Adaptability 101

Welcome to season 3 of the If She Did It Podcast! This week Becky talks about the importance of adapting in business and expanding beyond just one platform.

[00:00:00] Hello, everybody, and welcome to the second episode of the third season of the If She Did It Podcast. I am stoked. I try to not say so excited. I’m stoked for today’s episode. We’re really digging into those next-level conversations that I’ve been dreaming of having. I was talking to one of my best friends, and she’s actually one of my business coaches right now, about the fact that I haven’t felt challenged in a long time. I was a very lazy student, as smart as I am, so I just kind of enjoyed being able to breeze through school, and I hated having to work hard, quite frankly.

[00:00:46] I was just lazy when I started my business. It felt really challenging because I had to work really hard and then I got into a flow and I built the Abundant Business Academy out. And yes, I update that like probably every six months to a year. But other than that, I’m not really challenging myself, and it’s not really a challenge for me to update ABA. It’s like my fun thing that I get to do when I get to add in and sprinkle in the new knowledge and expertise that I have as I grow in my business. But I haven’t truly felt challenged in a long time, whereas stepping into this next level where I get to talk to you about higher-level things, this is more of a challenge for me and it’s making it really fun because it’s pushing me to actually sit down and write out my strategies because they can’t live in my brain anymore, because I can’t fully explain them until they’re out on paper.

[00:01:34] So this is this new thing that I’m doing, where I’m being fully challenged and I’m loving it so much. And so that’s why I’m so passionate about this up level that I’m taking you on with me. So with that, I am sharing with you a very important topic today, which is adaptability. So adaptability is really important. So we’re going to go on into the intro for the podcast and then we’re going to get started talking about all things adaptability. What is it? How do you do it? And all that juicy good stuff. So let’s dive in.

[00:02:09] Welcome to the If She Did It podcast with your host, business coach, and business bestie Becky Feigin. This is your one-stop-shop for all things business growth, energetic alignment, strategy, mindset, and a fun touch of spirituality. Nothing is off-limits here, and you’re bound to leave every single episode inspired, excited, and ready to take massive action in your business. This podcast was created to help create more badass female CEOs and help you see that business gets to be simple, strategic, and fun. Now let’s dive in.

[00:02:42] Ok, my chickies. Let’s get started. So let’s talk about adaptability. Let’s start by saying What the fuck do I mean by adaptability? So when I say this, I’m saying that we need to be like next-level CEOs that really build and grow and don’t just build a sustainable business, but build a thriving, sustainable business that can continue to grow with us as we expand. Something that’s crucial is being adaptable. So we need to be adaptable, meaning we need to expand and adapt beyond one social platform.

[00:03:17] We can dive into other things that adaptability has to do with, like bringing in fun and bringing in joy and all that. But that’s going to come in future episodes. Really, what we’re talking about right now is adapting beyond just using Instagram as your only platform, because I know that the majority of you that are in my community are only using Instagram, possibly only using Tiktok and just using one platform is a complete disservice for your business once you hit a certain level.

[00:03:42] So when you’re at the beginning of your business, you know, just getting started or trying to build momentum and you’re trying to get those first couple of clients having one platform is actually really, really beneficial because you don’t have to stress over trying to manage multiple platforms. You get to focus on mastering your marketing and sales strategy within one platform, which makes things a lot easier and allows you to have a lot more fun at the beginning versus trying to balance bringing in all these different elements in your business.

[00:04:14] And some of you might say, well, Becky, at the beginning of the business, you have the most time because there’s nothing going on until you get a client. And sure, that’s true in some capacity. However, if you try and be on Instagram, TikTok, writing blogs, starting a podcast, being a guest on a podcast, creating a Facebook group, et cetera, et cetera. If you’re trying to do all of that when you’re first getting started, you are going to be half-assing it all without even realizing it because it’s just a lot to manage and it’s a lot to keep track of.

[00:04:45] Whereas once you build up your business, you see what’s working on Instagram, you see your marketing strategy, and I’m launching a master class in the near future. Not quite yet, but DM me if you want first dibs. It’s going to walk through identifying what is your marketing and sales strategy on Instagram and how do we adapt it onto other platforms? Because what I find is that we become on autopilot on Instagram and we don’t even necessarily realize what we’re doing. We just know, Oh, it’s working or, oh, it’s not working. I need to fix it, but we don’t necessarily know what we are not doing. So I’m actually going to be hosting a master class. It’s going to be paid with me, fucking dope. Or we’re going to dive into what is when we really come down to the core of it.

[00:05:30] What even is your marketing and sales strategy on Instagram and how do we take that? And how can that transfer to other platforms? Because really, when we get to a certain point, so when I say we get to a certain point, I’m saying like we’re seeing consistency in our business, it doesn’t have to be a certain number, but we’re seeing consistency. We’re not necessarily struggling month to month. We’re just not where we want to be yet. We’re satisfied, we’re good. We can stick to Instagram and continue to like, grow and build there. But we really want to reach another level of visibility and we want to adapt so that we don’t have to rely solely on one platform to build our business.

[00:06:03] When we get to that point and some of you may like this might happen for some when they’re at like two thousand consistent months, two thousand consistent months in income, this might happen for someone there at five thousand dollar consistent months. This might happen for some ten thousand consistent months. It looks different for everybody. So I don’t like to put a price point on this because this can really be beneficial to you. At any point, you might be at twenty thousand dollars a fucking month in sales or even in cash, but still being stuck on Instagram and wanting to expand and being just feeling stuck in a rut that’s fine.

[00:06:38] Like wherever you’re at, if you’re ready to expand, you’re ready to expand and you’re ready to expand because you want to adapt, you don’t want to be stuck on one platform. What if everybody talks about it? What if Instagram goes away tomorrow and if you’re earlier on in your business, I don’t want you worrying about this. Like, I don’t want this to get in your head and you to panic about it because you’re fine, you’re golden. But I do just want you to keep in mind that there comes a point in your business where you do need to expand. That’s really the point I’m trying to get at.

[00:07:05] Ok. So when you become adaptable, you get on to the platform. What I like to do is you go one platform at a time. So TikTok is a platform. Blogging is a platform. Twitter can be a platform depending upon what your business is like. I think that Twitter could be really built for like podcasts, potentially and certain businesses as well. You know, Facebook is a platform, whether it’s a Facebook group of your own being in different Facebook groups, there’s just a bunch of different ways to approach it, becoming a guest writer on a platform like Medium or Thrive or something like that. Another thing would be a podcast, a YouTube channel, any social platform, right? And then what I did not mention was Pinterest, because Pinterest is not a social platform.

[00:08:00] What I believe is you get on Pinterest once you’ve gotten onto multiple platforms and usually what that looks like, you can use Pinterest solely to build your Instagram and TikTok. I’m not a Pinterest expert by any means, but you can do that. But really, you want to have at least one other outlet like a podcast or a blog or YouTube, or, you know, at least guest features on another on other platforms. Because having a platform with long-form, right? Because Instagram and Tiktok are more like short-form content platforms, whereas these other ones, I just listed our longer form, and that’s really the kind of content that you want to be linking to on Pinterest the most.

[00:08:49] You can also link to like your freebies and different things like that. But what I like to recommend is that we become adaptable to another platform, and then we bring in Pinterest, either by learning how to do Pinterest on our own or bringing in a Pinterest expert to build our Pinterest for us with the platforms that we’ve expanded onto. So it’s kind of like a process.

[00:09:08] You go, you add one thing, then you add the next thing, then you and the next thing, right? And Pinterest is the last thing is Pinterest is truly a search engine. It’s a really epic, magical, beautiful search engine, but it is a search engine, so you want to use that to elevate the adaptions adaptations that you’ve already created for yourself.

[00:09:25] So that’s how you want to look at that. So then the next question becomes, OK, Becky, so you’re telling me that once I get to a certain point where I’m seeing consistency, but I want to grow bigger and I’m feeling trapped on Instagram and I want to adapt beyond just one platform you’re telling me I need to expand. But doesn’t every platform have its own strategy? Yes. Yes, it does. Meaning that if you’ve been on Instagram long enough, you understand there’s an Instagram algorithm. You might not fully understand it, but you understand it to a degree. Do you know what makes the algorithm happy? What you know how to scratch the itch on Instagram. And you need to know how to do that on our platforms, you need to know what makes a blog post happy to get it on Google. You need to know what makes a YouTube video like, what makes YouTube happy to reach, you know, people that are searching your videos on YouTube.

[00:10:14] You need to know what makes a podcast happy. Like podcast platforms happy. You need to know what makes Tiktok happy, Twitter happy, etc. So I think that TikTok and Twitter are a little bit different than YouTube, podcasting, blogging because YouTube podcasting blogging is more SEO focused and things like that, as well as it has a strategy in terms of what we could get into that. At another point, it’s a little bit different, whereas Tiktok and Twitter, it’s like you want to know those algorithms, right? I will say YouTube does have an algorithm, but again, I’m going to kind of bucket it into the SEO side of things.

[00:10:50] We need to understand what works on Tiktok because the content that you create on Instagram isn’t going to directly transfer to Tiktok. That’s the thing I can literally make an episode about every single one of these platforms. I swear to you, I’m not even an expert on any of them, but I know it enough that I can literally make it. But for the focus of today, I just want to kind of show you that each platform is going to be a little bit different.

[00:11:15] However, when you really boil it down and this is what we’re going to dive into hella deep in this masterclass I’m hosting later this month that I will obviously be announcing to you all. It’s going to be epic, but if you want to get dibs on it, you might get something extra a little special. Dm me on Instagram because I love early bird dibs and I haven’t decided yet, but I think I might have like limited spots for the masterclass because I love things being really engaging.

[00:11:41] I digress. When it comes to adapting, what we want to look at is our marketing and sales strategy on Instagram and how can that be transferred to other platforms. So essentially, whether you realize it or not, things that you’re putting into consideration in your content that you’re creating and the way you’re showing up on Instagram is the buyer journey, buyer personalities, content that that builds no like trust with your audience.

[00:12:09] You’re creating emotional drivers with your audience, you’re creating storytelling content that really connects deeply with them. You are creating relationships, right? You’re building, like I said, that know like and trust and people are feeling connected to you, that bestie material that we’re always striving for. There’s so much that you’re building and creating on Instagram with your marketing and then you bring your sales in where you take those relationships to the next level of selling to them. You create actual sales content. And you know, that is really, in a nutshell, what you’re doing with your marketing and sales to bring in clients. You’re you’re revving them up, you’re warming them up, you’re getting them ready and you sell.

[00:12:50] Essentially, we want to do the same thing on every other platform. It just looks a little bit different. So on a social platform like Tiktok or Twitter or Facebook, I totally forgot about Facebook or Facebook. We’re building it up over time, just like we do on Instagram. We’re sharing content, having conversations, building relationships around the entire buyer’s journey and get helping them become problem aware, then solution aware, then ready to buy from you. Whereas on a platform like a podcast or YouTube even or a blog, we are building that yes, over time, but also in each episode, in each post, OK, because, for example, in this podcast episode right now, we, you know, bonded a bit at the beginning.

[00:13:37] We chatted about me and my personal life and, you know, my growth. And then we got into the meat and potatoes of the value, and I’m having a conversation with you. I’m being super casual. The way I talk in your hearing, my voice, you can connect with me that way and you’re learning from me. I’m giving you value and you’re probably like, Oh shit, she’s saying some good things here. So now you’re starting to trust me. You’re seeing that I’m smart and I know what I’m talking about, and then I’m going to have links in my show notes to connect with me, whether it’s to follow me on Instagram or to download a freebie or to sign up for something paid. Whatever it is, sometimes I have all of the above. Sometimes I have one, sometimes I have to whatever it is. But right away I can pitch something to you and at least one of you that’s listening is going to be most is going to download my freebie, right? At least one of you is probably going to buy whatever I suggest that you buy from me. If it aligns and if it makes sense with the episode and what I’m talking about on the episode. So the reason that I’m sharing all this and I’m walking you through it is what you can see is that this one podcast episode.

[00:14:42] So if you are listening for the very first time and you are connecting with me and you think that everything I’m saying is fucking dope and you’re like, Oh my god, Becky, you are my person. How am I just now finding you? You might sign on to my, like, get my freebie and join my email list and be in my community right from this episode. You might. I for me, right from this episode, you might follow me on Instagram and DM me and be like, I’m obsessed with you, how do I work with you?

[00:15:05] Tell me about this fucking masterclass you’re launching later this month or like this year, whatever it is, I want to be part of it all from one episode because I am bringing, you know, when your when you record a podcast episode, you bring essentially your entire marketing and sales funnel into one clip, one episode, same way that you could do the same thing with YouTube, you could do the same thing with a blog post. You’re linking back to other things, to freebies, to things that you can buy.

[00:15:30] That makes sense with the content that you’re creating. In that clip, that episode, that video, that blog post. So I hope that this is clicking for you and then it’s making sense. You’re like, Oh shit, I see what she’s saying. This can all transfer. So I know I’m being a little bit aloof in that I’m not fully diving deep into the strategy.

[00:15:52] That’s because, as I said, it can get so specific and it can get so in-depth. And I’m literally going to be hosting a masterclass about this because it’s like so much detail. But I’m going to give you throughout episodes as much as I can. I’m even hosting. I’m even going to be having a mastermind later this year while I’m filling spots already. But we are going to start in January of twenty twenty two. That dives even deeper into all of this and you’re going to walk away from it with two new platforms, the minimum that you are using on top of Instagram. And it’s also it’s not just about the strategy, because nothing is just about the strategy.

[00:16:26] We are going to use NLP and really dive deep into the subconscious and reprogram that brain so that you are the badass CEO bitch that you know that you fucking are. So there’s a lot, but I’m getting excited that I’m getting off point because this stuff is just so fun for me. But essentially, what do I want you to take away from this episode? I want you to take away that Instagram is one platform. Instagram is one platform to be adaptable and to build visibility. We want to go beyond just Instagram, but we want to make sure that if we’re going to go beyond Instagram, we’ve for the most part at least mastered Instagram.

[00:16:59] We’re getting consistent clientele from Instagram. We’re having really good conversations. We’re creating really epic content. So we want to make sure that we’re good there and then we need to break down to the bone. Our marketing and sales strategy that we’re implementing. And if you’re stuck on that or like, I think I got it, but I don’t know. Again, keep your eyes peeled or reach out to me for this masterclass I’m going to be hosting. I think it’s happening next month. I want to say so that’s that’s coming. Yeah, it’s coming next month. But, you know, reach out to me. We can, you know, maybe talk about it now.

[00:17:36] We’re going to dive into that there. So if you’re struggling with it, like reach out, but you break down the marketing and sales strategy and then you look at it and say, OK, so how can this in its entirety be transferred to other platforms? And then how do I start making it happen? That’s really all that it is, and then it all kind of flows together. The starts to come when you don’t even know how to break down the marketing and sales strategy or you figure that out. But then you’re like, Holy fuck, now I have to be creating content for all these platforms. What the fuck do I do? And that’s where more strategy and more technique, more trade secrets? Not really, but I really want to say that comes in which we’ll dive into later in this season.

[00:18:19] But for now, what I want to do for you is encourage you to download my new freebie that you can find in the show notes. That is all about making Instagram your sidekick. So we’re diving deeper into what we talked about today and what we’re going to be talking about throughout this season. How do you start expanding onto new platforms? We’re going to work through that together in this freebie experience. It’s going to be through daily video trainings directly to your inbox, which is a lot of fun, and I promise it’s nothing overwhelming. We keep it short, sweet and simple here in Becky World.

[00:18:56] So definitely head to the show notes and download that freebie. And as always, let’s support this podcast and leave a five star review. Let me know you’re enjoying it. Let me know what is coming up for you, what you would love to hear from me. Share the episode on Instagram. Tag me! You know, even doing things like downloading the episodes that you listen to are so helpful for me to help get the podcast into your ears and to change more lives. So I would love you forever. If you could do that for me again, head to the show notes and download this freebie because it is bomb. You guys like who you want this. And with that, I will see you on the next episode of the If She Did It Podcast.

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