TikTok For Business – What You Need to Know

Becky: [00:00:00] Welcome back to the. If She Did It podcast. I am so excited for this week's episode since this is the final week to get into the Tick Tock Profit Funnel Program, of course we needed to come to you with one more episode revolving around tick tock. So the last episode that went live, If She Did It podcast was around Tick Tock and how to make sales on Tick Tock without going viral. And today is going to be a more well rounded episode about Tick Tock, because as I've been promoting this program, I've had a lot of questions come up, a lot of interesting conversations come up, and I'm excited to share all of this fun information with you all. Before we dive into this week's episode. As a reminder, if you are interested in learning the ins and outs of tick tock, how to build a profit on TikTok, how to create a video marketing and sales strategy that is really impactful for you and will help you convert audience members followers into paying clients or customers. Then you are going to want to head over to the show notes and grab a spot in the Tick Tock Profit Funnel program. But without further ado, let's dive in to this week's episode. Welcome to the If She Did It podcast with your host, business coach and business bestie Becky Fagan. This is your one stop shop for all things business growth, energetic alignment, strategy and mindset and a fun touch of spirituality.

Becky: [00:01:24] Nothing is off limits here, and you're bound to leave every single episode inspired, excited, and ready to take massive action in your. This podcast was created to help create more badass female CEOs and help you see that business gets to be simple, strategic and fun. Now let's dive in. Okay. I am so excited for this week's episode. So we're going to start with some basic things you should know about tick tock. For those of you that are newer to the platform and are listening to this with, you, want to really get started on it. So if you've never been on TikTok before, go make an account right now. Has to be listening to this episode. Something to keep in mind is that even though there is an option to create a business account, you do not want to create a business account because then you're limited to the types of audios you can use. And that just defeats part of the purpose of Instagram. I'm sorry Tik Tok and ruins some of the fun. So that is important to take note of however. Or anyway, I guess I should say what you want to do when it comes to getting on Tik Tok For those that are just getting started, you want to get on as an entrepreneur. This is specifically an episode for entrepreneurs. You want to get on it, you want to start your account and you want to start following other accounts that are similar to what you do.

Becky: [00:02:49] This is going to help form the TikTok algorithm around what you do, what your niche is, which is going to be really beneficial for getting your videos out to the right people. So that is really important. Now in terms of all forms of the concept of setting up your TikTok account for success as an entrepreneur. That is the first week of the TikTok profit funnel is we go in depth on everything that you want to do to successfully set up your TikTok account, to see growth, to see interest. Now, of course, I talk about this a lot, but I am not in the business of let's go viral as fast as possible. Virality can be great with the right strategy, but that's not the focus here. The focus here is no matter your audience size, you should be able to make sales. So that is really important to keep in mind. So you want to start that account? Get yourself up and running. Spend a couple of days honestly engaging with people that are in the similar niche as you may be, engaging with ideal clients, things like that. But realistically, on Tik Tok, the magic of TikTok and part of why I love it so much is that it really encourages you for my entrepreneurs out there to lean into your feminine energy and simply put out video content and let it let it live right, let it live on the platform and trust that the right people are going to see the content.

Becky: [00:04:12] You don't have to go crazy like you do on Instagram, commenting on people's videos, sending DMS, following a bunch of people, like doing all this crazy stuff. Your videos can gain traction and build an audience for you and get you clients without you doing much other than providing value through your video content with the right marketing strategy. So that being said, I wouldn't spend too much time doing the things that you normally do on Instagram. It's not the same kind of platform, but the first couple of days usually I like to see the first week of your account, spend some time engaging with a counselor similar to yours, or have a similar ideal client as you spend some time having conversations on videos, following people, that kind of stuff. That's a really, really great way to get started on the platform. So from there, what's next? Here's the funny thing to everybody listening to this podcast episode, I decided to go live on Tik Tok as I recorded this and I thought it would be super fun and somebody just commented that my hair is looking kind of messy. The things that people say on TikTok are unbelievable sometimes, and it's just kind of hysterical. But anyway, let's continue talking about what you want to do on Tik Tok to build success and to be able to convert followers into clients.

Becky: [00:05:35] So something that is really important to know, and I see people talking all of the time on, you know, I had an account, but then I stopped because I wasn't getting the traction or I just posted two videos and it only got a couple of views. So I'm not going to do anything now or, you know, I give up on the platform. It didn't gain traction right away and I see this stuff happen all of the time. But here's what's so funny is Instagram takes 1000 times longer to gain traction, to gain followers, all of the things. But it's expected on Instagram where everybody talks on Tik Tok about you go viral and everything changes for you. So everybody expects really quick success on Tik Tok. However, that isn't necessarily the case. There are always the people that post one video and go viral and everything changes for them. But that isn't the norm, right? There are millions upon millions of people on Tik Tok. And there are not millions upon millions and millions of people with the people on. There are not millions and millions of people on TikTok that are necessarily going by a roll. So that's important to note. As I was saying, it's just really interesting how people expect immediate results on Tik Tok, whereas people are willing to take their time on other platforms.

Becky: [00:06:54] So what you want to keep in mind with TikTok is consistency is really important. Now, I'm not the kind of coach or entrepreneur that's going to say to you, you need to post on TikTok as many times as possible every single day, nonstop for at least 30 days. And that's the only thing that's going to get you the results you're looking for. I will say that the more you post on Tik Tok and the more consistently it goes on Tik Tok, the faster you will gain traction, the faster things will start working for you. But that is not the only way you need to identify what consistency looks like for you. Because if you decide that consistency is one post every single day, that's an amazing thing to show up for. However, if you decide that consistency is three times a day, every single day, and then you don't post for two days like, you know, you're going to get frustrated with yourself. It's also going to impact the algorithm, like there is that expectation element of algorithms, right? So if you're being consistent, they catch on to the consistency, but if you disappear, they catch on to the disappearance. So pick whatever level of consistency is for you. For some, it's one post every single day. For some it's three posts every single day. For some it's more. For some it's one every other day. Whatever consistency looks like for you is really what you want to focus on and trusting that when you're consistent over time, the traction will build.

Becky: [00:08:12] That's the thing that I see happen so much is that people, like I said before, just give up, don't give up. You have to be consistent. You have to be willing to put in the effort to put in the work to see the traction that you're looking for. And on this concept of the tick tock strategy, tick tock algorithm, Nat, who's with me live on tick tock. Ask me what I say that marketing on Tick Tock is completely different than Instagram. And to that I would say not completely different. The concept of marketing as a whole can transfer, and a lot of people that have backgrounds in marketing can get onto a new social platform like Tick Tock and figure it out very quickly. But if marketing and sales, but especially marketing, is not something that is like natural to you or simple to you because it kind of goes over your head or you're just not trained in it or whatever it is, then it's going to be really hard to transfer an Instagram strategy over to Tick Tock, because there are massive differences as much as there are similarities. So when it comes to similarities, there's the same concept of you can implement a launch strategy on tick tock, just like you can implement a launch strategy on Instagram.

Becky: [00:09:18] On Instagram, you want to think about warming up your audience, building up the know like trust factor and all that kind of stuff. And you want to do that on tick tock as well. So those kinds of things do transfer, but that's kind of where it ends because the tick tock algorithm is different. So first things first. You need to think about tick tock in the sense of, you know, original content is really powerful on tick tock right now. You can go viral with original content just as much as you can go viral with a trending audio on Tick Tock, Tick Tock actually pushes your content out to the right audience. Whereas Instagram, I don't know about you, but when I create a real on Instagram, it goes out to the most random people that do not are not valuable for to be seeing my content at all. So it looks very different. But then when it comes to marketing on Tick Tock and this is I'm glad you asked this question because this is a really great place, a really great direction to take this episode in. When it comes to marketing on Tick Tock, it kind of has a life of its own in some ways, and this is something that we're going to dive really deep into in the profit in the TikTok profit funnel program. But the thing with Tick Tock marketing is a couple of things. First of all, unlike Instagram, it's really easy on tick tock to actually market multiple things at once.

Becky: [00:10:28] So for example, I right now I'm creating a lot of content around my program that I'm watching right now. Right? I'm making a lot of content around building success as an entrepreneur on Tick Tock. And at the same time, I'm creating other content as well. I'm creating other videos that have nothing to do with the program. I'm creating videos that really lean into like feminine energy. And feminine energy within marketing and strategy is something that we're talking about in the program. And it also has to do with another program I'm launching this summer. And with that in mind, you know, I'm able to talk about all those different things, whereas on Instagram it's not as simple to do that, but I don't really have to worry about confusing my audience because every video on TikTok has a life of its own. So you are able to do a lot more with one TikTok video in terms of conversion, then you are able to do with one post on Instagram. That is where the power really lies. So it's understanding marketing from a concept. Of video marketing and how one video can be so powerful and so impactful for your business. That being said, what I find happen a lot is that people then process. I recognize that one video can be so powerful, it can be so transformational.

Becky: [00:11:48] And then when that video doesn't do anything, people give up. And that's where the problem lies. A lot of entrepreneurs say, Oh, I tried that. It didn't work. I tried that, it didn't work. But the thing is, growth, conversion, sales, all of it takes time. So you have to be willing to put in the work and take the time. And putting in the work doesn't have to mean hours upon hours upon hours. Every day I sit down and I record three TikTok videos a day within 10 minutes and guess some people take longer. I will say every once in a while I like to record an aesthetic video of my morning fuel, which is normally like matcha or a caffeine filled like tea or something like that. And that takes me like 30 minutes. But when you are, you know, just sitting there creating original content or doing like a really simple trend, you know, it doesn't have to take a long time to create your content every single day or you can sit down and batch. I like to personally create content every single day, and if you're willing to put in those ten, 15, 20 minutes every day recording a couple of videos and putting it out there, which you should be willing to do, because if you really want to see your business succeed, won't you do anything to make that happen? Then you can really see growth. Now, if you want to see more growth and easier conversion, that's where hiring a coach or example, joining my TikTok profit funnel program is really valuable because we're going to dig into how do you actually implement that strategy, how do you create the strategy, how do you do the things to actually see the conversions happen on Tik Tok But it's really important to understand that the strategy between the platforms is definitely different and it's difficult at first glance to transfer if you don't understand the basic concepts of strategy.

Becky: [00:13:32] And what's unfortunate is that a lot of entrepreneurs I know do hire coaches in the beginning to learn the marketing, the sales, but a lot of coaches don't actually teach marketing in sales. They teach their specific tactic that they utilize in their business or their specific strategy, and they don't explain the how and the why behind the things that they're doing. They're just like, This is what you do. And so it makes it harder to transfer. So it's important to understand the basic elements of it. So another question I see, which is a great a great transition about who is good for and I've been seeing this question a lot. So I'm starting a small business making jewelry and keychain. Should I use Tick Tock? Absolutely. Tick Tock is a phenomenal platform for business, all kinds of businesses, but especially product based businesses. It's amazing. It's just like it's a phenomenal platform for anyone, whether you're a product based business or a service based business, because if you're a service based business, you are able to record this video content, which is going to be give you an opportunity to share your knowledge and quick bite sized pieces and share stories and share inspiration.

Becky: [00:14:41] And it's going to really touch people and it's going to make them feel connected. Same with same with product based businesses. And something that I see a lot is people that have product based businesses. They're like, what I can I can highlight my products on a Instagram post. I can post photos of my products, but what the hell do I write in the caption? Like, what am I even trying to say? What do I have to say? And what ends up happening with a lot of product based businesses on Instagram is that the the captions are kind of tacky, right? It's kind of tacky. It's kind of like, what the fuck am I saying? What's here? Or It takes a whole life of its own and it becomes essays and TikTok. I'm sorry. Instagram marketing for product based businesses can feel really difficult sometimes. On on TikTok, I keep flipping them on Tik Tok. It is such a fabulous platform for again both, both service and product based businesses, but for product based businesses, because you have the opportunity to share videos of you creating your products, you have the opportunity to share your story of why you started your business.

Becky: [00:15:38] You can share your story while talking to the camera. Now people see the face behind the brand, behind the business, but you can also record videos where you're creating a keychain, creating some of the jewelry, and then having a voiceover of you sharing your story, different things like that, and you can really tug on heartstrings and it can be really powerful. And that's another thing I try to do in videos that I record on Tik Tok, but also that I'm going to be teaching in the TikTok profit funnel program is how do you actually create and share your story in an impactful way that helps people feel connected to you and therefore wanting to buy your product or hire you for your service? Right. There's a lot of ways to better understand marketing in an empowering way, right? Like we are not doing like guilt trip marketing. Over here. We are not doing pressure marketing over here. We are in the business of creating powerful storylines and expansive storylines that empower people to want to hire you or buy your product or whatever it is. But that's really important to understand. Now, another thing that I've been getting a lot and people have been commenting a lot on posts I've been making around Tik Tok, especially on Facebook. People have a lot of strong opinions on Facebook, but somebody was saying, well, you know, Ticktalk is only good if your audience is on Ticktalk.

Becky: [00:17:02] My audience is older people, they're not on Ticktalk and quite frankly, that's an assumption. So if you're listening to this episode saying, I'm interested to learn about Ticktalk, I'm interested in the potential, but I don't really think my audience is there. I am quite confident that your audience is there. If you are on Instagram and your audience is on Instagram, I'm pretty confident your audience is also on Ticktalk, and you also have the opportunity to tap into a totally different side of your audience on Tik Tok, which is so transformational. So there are people in all age ranges on TikTok. I see it young people on TikTok, I see older people on Tik Tok. The idea that, oh, my audience is 50 and older so they're not on TikTok is absolutely incorrect. And to believe that is holding yourself back. So the chances that your audience is on TikTok is very likely, very, very likely. And the only way you're going to find out is if you try. The only way you're going to find out is if you try. And if you go explore and you go look for them to to kind of confirm for yourself that they're there, maybe you find out by going on TikTok and searching to see if there are other people that do what you do on on the platform. Right. But there is definitely there are definitely people on TikTok in all elements.

Becky: [00:18:20] So another question that just came through is, do you teach the customer journey in the TikTok profit funnel? And I love this question because this gives me the opportunity to speak on something really important. So I do teach the customer journey and the TikTok profit funnel program. I also teach in basically every program that I that I teach. However, here's where things are different. I teach the customer journey, but I also teach how to feel empowered within the customer journey to instead of trying to create content that convinces somebody that they want to work with you. And a lot of the time, the beginning of a customer journey is things like somebody follows you, but they don't actually know that they need what you have, or then they become problem aware. Then they have to become solution aware. And the beginning half of the customer journey, it looks like a lot of objection. Handling content, a lot of content, trying to prove to somebody why they need your support or why they need your help. Trying to prove to somebody why they need to buy your product and why their product is. Why your product is going to be the thing that changes things for them. What if instead we shifted from that idea of like kind of we have to force and convince and prove before we can empower and inspire and encourage.

Becky: [00:19:30] What if instead we choose from the beginning of the customer journey that the customer is their own hero, the customer can save themselves, and we're just here to further support them for their like make their life better, whatever it is, depending upon what the product we sell or service we sell. And what if, instead of creating that level of content, we shift directly into empowering content from day one storytelling, empowering content, inspirational content, helping them see, you know, the the power of your product, your service, whatever it is, so that you don't have to ever deal with the objection, handling energy, the convincing energy. And whenever people see your videos and are inspired by your videos, they are immediately wanting to buy versus having to be convinced to buy. So example well, not really an example, but like an explanation. I have been creating content around this angle for about two months now and in the past two months every client that I have signed, I have not had to convince anyone. I have not had to objection handle. I have not had to do anything. It's simply they see a video that I create or they see a post that I create on Instagram. They feel inspired, empowered, excited about what I say, and they simply either go buy the thing or send me a message to confirm something like Before I buy, I want to make sure that I can make the calls or before I buy.

Becky: [00:20:52] I just want to confirm, do you cover this one thing in? Do they do you cover this one thing in the program or whatever it is? But there's no convincing element. It's simply just asking a couple of questions to check off boxes for themselves before they hit buy. So that is why I shift the way that I teach the client journey or the customer journey is because the way that it's the way that it's created right now within the marketing world is very like, for lack of a better term, like masculine, heavy and very like bro marketing and very like, disempowering. But we want. Wind power. Our ideal client. So we we take it from very, very different angle. So basically what you should be hearing is that the profit funnel program is like next level, totally like different concepts than probably anything you've seen before and you should totally be in it. But anyway, other things that I do just want to quickly touch on pertaining to tick tock before we end this episode. But I feel like this has been like a really dope episode and we've touched on some really cool, important things. If you have tried it before and you're like, I just don't understand the platform and you're not willing to invest right now because a really easy way to understand the platform and see success right out of the gate is to invest, whether in me or somebody else, but ideally in the profit funnel program.

Becky: [00:22:18] But if you're like, I don't want to invest, something that I encourage you to do is to be willing to explore. You don't understand the platform because you're new to the platform and there's a learning curve on every single social platform that you get on. So if you're newer to the platform or you're wanting to get on but you're scared, you're going to be confused by it or whatever it is, just be willing to give it a try. Be willing to give it a try, be willing to explore, be willing to just post a bunch of videos and not give up. And with that, you know, myself and a lot of other creators on the platform are always providing like tips, tricks, feedback on what to do to build profitable, you know, tick tock profiles and content and all the things. So be willing to if you're not willing to invest, to learn and have the information directly given to you in a program over a couple of hours, then be willing to spend quite a few hours, probably more than a couple consuming the content that's going to teach you how to understand the platform. And then the last thing that I really think is important to touch on, unless other questions come through on my TikTok live is I see a lot of people complain about like I was saying before I started posting but nothing's working.

Becky: [00:23:25] I'm not getting traction so I'm just giving up. And the thing is, the algorithm on TikTok is changing. It's not as easy to go viral as it once was, but on top of that, the level of content creation on TikTok has increased massively since TikTok first came out. So people do want to see good content. That doesn't necessarily have to mean that you are creating this crazy, like, beautiful clipping content kind of thing. Although I will say that I will be having a guest awesome expert coming to talk to you guys in the TikTok profit funnel that we'll be teaching you how to make those cool videos. That being said, that's not what I mean. What I simply mean is, if nothing else, if you are recording talking content, which is what I do a lot, you need to make sure that you are centered in your video and the camera, that you have good lighting, that you clean off your camera lens before you start recording. I can't tell you how many times I see this, like, weird blur from like, oil that's on the camera lens on your phone, and that in and of itself just destroys the video. When I see that, I'm like, and if I'm thinking this, I'm confident that many other people are thinking this. But when I see videos like that, I'm like, This person doesn't even care.

Becky: [00:24:32] And I just quite frankly scroll by. Like, it drives me crazy to look at video content that is like blurry like that when it's just like as simple as taking your T-shirt and wiping off the camera. You also want to do something. Excuse me? You also want to make sure that when you record a video and it's just a talking video, that you have a really good you hear this all the time. You have a good hook in the beginning you awesome that pull somebody in but it can be as simple as I can't believe the thing that just happened me today and then someone's like What just happened to you? Tell me what just happened to you? But when you just start talking and it's just like a constant, like a stream of consciousness and there's nothing pulling them in. In the beginning, there's a chance somebody is going to swipe away. So you got to say something in the beginning that's really going to pique their interest. And then think about when you were in like middle school, high school, and you had to write an essay and you had like your thesis sentence and then you had your hook or however it was, you have to have the thing that hooks them and you have to have the thing that keeps them there. So really good thing to do is you have the thing that hooks them and then you say, these are the three things I'm going to teach you or talk to you about in this video or something like that.

Becky: [00:25:39] If you're doing a training type video on TikTok, if you're sharing a story you want to start the story with like, can you believe that this thing happened to me or something like that, something that would pull them in and show and build interest. So those are my three little tips that I wanted to give for you to get you started on Tik Tok and to start seeing maybe some traction and some interest in your videos versus people just swiping away. And the last thing to increase engagement is to have a call to action, encourage people to comment on your videos. So I actually if you're listening to this podcast, you might want to go over to my Tik Tok because there's an opportunity to get feedback. I recorded a video that is talking about, you know, these three tips that I just gave you. And I have a couple of additional little pointers in the video and I might call to action at the end of the video is to comment on the video. And I will go to your profile and I'll look at one of your most recent videos and. Come back and give you feedback, personalized feedback on what maybe you could shift to change your video to be more impactful, more more converting, etc., etc..

Becky: [00:26:41] So that's an opportunity for you. So head over to my TikTok for that. But that is, I would say, the end of the podcast episode. So wait. Before I go, just to give you guys a little a little funny. Funny. Some guy is watching my video right now, my TikTok live, and he said, glad you got a mic. You have the face of a radio, which I totally agree on. I'm like the great a great face for video. What he probably doesn't know is that I'm recording this podcast episode right now, but then he said, I like how she invested in a mic, but then only. As for viewers, why are there so many trolls on on profiles? Like what's the point of that? It's hysterical. What he doesn't know is that I'm a multiple six figure entrepreneur and I thought it would be fun to go live on Tik Tok while I recorded a podcast episode and I actually am going to put this episode out and hundreds of, if not thousands of people might listen to it. So I love the sass though, and I love that you really committed to being like rude on my podcast, on my recording. I'm not sensitive. I just think it's hysterical. He said that I shouldn't be so sensitive. So anyway, to those of you that listened through my entire podcast episode, I hope you enjoyed that last little bit.

Becky: [00:27:51] It just cracks me up. The things that people say on Tik Tok, they really have nothing better to do sometimes and it's just very funny. But anyway, I hope you enjoy this episode. I hope you find value in it. Remember that if you leave a review for the podcast and send a screenshot of the review to the If She Did It podcast Instagram account, you'll be entered to an A coffee on me this week and if you are ready to dig into Tik Tok and learn more. Oh now this guy says he's famous. The funny thing is, I didn't give out his username because that would just really boost his ego too much anyway. So if you're ready to lean into the tik tok world and really build success there and not and jump the line, if you will, and not have to try and figure it out for yourself, head to the show notes and come join me in the TikTok Profit Funnel Program. Ah, kick off call is a bonus call actually. So instead of it being a four week program, it is now a five week program and the kickoff call is going to be essentially tick tock 101 to get you started successfully. And we start this Wednesday, June 8th. So I'm so excited and I hope to see you inside and I hope you enjoyed this week's episode. I will catch you next week if she did It podcast.

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