenty-first birthday being responsible and shit got the corporate job and it’s like, well this is my path. First I thought it would be the restaurant thing and I did restaurant management and then I got the corporate dogs. I didn’t work nights and weekends anymore and used corporate America to really grow up my leadership skills. And then I met my husband, got married, worked my way up the corporate ladder some more, ended up managing call centers all over the country, managing five hundred people, twenty-two supervisors, two operations managers. And I was twenty-four. And all the people I manage were older than me. And it was super weird and but it was cool.

[00:09:48] And I did a lot of public speaking and training and teaching and education for this corporate job and I was great at it. But when I had my son, my second baby, with my husband, I don’t want to travel anymore, so I’m like pumping my tits in this dirty airport bathroom, calling my husband like “please let me quit my job”, and he was like, well, you have to make money. And so that’s why I started network marketing. So that’s why I still to this day, I’m a huge advocate for network marketing because if you do not know what you’re passionate about or what kind of business you want to build for yourself, go fucking find a product that you can get behind and a company with good ethics that will teach you sales and marketing, give you the training you need to master this online social media space. Anyways, ran over. I hate it when people hate network marketing, but yeah. So then I started that I was successful making like 60K year. I looked outwardly successful with Beachbody, but I wasn’t super passionate about being someone’s fitness mentor. I was really in it for the business side of things because I had learned so much in leadership development through corporate America. And after about a year of sitting in imposter syndrome, I had like three people coming to me saying, will you coach me in business, in my photography business, in my brick and mortar business? So I was doing I was going from local brick-and-mortar stores to local brick-and-mortar stores, training them in Facebook marketing tactics.

[00:11:13] And so I started training people on social media marketing, like, why am I not doing this? People are because someone had told me, well, you don’t make six figures a year yet. You can’t be a business mentor. And so I listened for a while and then I said, fuck this shit because my daughter got diagnosed with infantile scoliosis. Totally not related, just by chance. Not genetic. She had a pretty severe curve. My third baby, our last baby, we had her, and then she had a thirty-three degree curve. My friend started to go fund me for medical bills and I was like this is not my fucking life. Then that’s when the Slay Coach was born. A few months later, I was like, I have to fucking do something for my family. I can’t. I have to get over my imposer summer syndrome. I have to get over my own bullshit and just go out there and fucking do the thing that people are asking of me right now. And then it blew up year one. We had I mean, we hit six figures in six months we hit 250 K and year one, we had a million dollars in year two and we’re on track for yeah another million.

[00:12:14] That’s still amazing. And I think that was so, so fun to listen to because honestly, I have listened to you on a lot of podcasts, and I feel like you tell different pieces of your story every time.

[00:12:26] Like, each when I’m I’m trying there are so many layers to it and each of them builds on. This is why I try and tell people, like when someone says you’re not qualified, are you adding up all of your past fucking experience? So the reason why I start with childhood modeling is that don’t compare your journey to mine. When I learned that at four years old that I can make my own fucking money. So I’ve been on this game. Yeah, I was an entrepreneur. My mom took me to these photo shoots for a company she worked for. So it’s not like I was some special kid. It’s just that I was in a circumstance that provided that for me. And so it was a privilege for me to be able to do that. But people compare their journeys. I was like I was born an entrepreneur. Like this has been in me my whole life. So I like to tell a story getting even though it’s long because I never want someone to see my success and hear, oh, she hit six figures in six months. Oh, she hit a million dollars in year two.

[00:13:26] That if I don’t do that, I’m not good like she is or I’m not going to be as successful or y’all. The reason why I blew up so quickly was because I had three years in network marketing skills and I finally got an alignment with the part that the passion that I was supposed to be teaching on. And I also had a lot of coaches like I was basically a coach in corporate America. I supervisors and leaders on how to be better supervisors. So I’ve been teaching people how to build teams and companies since I was twenty-one years old. Yeah, like I’m thirty-four now. So the experience that I have and I don’t know if you know Cara all well, The Champagne Diet, we talk about this a lot. She’s one of my best friends in this industry and she talks about look at your nine to five. If you have listeners that like still have their side hustle, like look at that is your being polished, you know, like you are learning valuable things that you don’t even know that you’re learning right now.

[00:14:24] Yeah, it’s so true. It’s so true. Even before I started my business, I was running social at a bourbon distillery in Kentucky and it was a start-up. And I remember calling my dad after work every day and he’s like in business and he has been for a long time. And I would tell him, like, they could be doing this better, they could be doing this better, I could just see it. And so whenever I end up starting my business, I realize, like, oh, this has been in me the whole time. It’s just pulling it out and finding it kind of like finding it.

[00:14:51] Yeah. And you don’t often see yourself how other people see you. You don’t realize that they see you as an expert in something until you really start to dig or put yourself out there, offer like, oh, my God, I would love to learn this from you or I would love to, you know, be in this world with you. And I realized that I literally you guys, I had people signing up for my Beachbody team because they wanted me to mentor them in their wedding planning businesses, like whatever. I’ll sign up to be a coach if that means I get you as my mentor. Cool. But I want you to build a Beachbody business. Can we just talk about business?

[00:15:31] That’s so funny. OK, so something that I knew I wanted to ask you and I feel like this I’m curious how that fit into your story because when you were doing Beachbody, you weren’t the Slay Coach, you were doing Beachbody. So what made you decide to become a coach outside of Beachbody? You were like, I want to create essentially and an outside persona. Where did that come from?

[00:15:57] So I was always super, super inspired by Lady Gaga and her transformation. So if people look back and they’ll poke fun at her high school pictures of her looking totally different and dressing totally different and being just this normal brown-haired girl next door. So for me, because it was such a parallel industry or a similar industry, I knew in order for my audience, my current existing audience not only had a couple of thousand followers then only I mean, I know that’s still a lot to a lot of people. I literally looked at how are they going to know that this is different? Because I was mentoring people in building Beachbody businesses and I was on the Market Council for Louisville Beachbody Coaches. So they saw me in the business side of Beachbody, heavily involved. And so I was like, how can I make sure that they know, like, hey, this is not me anymore. But also I wanted because I grew up in a very diverse neighborhood. I grew up often being a minority as a white person. And I grew up in just a lower socioeconomic status neighborhood, the first 10, 15 years of my life. And I realized, and my high school sweetheart was black, I also realized that my whiteness and being white and blonde wasn’t welcoming to women of color or I didn’t I was not a safe space for different cultures or ethnicities. And also that’s my my roots are like from like an urban background. And being this blonde white girl really wasn’t me. I always wanted to have purple hair and I was too afraid to do it. I did like lavender a couple of times. Like really light had never gone like bold. I’ve been blonde my whole life.

[00:17:51] I was born blonde. I was born that way. But I always my brand is modeled after Jem and the holograms. You can Google it. Jem It’s a cartoon that I found on VHS at the video store because it wasn’t on TV when I was alive. And I became obsessed with this cartoon and she had a persona. She was a blonde girl and then she got on stage. She was this rock star with like neon everything and bright pink hair. And each of her band members had purple and red. And it was like the whole fucking mood. And so that my whole brand is like the alter ego based on that and kind of inspired by Lady Gaga. But I knew that Slay was a word that all different types of women use from all different backgrounds. And I hope that in changing the blonde to this purple that my audience would be able to see that I’m no longer this person anymore, but also to create a safer environment and a more inclusive space for women of color and different backgrounds than me. So that’s when the Slay Coach was born and I, I was going to start the business with. It was a coaching business, right, but I saw everyone being like Sarah Smith coaching, and I’m like, why fucking hate fitting in? I hate it to my core. If I see everyone zigging, I’m going to zag. I do not want to be doing what everyone else is doing. So like when a human design got real trendy, I was like, fuck that shit, I’m not doing a trend. Nope, not following it. And then I was like, all right, it’s kind of cool.

[00:19:22] I’m like when I see something super trendy and I didn’t start that trend, or when I do start the trends that people start to catch on, I abandon ship like I just have to be the rebel that’s just in my DNA. And so, yeah, the Slay Coach came from well I’m going to help women Slay and it’s a big business and I’m a coach, so it’s like Slay Coach. So if you’ve seen me at networking events or I walk in, I have logoed shirts with the coach written on it. The first-ever conference I went to, I wore my fucking name on my shirt and introduced myself as the Slay Coach. I was like, I am Lady Gaga. I am not Jaime King. She’s dead.

[00:20:04] I love that. I feel like that’s really the energy that you brought with that is a lot of I don’t know what words just came out. I feel like the energy that you bring with that is an energy that a lot of newer entrepreneurs kind of aspire to have, because I find that a lot of new entrepreneurs, not all of them, but a lot of them are a little on the shy, nervous side. How am I going to get my footing in this space, especially since it’s grown a lot over the past couple of years? So I guess for a newer entrepreneur, what, advice or tips or something would you have for them if they’re like, OK, so how do I create my persona? How do I kind of step out of myself to build my name in the online space?

[00:20:52] So I did my whole speech at Summit of Slay on this, the alter ego. There’s a book on the alter ego effect. It’s not that deep of a high-level concept where I read a whole fucking book to understand the nuances of it, no, it’s you build a fucking character like you’re writing a script for a movie. Like you create her, you give her a name and the psychology. Let me tell you why. So I never every module of every course, I don’t just teach you the curriculum. I teach you why. I’m teaching you it first. So let me tell you why. Because don’t just tell me what the fuck to do. Tell me why I’m doing it or I’m not going to fucking do it. Tell me why it matters, why it’s relevant or why it’s important, and then I’ll fucking do it. So when you create this alter ego affect what that does to your subconscious is you can ask yourself, how would the slay Coach show up? How would insert your persona show up, how would she dress, how would she walk into a room? How does she carry herself? And I do a lot of personal work with in-person events, with my clients.

[00:21:55] And now that we’re starting to get back to those, thankfully, and the there’s a phrase and I quoted this, it’s almost like it’s easier to act yourself into a new way of thinking than to think yourself into a new way of acting. So if you can live in an embodied like you hear so many actors that go crazy after playing these really dramatic roles or have to be on medication because they literally become embodied as that person, they are living as that person. The method acting theory that a lot of actors learn is that they are becoming that person and living as if they are them. So when you can act as if little by little and you take time frame, so a tip would be, number one, create a name for her number two list how she dresses, how she speaks, what characteristics that she has that maybe you don’t have yet that you desire. And then number two, I want you to literally dedicate a specific time in a day or a week that you can become her and say, I’m going to role-play. I’m going to act as her once a day and I’m going to go on Facebook live or I’m going to act as her for an hour a day in my house with my husband around.

[00:23:09] I’m going to dress up or I’m going to do it on my Instagram stories. I want you to act, like commit. I put it on your fucking calendar and commit to being her, because little by little, it’s not that we’re trying to kill off the old you. I’m still me. It’s just that the Slay Coach is who I always envisioned myself being. It’s who I really am at my core because your alter ego that you’re creating is the dream person that you want to be. That’s who you really are. That’s your true identity. None of the bullshit that everyone told you or made you think that you are not you are who you want to be. And creating that reality for yourself takes time. So, baby, stepping yourself into it, it takes a little bit of commitment, a little bit of time. And then pretty soon I’m like, I don’t even look back at my old social media. I invite you guys to scroll back to early 2017 and before, like, who the fuck was that bitch go for it. I mean I don’t even know who she was anymore.

[00:24:06] It’s so cool when you fully understand, like what is the psychology behind it. Why do things work the way they work to see like really what is possible. And I have seen clients that kind of take that approach of letting me try and implement this next level self or give myself a new name or whatever it is, and it totally transforms everything. And I remember even when I started coaching, I was like, well, this is who I am and I’m not going to like necessarily change like go by a different name because literally for the sole purpose of I was like, that could be cool and I can barely come up with a name for my business. It took me like five weeks to come up with a business and end up being literally just my initals like so. But from the start, I was like, OK, how can I act a little bit differently today? I act like that more confident, more bold version of myself every single day. And it really does just make such a difference and it makes you feel like so much more is possible for yourself.

[00:25:05] And it starts with just, I like to equate it to like a closet clean out. It’s like, OK, let’s get rid of all the old clothes that aren’t you. So let’s get rid of all the old behaviors that are no longer yours, that you don’t desire, that don’t align with your vision of who you want to become. And then piece by piece, we’ll start to rebuild with one new behavior, one new piece of clothing in your closet. And if you look at my closet now, it’s just like all Slay everything. And but I don’t want people to get this confused with, oh, my next level self buys Gucci. It’s not about the fucking bag. It’s never about the fucking bag. Get the bag, the money bag with the money bag can be a paper sack. I don’t give a fuck like it’s not about the bag. It’s not about the private jets that you see influencers flaunting on social media. They don’t own them. They’re renting them for an hour to take a photo shoot. Be serious. It’s not about that. It’s my next little version of me spends a lot of fucking time with my kids. Like my next version of me has four, maybe five hours of work a week, that’s my new like 2022 goal is like not working more, is just working less and being more present and being in the world with people and doing work that matters. And my next level self does have really nice clothing, but not because I’m trying to look like I have money, I have really nice clothing because of the way those garments go in my body because I want to know where they came from and that they were ethically sourced.

[00:26:55] I just don’t need to buy more stuff just to look fit a fashion trend, I would rather buy more quality goods that feel good on me or make me feel like the Slay Coach. What does the Slay Coach wear? And it’s like we look at how to act as if in other people and we think, oh, OK, so she is doing a mastermind. OK, got a check. I can do that. OK, great. OK, she is doing this. I need to do that too because that’s what success looks like. Fuck that shit like success for me. And I didn’t even know it because I had built the million-dollar company you guys. And guess what? I didn’t even know that I missed my kids because I was so busy. Mind setting my way into my highest self and my next level, my next level, and my next level self that I did not stop to enjoy any of the levels that I passed up. Huh? Like, and I wasn’t burnt out because I was doing the mindset work, but I was bypassing all the physical experiences in my body that my body was telling me to slow down and see, see the world, see your fucking kids grow up. But I was missing that. I created another, like, corporate job for myself. I have like a quote that I haven’t posted yet, but it’s going on Instagram this week. I think tomorrow it says “did my clients just become my boss”, yeah, wait. My clients just become my boss. I just created another job for myself, didn’t I?

[00:28:39] Yeah. And it happens to a lot of us, I think that it’s a lot like we get sucked into the almost rat race of being the next big thing. And like like you said in the beginning, people can’t compare their start to your start because they don’t know how much, you know, you learn before you start your business or the background or whatever. It’s like we get stuck in this rat race and we compare ourselves to the person to the left of us. But it’s like we don’t know what they did. Like when I took a day off and was watching Netflix, maybe she was like working ten hours that day and getting ahead, like, we can’t compare. And yet we get stuck in that rat race.

[00:29:14] Like the privilege that I had like to build my business while being able, like because I had a husband that made six figures a year and a corporate job like that is a privilege that I was able granted walking away from my salary was very uncomfortable. We were cloth diapering, we were couponing. We were like pinching every penny because we had car payments and student loan payments for my husband. I don’t have any student loans suckas. I didn’t go to college. So college is great if you go for the right reasons anyways. But like I we’re penny-pinching. But I had the privilege to be able to build this company while my husband worked. So I witness that like we had made it to a certain level that I was able to take off my corporate job to build a network marketing brand. Right. You know, yeah. It’s important to talk about, too.

[00:30:11] Yeah, absolutely. Because it’s its people just, again, like, so focused on the next level and the next level. And I was the same way. And then I was like, hang on, yeah, I can make more money. But also like I can go by, I can go like have a good day to day, I can go have fun today. I can enjoy where I’m at right now and not always be looking for the next best thing all the time.

[00:30:33] And I still do it. Like I got the opportunity to meet with the CEO of a billion dollar company yesterday and it was a one-hour meeting that ended up going like four hours. And he was like, don’t leave let’s sit and talk. And they were recording content as he had like a whole video, like cinematic team. They’re recording videos. And I was like, great. And we were like in his videos, he said, don’t go yet, I want to talk some more. And I was like, I need to go get work done. And I was like, you know what, Jamie? You can chill on a Monday like. I don’t I mean, I never work very hard on Mondays anyways, but I was like, I can take ass fuckin Monday off. No big deal.

[00:31:13] Yeah, it looks like we need to remind ourselves. I’m gonna say I took off this weekend and I like it’s the weekend I can take off. And I came back to work on Monday with, like, anxiety, like I have all this stuff to get done. I should have worked on the weekend. It’s like, no, we didn’t start a business to work ten times more than we would have worked elsewhere.

[00:31:30] And I will not I will say my workload is very light now. My job is very easy now. But it was not always this way. I had periods of hustle in the beginning. So when I say I made 10K months my first month out the gate, those were hustle mode months. But it was like necessity is really born out of necessity. Like we couldn’t we were looking at a mountain of medical debt for my daughter and it was just I was getting in. She didn’t take a bottle, so she couldn’t go to daycare and she was like six months old. So I was waking up at six in the morning, which if anyone knows me, knows I’m a fucking night owl, I love to sleep in. I love my sleep. Do not wake me up before nine o’clock in the morning. So like, I was getting up at six a.m. working till nine a.m. when she woke up and then I was when she went down at nine, I was back at the grind from nine to midnight. So like there was. There was a hustle season. I built two hundred opt-ins like freebie lead magnet opt-ins my first year in business.

[00:32:34] That’s amazing. Like, I mean it’s crazy, but it’s also amazing. I don’t think I have two hundred ideas.

[00:32:41] I would like I had no plan. I had no idea what I was going to like. You help with this. OK, I’ll create a freebie, like anytime a client would ask me a question I would just give them the answer and a freebie basically that I would repurpose. I was crazy. I was like, let’s build a list. They were all half assed. But I was like, they were OK. I mean, done is better than perfect.

[00:33:04] Yeah, yeah, absolutely. But I feel like that’s like for anybody that’s a new entrepreneur that’s listening. It just goes to show like you can hit the big numbers if you want to in the very beginning. And it’s going to take a lot of work. It’s going to take a lot of energy. It’s going to take a lot of time. So it’s like whatever your goal is, you could reach it. You just have to, like, calibrate to like, what are you willing to put out to get there almost.

[00:33:26] But also realizing being real fucking honest. I think honesty is so underrated in this industry. Oh, yeah. Well, honesty like honesty with your fucking self, not just like, oh, authenticity or being truthful with your audience, but like you’re lying. A lot of us are lying to our fucking selves. Self-awareness, self-awareness. I have to check myself every day when I see things on social media that I’m like, oh god, that would be nice. And you don’t want that. Remember, you don’t want that life. You don’t want that life. Like, I’ll see. Oh, I want to go to a movie premiere in Hollywood. You don’t want that life. I want to spend time with my kids, like I used to think, oh, I’m going to go. And I got a taste of this small celebrity status. And I was like, I don’t like this. I don’t like being on this pedestal. I mean, I want to inspire you, but. I just didn’t it didn’t feel like where I was supposed to be or what I was supposed to be doing, and every time I look at it, that would be nice to do that.

[00:34:31] Or we got cast me and some girlfriends got cast in a local reality TV show and I think God stepped in covid happened and then it didn’t film and the contract was up and they never resigned it. But it was with a company that makes Say Yes to the Dress and the major production company and they were going to do it themed around Derby. I live in Louisville and it was going to be like the Derby, Real Housewives style thing. And I think God stepped in and just said, like, look, this is isn’t you. You’re trying to you’re looking at all these influencers on social media and thinking that’s what success looks like. When I really just want to be on my paddleboard with my kids. I’m like, I want to create I want to teach women how to create freedom with their passions through passive revenue streams and courses and digital products and other affiliate revenue and network marketing revenue or Amazon store revenue drop shipping revenue like. I want to help women create multiple streams of revenue to have freedom. Yeah, it’s easy to look at social media and say, oh, that looks cool and that looks fun. I want to go to that. Yeah. Yeah, right.

[00:35:43] You might think, you do, but like what do you really want. Like I want to be with my fucking family. I don’t want to work that much. Yeah, and I want to help out I want to be of service, so, like re-evaluate your three core brand values, like just keep re-evaluating those keep those three words on your forehead from what is your brand stand for. That’s what’s going to set you apart in the industry anyways.

[00:36:09] Yeah, it’s true. OK, so for a final question to close this out, something I’d like to ask my guests is,

[00:36:18] Yes, the curtains match the drapes.

[00:36:23] Oh, my goodness. For those newer entrepreneurs that are listening, if they are in a place where they’re like, I know I’m going to do this, but I’m literally terrified and I don’t even know what my first step would be. What would you want to say to them?God

[00:36:37] God, you should be terrified of your life being the same for the rest of your life. Like, I want you to get more terrified about your life being the same for fucking ever because you never got brave enough to take a chance, make a leap, because guess what, you are going to fuck up if you don’t take the leap and you’re going to fuck up, if you do take the leap, you are going to fuck up. You’re going to be human. You’re going to still have a human experience, whether you take risks or whether you don’t take risks. They’re going to be people that hate you, whether you do something different or whether you don’t do something different. They’re going to be people that judge you. They’re going to be people that second guess you and count you the fuck out and say that you’re not good enough. They’re doing it anyways. They are talking shit now. Anyways, the number one thing that you can do to achieve success is stop trying to control everything, release control, and ask myself, is this safe? Am I actually fucking safe in my body right now? Do I have everything that I need? Your food, your fucking water, your shelter over your head? Is your family healthy? Like then you have everything you fucking need. All of that external mind drama is created in your head because you’re creating potential scenarios that could go wrong that. Ninety-nine percent of the time aren’t going to fucking happen, so stop creating fake stories for yourself of what could go wrong and create fantasies of what could go right.

[00:38:11] I love that. That is good. Well, with that, thank you so much for being on the podcast today.

[00:38:19] Thank you for having me. This is so fun.

[00:38:22] Come on, guys. Like, really wasn’t that such a good episode? I loved it. I loved having her. If you enjoyed this episode, be sure to share on Instagram, tag us. Let us know that you loved it because it would be the world for you to share it. The more shares, the more likes, the more subscribers. The more reviews that this podcast gets, the more ears we can get into, the more lives we get to change. So be part of that change. And with that, before I let you go, one more reminder to get your booties onto the Souled Out Launches sales page, learn all about this fabulous program, and apply to join us. Because you’re not want to go to what you’re not going to want to miss out. It’s going to be super transformational. Who knows? You can be making ten thousand dollars in a launch in the next couple of weeks if you just buckle down and join us. So with that, go check out the sales page. I hope you enjoyed the episode. And we will see you next week on the If She Did It Podcast.

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