In this week’s episode Becky talks with business coach Kate Perkvoic about her experience scaling her business quickly (hitting an $100k cash month in her first year of business) and what that mental and emotional toll looked like.

If She Did It Podcast

June 14, 2021

What Scaling Quickly in Business Really Looks Like

[00:00:00] Oh, my goodness. Welcome to this week’s episode of the If She Did It Podcast. I am so insanely excited for this week’s guest. You guys, I have loved Jamie King since I started my business, I swear. And I decided to ask her if she’d be on my podcast and she said yes. […]

If She Did It Podcast

May 10, 2021

Creating an Alter Ego for Your Business

[00:00:24] Welcome back to the If She Did It podcast. [00:00:27] So I am recording this on Monday, November 9th. Today is a really beautiful day because Joe Biden was elected president on Saturday. And I want to take a minute to acknowledge this and speak on this before we dive into this week’s episode, […]

If She Did It Podcast

November 19, 2020

If She Did It Podcast: How to build authentic connections in the DMs