Optimizing your Instagram for starting a coaching business

Are you starting a coaching business and feeling absolutely frazzled when it comes to optimizing your Instagram profile?

I get it, this is where a lot of people get stuck. This is why a huge focus of my signature coaching program covers how to show up and attract dream clients using Instagram! 

But, I don’t want to keep all of my insider knowledge a secret. You deserve to know how to do an audit of your Instagram account and learn how to optimize it as a coach or other service based entrepreneur! 

Step 1: Your Bio

This is the first thing people see when they come to your page. We need to make sure this is optimized for your dream client. 

  • Your profile photo: make sure it’s a photo where you look confident and are looking directly at the camera. You are a personal brand now, let us see YOU!
  • The bold section: this is the only searchable part of your Instagram profile other than your username. You want to make sure this has keywords based on what you do. What kind of coach are you? Put that there. If there’s room, pop your first name in there too (especially if it’s not in your username)
  • The bio itself: You want to start with an “I help” statement. This basically tells people who you help, how you help them, and why it matters.
    After the “I help” statement you want to take the next line to write what your expertise is in all caps.
    Finally, you want to have some sort of call to action for the link in your bio (yes, you always want to have a link in your bio) 
  • The final piece of your bio is your story highlights. These are extremely important. It’s how people really get to know you. Crucial ones to have:
    My Story
    Tips – this is where you will store mini trainings
    Client Love/Testimonials – this is where you’ll store testimonials as you get them 

Step 2: Your posts

We want to look at this from two perspectives – the content itself and the images/your grid

When it comes to your images, are they consistent – meaning do they flow together? Do we have to scroll to find a photo of YOU? If you’re using graphics – do they look unique to your brand, are you using your brand colors, are they consistent from one graphic to another? 

You want to make sure everything flows and looks good together and we want the majority of your feed to be pictures of you because people connect with people!

When it comes to your captions – are they yielding good results? Are people commenting on your posts? How many saves are you getting? Do you get any DMs from people who are loving your content?

This part of your feed is definitely the most difficult to really fix. It’s a process to evaluate everything and work on strengthening it all. This is something I cover heavily in ABA with all of my clients! 

Step 3: Consistency

Once you do the above two steps, you have pretty much audited your Instagram. We can dive deeper with things like hashtag auditing, but that’s a whole conversation for another day. Start with the above two steps and get a really strong baseline going.

Be sure to follow me on Instagram and let me know how this process works for you! 

After you’ve implemented, the next huge step is for you to start being consistent. Show up on stories daily, post on your feed daily (feel free to take the weekends off), and do consistent audits to make sure you’re staying ahead of the game!

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