Making Sales On TikTok Without Going Viral

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Becky: [00:00:00] Welcome welcome back to the. If She Did It podcast. Now I am so excited for this week’s episode. When am I not excited for an episode? But this is something that I have been dying to talk about, but I had to get other episodes out first. So here we go. Today we are talking tik tok now. Oh, I’m so excited. We’re going to be talking about how to build your tick tock up to a place where you could be making sales from your tick tock. Because it doesn’t happen overnight usually. But, you know, it’s it’s something that when you prepare your strategic about it, it can literally completely change the trajectory of your business. So I am super stoked about that. Now, before we go into this week’s episode, I do want to share something unbelievably exciting with you. And I will be mentioning it throughout the course of this recording as well, or this episode I have released. I have announced a Tick Tock program that is called the tick, the Tick Tock Profit Funnel Program. It is going to be a passive course, but the first round of it, you guys get to experience it live for the investment of a passive course. It is going to be epic. So it’s a four week program, live calls once a week and on top of live calls once a week, you’re going to have a group Discord Channel, where you can ask questions, support one another, you can ask me questions, you can get feedback on content, all that kind of stuff.

Becky: [00:01:25] I’m also going to be providing content suggestions throughout the four weeks. We’re also going to be doing some probably pre-recorded tech trainings. Because here’s the thing about the tick tock profit funnel. Part of this is teaching you how to actually build out a real funnel in your business. So you’re getting kind of like a two in one program. You’re not only learning about tick tock and how to make sales on tick tock, you’re learning how to bring the sales from tick tock outside of tick tock through a profit funnel. So you’re learning about creating freebies. You’re learning about turning those freebies into a funnel with a tripwire that leads to making sales, that leads to making higher ticket sales. It’s going to be fucking dope, and I’m so excited about it. As I go through this episode, I’m going to be like mentioning things where I explain, Oh, we’re going to go into more depth with this in the TikTok profit funnel program. So I’ll explain it more as we go, instead of taking up a lot of your time now. But just know I am like I haven’t been this excited about a program in a really long time. So without further ado, let’s dive into this week’s episode. You are in for a real treat. Welcome to the If She Did It podcast with your host, business coach and business bestie Becky Fagan. This is your one stop shop for all things business growth, energetic alignment, strategy, mindset, and a fun touch of spirituality.

Becky: [00:02:42] Nothing is off limits here and you’re bound to read every single episode inspired, excited, and ready to take massive action in your. This podcast was created to help create more badass female CEOs and help you see that business gets to be simple, strategic and fun. Now let’s dive in. All right. Let’s dive in to talking about tick tock and working on building a strategy so you can make sales on TikTok. Now, here, let’s let’s dive in. Let’s get started by me explaining who am I to be talking to you about, tick tock. So a lot of people think that for somebody to have knowledge about a platform and to be able to share about a platform, they need to have gone viral on set platform or have a huge audience. And that’s just simply not the case, because the reality is a huge audience isn’t exactly or isn’t necessarily the key to success or the ticket to success in business or on a platform in general. So this idea that to be able to have knowledge on a platform, you need to know the formula to going viral is just not true. Besides the fact that although there are formulas that help with going viral, there is not a like 100% this formula works strategy for virality and that’s where a lot of tick tock quote unquote gurus get it wrong. And I say quote unquote gurus because people really do refer to themselves to refer to themselves as gurus.

Becky: [00:04:05] And it’s I don’t know, I’m not a fan of that term. But so here is the thing with quote unquote Tik Tok gurus, a lot of them have these programs where they promote I’m going to teach you how to go viral on TikTok. And they teach this viral thing or this viral strategy they’ve come up with. But here’s the thing about the viral strategy they’ve come up with. If you go to the disclaimer of said courses, if they’re like good business owners, that is, there’s going to be a disclaimer that says that there is no guarantee that you are going to yield results from this experience. Reason being, they cannot guarantee it because there is no guaranteed viral strategy. There is no hack to going viral. It is a mixture of multiple things, including having the right strategy and a lot of other things involved. So we cannot rely on going viral to boost sales in our business. What we have to do is create a true strategy that is going to make us feel really confident in the way that we are showing up on the platform and make us feel like, Oh yeah, we have a plan, we know what the fuck we’re doing. So how does that work? First and foremost, you got to get used to the platform, you know what I mean? Like, you got to start posting. You don’t need to be posting every single day. You don’t need to be posting three times a day.

Becky: [00:05:21] You don’t need to do any of that stuff. I will say from personal experience, what I have found is that the more you post in a day, the better, the more opportunities to reach more people, and the more opportunities you have to reach more people, the more opportunities to go viral. That’s really what it comes down to. It comes down to the quantity. However, quality is important too. Now, when I say quality is important to that does not mean that you have to get some fancy camera or upgrade your iPhone or whatever it is to have the best image. That means go in front of a ring light or go in front of a window. Right? Go in front of something with light other than just like a light above your head. Because those like a room light isn’t necessarily the best lighting. Make sure that your camera is wiped clean so that it’s not blurry, things like that. But you don’t need anything fancy. What’s really important is what you’re talking about in your videos, you know. So I think the first thing is we got to stop relying on virality, which means that not solely creating content like based on viral trends. I want to challenge you to create let’s say you make three videos a week right now and all three videos are viral trends. I want to challenge you to continue doing those and adding three organic pieces of content on top.

Becky: [00:06:43] So six videos a week. Because the thing is, here’s what I found and I share. I made a tik tok about this like a couple of weeks ago. But here is what I found from doing research, from studying other business owners on the platform. I like to study other business coaches since I’m a business coach. And what I have found is. I’ll give you a great example. Several months ago, I recorded this video. I don’t even remember what I was talking about, but it was a very specific thing that would bring in my dream client. I was talking about something related to business that I teach, and it got maybe 3500 views. It was between 3000 505,000 views, but it got a lot of engagement and it got me like around 300 new followers that same day. Another business coach I know went viral how to use a trending sound and went viral 10,500 plus views and got like 50 new followers. Why is that? Because her content was not specific enough. It was a very broad trending audio text trend. Whatever it was, it was very broad. And so it didn’t get her the reach in front of the right people. So great. Now she’s going around talking about how her video went viral, but it didn’t really do Jack shit for her and her business. And that is the thing we’re so concerned about. Oh, my God. My post got all these views. I have a million views on my video.

Becky: [00:08:12] I have 500, whatever. Who fucking cares if it’s not converting into anything? That is the thing that we need to shift within our mindset. Newer entrepreneurs tend to want to go viral. Like that is the focus. Virality does not equal sales. The number of views you get on a video does not equal sales. You want those views to turn into followers, and you want those followers to provide a micro commitment to you, which is going to lead to a higher commitment, which equals high ticket sales, high income. So how do we do this? This is what we’re diving deep into within the TikTok profit funnel program, and I’m so unbelievably stoked about it. I didn’t mention this at the beginning of the episode, but the link is in the show notes to grab your spot. There’s not too many details on the sales page because you don’t need that many details. It is a no brainer investment and you get so much support from me and you’re going to learn such dope shit. Like, all you got to know is I’m going to teach you how to be or use your own brain to create a strategy that will lead to sales on Tik Tok. I as of now have around 3500 followers on TikTok. Maybe that’s wrong. Maybe it’s like 3150, I don’t know, over 3000 followers on Tik Tok. But I started making sales from my Tik Tok when I had about 1000 followers. Yeah, you can do that too.

Becky: [00:09:32] You don’t even need that many. There are workarounds that you don’t even need to wait until you have that link in your bio to make sales on Tik Tok. So this idea of virality like we have to throw that out the window and you need to go join my program anyway. So once we get over that, it’s like, okay, so how do we make sales? And why was my video so much more successful even though it didn’t go viral? And the reason is, I was really specific. I was sharing a piece of content with my knowledge and provided a like little win for my people. And the win was making them feel better about their situation within their business. Now, what you need to do when it comes to your business is you need to be strategic about the content that you’re creating. So every time that you record a video, I want you to ask yourself, why should my dream client or customer care about this? What about this is going to make my dream client or customer like what is this going to do for them? Am I providing details about what I can do for them? Am I sharing a piece of knowledge? Am I sharing inspiration? Am I sharing motivation? Like, what is it that I am sharing that is going to benefit them? Because if you’re sharing a piece of content and you’re like, Oh, just fuck it, and there’s no purpose behind it, that ain’t it. Make a separate account for that shit.

Becky: [00:10:44] Like you want to be so specific on what you’re creating. You don’t necessarily have to like niche down to deep, but you want to be specific on what you’re creating because being specific on what you’re creating is how you are going to get dream clients following you and how you can only get how a couple thousand views on a video can lead to hundreds of followers because you’re being fucking specific and that is the most important piece. So I want you to sit with that for a minute. Okay. So now you understand that, you know, virality isn’t everything and we have to really be thinking about our dream client with every piece of content we create. Now, how do we actually make sales on Tik Tok? So now people are showing interest in your content, they’re following you, maybe they’re commenting on your videos, but how do we actually make sales? This is going to sound so crazy, but we got to sell we got to sell our offers or our products. So pretty much what I want you to start doing is every single time that you record Tik Tok videos, I want you to record. One video that is like just a value piece of content or inspiration or whatever it is. And the next video I want you to sell, I want you to sell your offer, your product, whatever. Every single time. So for each normal video record, a sell selling video straight up.

Becky: [00:12:08] Each normal video record is selling video. Now within the TikTok profit funnel program. I’m going to teach you how to create really impactful selling focused video content. I’m also going to teach you how to take a value piece of video content and end it with a sales call to action, essentially because there is an art to selling, right? If there wasn’t an art to selling, then there wouldn’t be sales programs in business school and there wouldn’t be sales coaches in the online coaching space. There is an art to selling and we’re going to talk about that within the TikTok profit funnel program. But you need to actually be selling your offers, selling your services. And the other thing is, with the content that you create, I want you to essentially pre-qualify your followers because here is what happens. A lot people will get leads from Ticktalk and they don’t turn into anything. And the problem is there’s a disconnect there. People do not understand on TikTok. They don’t necessarily understand what it is that you do completely or, you know, they don’t value your time, whatever it is, because maybe the entrepreneur space is new to them. So I want you when you’re creating TikTok content, I want you to make sure that you’re creating some content where you are clear on like who your dream client is. Maybe you talk about like this is who this video is for, right? Like, I want you to be super, super clear and I want you to be clear with yourself on who it is that you’re trying to target.

Becky: [00:13:34] Because the reality is, if you are not clear about this and you are not making that pre qualifying content, then you’re going to end up with a lot of leads that lead to nothing. I’ve seen it happen time and time again, especially on Tik Tok and that is what we’re trying to avoid. So pre qualifying content is really important. Now the thing that we’re going to get into within the Tik Tok profit funnel program is how to massively increase sales on TikTok because it is one thing to talk about your offer, your product, whatever it is, and Tik Tok videos over and over again which will ultimately lead to sales. It is another thing to create an entire funnel with a freebie and a tripwire and then an upsell from that. That is where the money really lies, because when you have people that follow you on TikTok that come from a video of yours that maybe gained more traction than your other videos, if you are promoting a freebie, they are so much more likely to download that freebie, even if you’re not promoting a freebie when you like it. What I mean by even if you’re not promoting a freebie, I mean, like even if you are not like straight promoting a freebie in this specific video that they come across, if they’re intrigued by you, they might be like, I want to learn more and click the link in your bio.

Becky: [00:14:52] They come across the freebie and the link in your bio. Once you’re able to have a link in your bio and all of a sudden you have somebody new on your email list, and then from your email sequence you get to convert people into clients. And the freebie in and of itself can make a sale because of the tripwire. Like, it’s like chef’s kiss. So amazing the process that we can set up, the journey that we can set up for your dream clients. That starts with Tik Tok. And you know, we are going to go into so much depth with this within the Tik Tok profit funnel program and I know I keep saying this, but I really am so unbelievably excited about it. So what I really want you to take from this episode is like, stop worrying about virality, stop getting sucked into the content, leaning into virality, yes, create content utilizing trending audios. That’s always going to help your account. Definitely do that, but don’t rely heavily and solely on that. For every trending audio video you create, create an organic piece of content. For every organic piece of content you create, create a sales promotion piece of content. So three types of content that you really want to focus on. The other element of the content that you’re creating is I want you to have different content pillars. Five Content Pillars is best. So one of those pillars should be your story.

Becky: [00:16:14] You should be consistently sharing your story at least once a week through your tik tok content. People need to know you. People need to know your story. People need to know where you come from when you’re sharing your story and leaning into your story on your tik tok content, a lot people are going to be like, Oh shit, I know this person now I understand this person. I can relate to this person. I have a similar journey. That’s why you see that a lot of storytelling content on Tik Tok goes viral because if somebody is a good storyteller, you could get sucked in real fast and then people feel like they can resonate with you. So lean into storytelling content, but creating different types of content around different content pillars. So for me, I have like the mindset stuff, I have my story, I have the strategies around business, I have the energetics of business and I have confidence in business. So it’s five very different topics that all are under one, like the same umbrella of business. And so it allows me to reach different people based on their different interests within what I have to offer and within my knowledge. So I want you to think about the same thing. So what I want you to take away from this episode is everything I’ve stated so far, and to just go out and do the fucking thing, show up and do it, and the next thing is fucking hire me, let me help you.

Becky: [00:17:24] Let me help you completely transform and change the game for yourself because you have so much potential and all you have to do is take action and the opportunities are endless. Like literally no joke opportunities endless. So go take some action. You deserve it. And go grab access to this program. Now, I will say. Through. What day is it today? Please hold. So today, the day of this episode release, it is May 23rd through Wednesday, May 25th. If you are listening to this before May 25th, you actually get to grab this program for a discounted rate. So this program’s value, what the value is like, I can’t even begin to break down the value for you. But the investment for this program is $555. Now, if you grab this program before Wednesday, May 25th, you can grab this program for $333 a fucking steal. Both prices are a total steal, but $333 like mind blowing transformation. You can land like one client and make your money back. And I’m going to break down how to do that in the profit funnel program as well. We’re also going to go into branding. So how you can stand out on tick tock. We’re going to do so much in one month, it’s going to fucking blow your mind. So just think about this. We start the week of June 6th. Your entire business can completely transform. By July 6th, you can double, triple, quadruple five times your sales within the next month and a half.

Becky: [00:18:59] If you just show up, learn, do the work and take action. Let’s fucking go. Let’s fucking do this. Besides the fact that a lot of what I’m going to teach you can transfer to other platforms, you can utilize these strategies for reals as well. So. Oh, I’m so excited. It’s just like video content in general. It’s going to be so good. The focus is Tik Tok, but I teach on a really broad spectrum, meaning that I don’t teach blueprints, I don’t teach copy and paste strategies, I teach you concepts so you can create your own strategies. And I teach you how to create your own strategies so that you feel empowered in your own business. And you’re not just like following some plan that somebody gave to you with no idea why you’re doing what you’re doing. So it’s going to be amazing. I cannot wait. So go to the show notes, go a plot you don’t have to apply. Go grab your spot. You will get a confirmation email with all the details that you need. And I cannot wait to get started with you. I hope to see you in the Tick-Tock program and have a fabulous week. If you enjoyed this episode, leave a review. It would mean the world to me. If you send me a screenshot of the review, I will enter you in to win a coffee on me this week and that is all. I will see you next week if she did a podcast.

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