Is The Abundant Business Academy Right For You?

[00:00:00] Hello and welcome back to this extra special episode of the If She Did It podcast, where I’m going to be giving you the inside scoop into the Abundant Business Academy. I am really excited to be sharing this with you all. And if you’re listening, I’m excited as well, because that means that you’re interested in joining the Abundant Business Academy or at least knowing what I have to offer, which really excites me. And if you are a newer entrepreneur, so it doesn’t really have to have necessarily a date on it in terms of how long you’ve been in business.

[00:00:35] But basically, this program is for one of two types of people. Either you’re literally just getting started and you have nothing. You just know what you want to do, but you have no idea how to actually do anything. You have not gotten your feet wet. Maybe your Instagram account says what type of coach or service provider you are, but like, that’s it. There’s nothing else. This program is for you. You can get help from the jump. I highly encourage you to get help from the jump. This program could also be for you if you have already dipped your feet and got your toes wet. You know, you have a social media platform that you are utilizing. You have an idea of how you want to support people who your dream client is. Maybe you even try to sell an offer, maybe on a client or two.

[00:01:21] But there’s no consistency, there’s no structure, there’s no framework, there’s no streamlined to your business. And you want to learn how to build a consistent income. This program is for both of these kinds of people. So if that is, you continue listening. If that is not you, you’re like, I’m already making a decent income, but I want to grow bigger. I want to get higher, better, stronger. I don’t know whatever DM on Instagram because I actually have something for you as well. It’s not coming out for a couple of months, but there’s early access and stuff. So with that, let’s dive into this extra bonus special episode of the week.

[00:01:54] Welcome to the If She Did It Podcast. I’m your host, Becky Feigin a business coach for beginner online entrepreneurs. Consider this podcast your go-to guide for all things scaling your business to your first 10k months. Get ready to be inspired through marketing mindset, spirituality, and the stories of successful frompreneures. I’m so excited to have you here. Now let’s dive in.

[00:02:19] OK, so the Abundant Business Academy, where do I even begin? This is a program that has gone through a lot of transformation since it initially was birthed in the summer of 2019. I absolutely adore it and I want to tell you about it because the sales page is amazing. It really is. And I’m obsessed with mine. I have to say the copy is fan-fucking-tastic, but hearing from the coach actually listening to the coach is also super fucking valuable.

[00:02:48] So to get started, I want to tell you about what has changed, what has changed, because this program I’m so confident in saying that this program is unlike anything else in the market. I am constantly tweaking it and making it better. But the most important thing to me for you to know about my approach is that it’s all about simplicity. You don’t need fancy templates. Like you don’t need to dive deep into numbers. And just like really intense CEO energy right away, like you can be a CEO of your business, you can be the boss of your business in the beginning without constantly looking at numbers, without constantly, you know, worrying about a profit loss statement, without, you know, tracking everything, without having a template and a script for everything, there’s an easier way. So my main focus is simplicity because I want to limit the overwhelm. There’s no need to pump you fucking full of information, half of what you’re not going to know how to even use. So this is really simple, my mastermind and working with me at a higher level and one on one, that is when we dive into the deep, deep depths of business. This is to learn the simplest. It’s the simplest path to profit.

[00:04:19] It’s the simplest path to income. It’s the simplest path to impact is really what it is. So, you know, that is really important to know. I’ve had one or two past clients leave really interesting reviews at the end of the program where they perceived it solely as this is a launch program, which I want to be very clear that this is not a launch program. This is an all-encompassing fundamentals business program. You are learning from point A to point B, everything you need to know in the simplest way possible. However, to be clear, this is not about like at the base level, we don’t start by saying, how do we build a full-fledged, fully functioning business? We talk about, again, the path to least resistance of income and impact. OK, so this means, again, simplicity.

[00:05:17] What do we need to know? We need to know. I said that I was going to talk about the changes first, and I’m not. But it’s OK. And we need to know who is your dream client? What is your branding? We also have to work on your mindset. And that’s we start with that and we go through that the entire time. But mindset, dream client you’re branding. You need to learn how to create content. You need to learn in a really powerful, impactful way. You need to learn how to utilize social media in an effective way. So we do focus on Instagram, but my whole thing is adaptability.

[00:05:50] So assuming that you continue to work with me past this base level program, you will learn how to take the strategy that has been applied to Instagram and adapt it to any other platform, including a podcast or a blog or things like that, not just a typical social media platform. So we do focus on Instagram, though, but we talk about how you need to learn how to build relationships, how to have powerful DM conversations, how to utilize market research in an effective way, how to create your signature offer. And so we really do focus on a signature offer that can be one on one, that can be group focusing on future offers. Really important. It’s the simplest path of least resistance, path to income and impact. We do talk about launching. You need to know how to launch an offer once you have created your offer. So that is a big piece of the puzzle as well. And we also go into sales, all things sales. I fucking love sales. You’re going to be a sales queen, a sales goddess by the end of the program. So notice what this really breaks actually down to eight modules. So it’s actually funny on the sales, which is a seven, I don’t feel like fixing it, but I actually shifted it and broke it down into eight modules instead of seven.

[00:07:04] But this is a four-month program, so there’s only eight modules. And the reason being is that this gives you time to create and build and plan during each module and then actually implement everything as well. So you will be putting out your offer. You are expected to put out an offer launch it, sell it, make fucking good money in the four months we’re working together. That is my expectation. That is my hope for you. It is not a requirement. I’m not going to be on you and attack you. You work at a slower speed. But that is my intention. That is my goal for you.

[00:07:35] So with that in mind, what were the shifts? What did we shift in this program? So I actually worked with the most amazing woman ever. I swear, her name is Taylor Weaver. Her Instagram is more than a mama, and I worked with her to learn. I forget her exact title, but it’s like a live learning expert, I believe is what she calls herself. She was in education before she started her business and she understands how to educate and how adults learn. So I was like, you have something to provide for me. So I went through one of her programs just recently and learned how to better support you, essentially better support you. So the program now has really focused objectives and checkpoints and guidance that it didn’t have before to really ensure that you stay on track, to really ensure that you have support.

[00:08:31] And if there’s a module that, you know, is possibly going to take you more than a week to work through, that is noted as well. So if you’re expected to, like, work on something for a longer amount of time, that is, you know, something that we talk about, too. So some of the modules might take longer anyway. So there are little things like that that have been shifted to ensure that you are best being supported in the way that we work together.

[00:08:57] I’ve learned how to educate in a way that’s going to stick with you. So I’m really fucking excited about this. Like I’m really, really excited. And so now this program isn’t just a matter of it never fully was intended to be this, but it kind of was a matter of learning what you needed to know, applying it, and then, like, moving on. It was kind of like, you know, when you take a class and this wasn’t intentional, said I didn’t know like a lot of coaches don’t know any better. They don’t know how to educate correctly. So it was in a way, it was very similar to when you take a test in school, you study for it, you study for it, you study for it, you learn, you get the grade, and then a year later, you don’t remember fucking anything you learned in that class.

[00:09:47] Right. It’s kind of similar. And that a lot of people that have gone through my program, have to remind themselves they have to go back because it didn’t fully stick. So this program now has a really heavy focus on mastery. I want you to master the shit that I’m teaching you so that you can utilize it effectively to create your own plans, create your own strategies, create long-term success for your business, that’s always been the vision, but more so now than ever before. It’s going to be possible for you. So I’m really fucking stoked for that. Like, oh, my gosh, so stoked.

[00:10:19] And to top it all off the icing on the cake, my girl Taylor is going to be coming in to train you all on how to create your framework for your signature offer that makes sure that you are providing the best value and impact and all the things to your clients. So really fucking exciting stuff. It’s going to be really impactful. She’s going to help you so much. She helped me so much. And there’s so many other, like, little goodies and sneaky things that are in the program now as well, that I’m just like, so excited for you all to uncover. So that’s really, I think, important for me to share with you all. And I also want you to know that there is an element of like like, you know, I did say mindset and things like that, but I will be doing MLP exercises to help reprogram your brain on the live calls and talking about energetics and things like that.

[00:11:14] And it’s just I just love this program so much that I’m really excited that it’s back. It’s one of my favorite programs to talk about and to promote. So I just cannot wait to see who joins and gets to be part of this. This program is just I don’t know how else to explain it. It’s just so fucking phenomenal. So I would encourage you to go through the sales page and learn all about the program because that’s the best way, you know what I mean? Like, and it’s a really good sales page. And, you know, if there are any fears that you’re going through, I think that it does a really good job of working through those fears with you and helping you see why it is just the most amazing option for you anyway. So even through those fears. So take a look. If you have any questions, please, please, please let me know. DM me on Instagram, my DMs are always open and, you know, go check it out and get signed up because you’re in for the best fucking four months of your life. I go above and beyond for my client, so I just want you to know that.

[00:12:15] And one more point I want to make. There will never be more, at max, there will be fifteen people on a coaching call at Max because it is been said that more than fifteen people, it’s too many to facilitate a true live group coaching experience. So if there are more than fifteen people that join this program, even potentially if there’s only fifteen, but if there’s more than that, the max will be twenty, the absolute max. But if there are twenty, the program will be split in half. So we’ll split you guys into two separate calls so that you all don’t feel overwhelmed. We’ll probably have one call where it’s everyone each month to have that community element. But there will be it will be split into two calls so that you guys feel like you have a smaller community within a big community and have support and all of that. So I just want you to know that.

[00:13:04] But I’m just so freaking excited. It’s going to be everything you need, I promise. And I just can’t wait. I mean, I need to chill, but, like, I really just can’t wait. So head to the link in the show notes. Learn all about it. If you’re, like, still scared or anything. DM me, please, on Instagram too. Happy to talk to you. Anything with you. And that is the end of this bonus extra special podcast episode. And I will see you next week bye everyone.

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