Lessons From My First Year In Business

[00:00:00] Welcome to this week’s episode of the If She Did It Podcast. This week, we were talking about a really huge topic, which is lessons for my first year in business. We are going to get down and dirty and talk about everything that I wish that I knew when I was first starting my business. So you guys are going to walk away with so much value around what you should be thinking about when it comes to your business. Now, before we dive into this week’s episode, I want to fill you all in on what you can find in this week’s show notes what is happening in the world of Becky Feigin coaching. So first off, I believe I mentioned this in last week’s episode, but the Abundant Business Academy will be coming back this summer and I will be doing a full on launch. I am creating an actual epic freebie. I’m getting it set up next week. I’m so excited for it. It was a total download. I cannot wait to get it out for you all, but I am taking clients now. We have three spots locked in. One is VIP, which means there are only at maximum four VIP spots left, maybe only two. I haven’t fully decided how many VIP clients I’m able to take right now. So at maximum four, at minimum, two spots left for VIP. So if you do want to work with me on a VIP level with Voxer support and more one on one calls, you are going to want to reach out to me and lock your spot now.

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[00:02:42] Welcome to the If She Did It Podcast. I’m your host, Becky Feigin a business coach for beginner online entrepreneurs. Consider this podcast your go to guide for all things scaling your business to your first 10k months. Get ready to be inspired through marketing mindset, spirituality and the stories of successful frompreneures. I’m so excited to have you here. Now let’s dive in.

[00:03:08] Hello. I just waved like you guys can see me. I am so excited to be talking with you all about lessons from my first year in business. I know this is going to be so valuable for so many people, so I have been looking forward to recording this episode. I have a couple of notes that I want to utilize to make sure that I get everything out there. So this may not cover every single lesson, but it is going to cover a majority of the lessons that I did learn. So let’s just dive on in. I’m not going to tell you what specifically I’m going to talk about. We’re going to just go with it, because I want you to stay surprised. Usually I like to preface with what you can expect, but what you can expect in this episode is lessons from my first year in business. So the very first lesson that I learned when I started my business, well, I want to say the very first lesson with the very first lesson I want to talk to you all about is the lesson that mindset matters.

[00:04:10] The very first program that I joined was in twenty nineteen. It was a group coaching program to learn how to be a coach and how to market my services as a coach because I switched from social media manager to coach. And the thing is, back then, quite frankly, mindset in the coaching space wasn’t as prominent as it is now. You didn’t necessarily find as many business coaching programs that had a heavy focus on mindset. And so I had one lesson on mindset in that program, and I’m not shitting on the program. It served me in that time. But I will say that I didn’t necessarily get the results that I was expecting. And when I look back on why I didn’t get the results that I was expecting, it’s very much because of the fact that I was not believing in myself, my mindset was holding me back, and I had no one telling me differently, I had no one helping me to work on my mindset, I was questioning the pricing of my services. I was questioning if I was capable of doing what I said I was going to do. I was questioning everything about what I was doing. So I wasn’t getting traction and people weren’t signing up to work with me. But as soon as I worked on my mindset and I realized that mindset was an important key factor to business, everything changed for me, everything changed.

[00:05:29] So this is so important. If you are a new entrepreneur joining a coaching program that is multifaceted and covers the mindset piece and has mindset support it’s such a game changer. And that is why I went to get my MLP certification and I’m still going through the certification process. But that is why it was so important to me. That is why I got a complex coaching certification. That is why I went through a program that taught me how to manage mindset stuff within a coaching program, because I want to make sure that I can best support my clients because my mindset is such an important piece of the pie. Really. Like, if you’re not working your mindset, you’re not going to reach your full potential because there are going to be doubts that come up the imposter syndrome. There’s so many things that are going to come up that will hold us back if we don’t work on our mindset. So that was a really important lesson that I learned.

[00:06:28] Another lesson that was really important that I learned was that strategy isn’t everything. This kind of coincides with the mindset element. But at the end of the day, strategy alone is not going to get you to the goals that you are wanting to attain in your business. You need to make sure that on top of strategy, your mindset is fire and your energy is at a place where you’re willing you’re able to attract what you’re wanting to attract into your business.

[00:06:58] Energy is a huge piece of business. And if we’re solely focusing on strategy and trusting that strategy alone is going to bring us our dream clients, it’s just not the case. Because my strategy was fucking dope. You guys, I had a good strategy from the jump in my business, but my mindset wasn’t there. My energy wasn’t there. I was doubting my ability to be able to bring on dream clients to myself. Jaspal And this is stuff that I teach in the Coffman’s course that you will get access to when you join the abundant business academy before June 21st. But my confidence was so lacking because I wasn’t working my mindset, because I was only focused on my strategy that my self-doubt spirals were kicking in and the fear alarm in my brain was going off. And I did everything subconsciously to self sabotage my success as possible because I was scared. I was scared. So this is why it’s so important to the strategy isn’t everything. And until you understand that and you look for somebody that can provide you a holistic approach to business, you’re going to feel stuck. You’re going to feel stuck. So another thing that I actually didn’t note, but I really want to speak on really quickly is that templates, scripts, charts, forms what forms templates, scripts, charts like Excel sheets, all that kind of stuff.

[00:08:24] It’s not make or break. Everybody’s business is different. And some people get so hyper-focused and so in their masculine when they have too many charts and templates and scripts, et cetera, et cetera, that it doesn’t actually serve them. Scripts don’t fucking serve me, scripts don’t serve most of my clients, it’s better to understand and become an expert in a skill set than to rely on a script. Instead, when you rely on a script, you don’t fully understand a skill set. You don’t fully understand the process. You just told what to say. And then you act almost as if you’re a robot doing the thing. And that’s not what I’m about in my business. That is not what I’m about for my clients. You need to know how to be a fully on your own person that can sustain your business and scale it consistently. And if you’re relying on scripts, for example, you’re going to get stuck in this thread of having to constantly be going back to your scripts and not actually knowing why you’re doing what you’re doing and asking the question you’re asking. And that’s serving no one. Templets and charts and stuff like that might not serve you either. I like to get really simple with business, and that’s my kind of method and approach is simplicity. Looking at the numbers and looking at income and all that is really important. And it’s not like it’s something that you have to constantly be stressed about.

[00:09:56] As long as you have money in the bank. That is the best thing. Of course, as you scale, it is important to kind of take a deeper look. But I don’t know. That’s just not something that I think is as important as some people make it like, yes, we need to know our numbers, but there’s way to do it without constantly being in an Excel sheet. That’s kind of what I’m getting at.

[00:10:17] Now the next one. The next lesson is a doozy, like this is a big one, and I’m really like, I think it’s so important. So the next lesson I learned in business is that you will lose your friends, you will lose your friends. I have lost so many friends in the past two and a half years. And here’s the thing. When you I’m kind of going to mix two together. When you start your business, not only are you starting a business, but you become a whole new person. That was the next lesson. You’ve become a whole new person. And when you become a whole new person, there are people from your past in your life that may be really good friends that just can’t get comfortable and can’t accept this new person that you’re becoming. They have a hard time processing. That you have a different perspective in life, that you are making crazy amounts of money that they couldn’t even dream of, they might get pissed at you for doing something that they would never have the balls to do.

[00:11:29] You can lose friends because you’re speaking your truth and they feel as though you speaking the truth is impacting them, whether it truly is or not. But the reality is no one is allowed to tell you what you can and cannot do. No one is allowed to judge you or question you because of the path that you decide to take. You are going to realize how shitty some people in your life are and you are going to realize that you are worth so much more and you don’t need to put up with it anymore. So you will absolutely lose friends that you may have thought were going to be beside you about your fucking wedding. That might happen. You might lose friends that you thought were going to be in your life forever, that you thought were your absolute best friends. They might let you fucking down. And I got to tell you, it fucking sucks, you guys. It fucking sucks. It really does. But here’s the other thing. You are going to make some of the best friends that you’ve ever that you never even could have imagined that you would make in your life. Your life is going to completely change when you become an entrepreneur. You are going to become a whole new person, like I already said. And, you know, I have such fucking amazing friends now. I mean, I have great friends from college and even from growing up that I still adore.

[00:12:47] But the friends I have made from entrepreneurship are another breed, you guys. And this is something I hear time and time again. So you are going to transform, and you are going to connect with people that understand you on a level that you never thought anybody would understand you on and you were going to connect with people that are going through what you’re going through and it’s going to change your life. The people that I talk to on a daily basis are my entrepreneur friends and my mom and of course, my boyfriend because I live with him. Those are the people that I talk to on a daily basis, my entrepeneur, my friends and my mom, my friends that I still adore from college, from groing up, those are the friends that I text every couple weeks like, holy, I miss you. We haven’t talked in a long time, but the daily conversations, the daily text messages, the daily phone calls with my entrepreneur friends, they’ve changed my life. And I’m so grateful for each and every one of them. So know that you will lose friends, but you’ll also gain the most amazing friendships of your entire life. OK, so I talked about you becoming a whole new person.

[00:13:45] Another thing I learned is that impact is greater than income. Now, hear me out on this one. Of course, income is important. Of course, we want to make a lot of money. Of course. Of course. The thing is when you lead with impact and when you build connections with the intention to see if you can serve them and impact their lives, it leads to income. If you lead with income if you lead with the thought of money if you lead with this intention to make the most money possible and don’t give a fuck about the impact that you’re making. It’s not going to fucking last, you may make sales in the beginning, you might have like a fucking dope month, it might happen, but it’s not going to fucking last. If you want your business to be scalable, sustainable, if you want your business to last, you have to think about the impact first. That leads to income.

[00:14:38] Now, another one I have a really good one on here that I want to save, but another one that is so important. You need to be all fucking in. You need to be willing to do whatever the fuck it’s going to take to get you the clients and the impact, the income, the results you are looking for. When I decide to be an entrepreneur, I decided there was no fucking option other than to succeed. That was the only option I was going to succeed, period, end of story. So I did everything in my fucking power to make that happen when I wasn’t getting sales at the price point that I didn’t fully at that moment believe in myself for charging less for like a six week program. I fucking halved, like, slashed that price in half, and I don’t normally recommend doing that, but that’s what I decided I had to do. And then I went out and I signed seven clients in one week because I decided that there was no fucking option other than to make it work for myself. So I fucking made it work, period. End of story. So if you want your business to take off, you need to decide that there is no option other than to succeed. And you do everything you have to do in your power to make that happen. And that means investing in a coach. You will fucking do it if that means showing up for eight hours a day, if that’s the energy you need to put out, you will do it. If that means working at night after you get off of your nine to five job or your night shift at a job or something, you will do it. You will do whatever you have to do to make your business succeed, to make your business work that is such a necessary element. You need to have grit. You need to be ready, willing, and able to show up for yourself. It gets to be fun, it gets to be a journey and it’s hard work, so be ready for it, be ready for it. That was a lesson that I had to learn.

[00:16:28] And the last lesson, the last lesson is one that I always knew, but I never like necessarily said out loud. And I said it in a program to a group of my clients, and it totally blew her mind and changed her life. And, you know, it totally made such a difference. So let me tell you what it is, because I think it’s going to be really impactful for you as well. So sit down. Are you ready for this? Like, get yourself ready. Get yourself ready. Prepare yourself to be like, holy shit, this is transformative. Ready? The only timeline that you are on is your own timeline. That is the only timeline. You are the only one putting end dates on things for yourself and expectations. So remember that, be easy on yourself, you are the only person setting a timeline, there is no other timeline for success. Everybody’s journey is different. It is important to be easy on yourself. So. As a reminder, I’m not going to be able to list off the ones that I kind of threw in there as I went, but the main lessons that I learned in my first year in business is that mindset matters. Strategy isn’t everything. You will lose friends. You’ll become a whole new person. Impact is greater than income. And the only time on we’re on is our own. So I hope that this served you. I hope that this inspired you. I hope that this showed you. There is hope. There is possibility. There is potential. And I hope that there are things that stuck out to you about this.

[00:18:25] And with that, I want you to have an amazing week and I want you to head to the link in the show notes and apply for the abundant business academy so I can help you in, kick on your business and definitely download the freebie in the show notes as well. And the last thing the very last thing that I want to say is it would mean the world to me. If you would leave a review for this podcast, the more reviews, the more feedback. I know that every one of you that is listening to this podcast has not left a review. I know. I see how many people listen to this podcast. The reviews do not respond. Do not parallel are not parallel to the amount. That’s doesn’t make sense. The amount of viewers and listeners and downloads. So go leave a review. It would mean the world to me. I want more people to be able to get inspired and to change their lives and to up level. And this podcast gets to do that for them. And the easier, the more reviews, the more feedback, the more stars left, the more eyes and ears this podcast get into. So with that, I hope you an amazing week and I will see you next week on the If She Did It Podcast.

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