The Importance of Fun In Your Business

[00:00:00] Welcome back to another week of the If She Did It Podcast. Now I’m excited for this week because we’re going to be talking about energy and having fun in your business and why both are so important for really taking your business up a notch and reaching your massive goals and what this has to do with being and adaptable CEO. So you’re in for a juicy treat with this week’s episode.

[00:00:25] Before we dive in, I want you guys to be like, super hyped up for this episode, right? So I want you guys to shake a little bit, take some deep breaths, get the energy running through your veins because this is a really exciting, fun topic, and we want to feel that energy of excitement and fun while we listen to it. Just trust me on this. It’s important.

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[00:03:32] Welcome to the If She Did It Podcast with your host, business coach, and business bestie Becky Feigin. This is your one stop shop for all things business growth, energetic alignment, strategy mindset and a fun touch of spirituality. Nothing is off limits here, and you’re bound to lead every single episode inspired, excited and ready to take massive action in your business. This podcast was created to help create more badass female CEOs and help you see that business gets to be simple, strategic, and fun. Now let’s dive in.

[00:04:04] Ok, so I’m really excited about this episode. I have this on my list of episodes to record way, way before I even started recording episodes for this season. Really, it started with focusing on fun in your business and why this is so important and fully becoming and embodying that adaptable CEO energy. But beyond that, the energy piece is really important to me, and it took me a really long time, like yesterday to realize that I am 100 percent the person to give you this training.

[00:04:37] Now, let me explain something that has blown my mind time and time again in my business, and it literally took me, no joke, until this week to really click with it is I can have the best strategy in the world and be feeling like a piece of shit and show up with the best strategy and yet not really get a lot of traction in my business. So every time that my depression gets the best of me or my anxiety gets the best of me, or just life, in general, gets the best in me and I’m feeling down.

[00:05:07] I kind of like stagger in my business and I struggle a little bit and it’s been like, really tough over the years, OK? And with that, you know, I was always like, Well, at least if I could show up with the strategy, it’ll be OK. But it never has been like there’s a struggle every single time. And with that came doubt and fear, but something that happens every single time I bring fun back into my life, I bring energy work back into my life. I start manifesting again.

[00:05:38] I start journaling again. I show it for myself. Clients, I swear to you, come out of the freaking woodwork that comes out of nowhere and they’re ready to work with me. So my greatest example is this past week I landed to dream one on one clients. They both paid in full and one of them, we’ve been talking for a little bit, but she apparently has wanted to work with me for a long time and I had no idea she even followed me. She was a silent follower. And the other one, when she reached out to me to work with me one on one, she didn’t even follow me yet. She just came across my account and wanted to work with me and like, forgot to follow me in the mix of it. And we had a short conversation and she was ready to go.

[00:06:24] I am telling you, yes, this comes from my strategy. But beyond that, it comes from the way that I show up. The way that I show up for myself is what changed that. So let me back up. So I have been feeling not so great. My fiancĂ© left for almost a year a couple of weeks ago, and I’m just trying to like get back into the swing of things with all of that and like my new life for the year and I finally decided, you know what, if I do nothing this week? My thing that I need to do this week for myself is wake up every single morning and before I get to work, if I even work that day is I need to journal and I need to future script and I need to manifest and I need to visualize.

[00:07:03] And I’ve been doing that consistently this week and things are falling into place for me. I also have another dream client who signed up for a master class that I haven’t even launched yet today. So it’s been like a lot of really cool things happening, and this comes down to energy and fun. I told myself, you know, I need to do this energy stuff and show up for myself in that way, and I need to have some fun, whatever fun looks like for me. Looks like for me right now. But that’s what I need to do right now.

[00:07:37] This is what it’s led to. And that is why I’m the perfect person to talk to you today about why you need to be having fun in your business outside of your business, and why you need to really prioritize showing up for yourself and becoming that energetic level that you need to be to call in those dream clients. So let’s dive in and talk about this in more detail. So let’s talk about what having fun in your business and showing up in that energy means when it comes to being the adoptable CEO that I know that you are so becoming an adaptable CEO.

[00:08:13] It’s an energy. It’s an embodiment of deciding that you are willing to adapt to the energy, to the space, to the strategy that you need to in order to show up as your strongest, best self or whoever you want to approach that. So with that in mind, I want you to think about the fact that fun is crucial to success in your business. If you are not having fun selling your offers, your offers need to change. If you are not having fun outside of your business, something needs to change like you need to have so much fun in your life, in your business to really reach your highest potential. And I mean that so strongly. Ok.

[00:09:04] It is so important to have fun. And when you have fun in your business, things start to feel a lot easier. Ok? Things start to feel a lot easier. Your energy becomes really different when you are having fun in your business. The way that people perceive you changes a lot. And this leads to those big leaps that you are wanting to see in your business when you are dragging your feet and you are not wanting to show up, and yet you show up anyway. Your audience can read that. So I’m not saying to just disappear for weeks on end because you’re just not having a good time. But what I’m saying is find ways to have fun and what you are doing, and you will see a tremendous shift, a tremendous shift.

[00:09:57] So your homework, your first piece of homework is to find ways to have fun in life and in business. What can you do to make sure that you are having consistent fun? That’s going to be homework assignment number one. Now the next piece is the energy piece to really make the most out of your business and out of your life. You need to show up for yourself and care for yourself. And that’s the energy piece.

[00:10:28] Things like manifesting, journaling, meditating, that kind of stuff will make a difference. So I want you to come up with a list of things. I like to look at it as a toolbox, a list of things that you can do for yourself every single day to show up for yourself and. Balance out your energy. Now you don’t need to do every single thing on the list every single day. But if you create a list and build out a toolbox of the things that you can do, so for example, EFT tapping, manifesting, visualizing meditating, going for a walk, pulling some tarot cards, sitting with your crystals, maybe, maybe it’s even reading a book. Maybe for you, it’s watching some TV. Maybe it’s sipping on some tea and being super present, whatever it is that is going to help you show up for yourself every single day. You need to make it. You need to put on that list, and then I want you to pick, you know, two to five things from that list every single day to do for yourself.

[00:11:32] And it can be different every day. I do recommend picking one of the elements within manifestation to do every single day. It really does make a difference. But other than that, you can shake things up every single day. But showing up for yourself is going to make such a difference. So I challenge you to start showing up for yourself in a totally different way. So what do I mean by that? I mean, showing up for yourself through these, through these self-care regimens that you have on your toolkit? And again, finding the fun.

[00:12:14] I wish that there was more to it, but there’s really not, it really is that simple. You just need to find the fun and chase after it and it’s really going to make such a difference for you. I am living proof that it gets to make a difference in the things that I do. To show up for me when I see the biggest, you know, growth in clients and new leads and, you know, impact and income and all of the things is when I pare my consistent strategy with.

[00:12:51] Showing up for myself and being my best self, because when you are your best self, whatever that looks like, week by week, your audience sees that they can feel that and it makes a difference. So if you are not prioritizing yourself and prioritizing becoming your best self, this is your sign to do that because it will completely transform how you’re showing up. It will completely transform your business, and you might say, Becky, this is so basic, but you know what, sometimes stepping into your next level and becoming that adaptable CEO is ripping back the curtain and going back to the basics.

[00:13:36] Sometimes the basics are exactly what you need to reach that next level. So I want you to keep that in mind when you go into this week and I want you to really push yourself to show up with this new way and in this new energy. And I know it’s going to make such a difference for you and I’m so excited. So please, please give me an update on how this goes for you because I want to hear about it. And with that, that’s really like what I wanted to share with you guys today on the If She Did It Podcast.

[00:14:10] So if there’s anything that you want to chat with me about, my DMs are always open. Remember to check the show notes. Sign up for that freebie experience because it’s going to totally change your business and leave a review of the podcast and tag me on Instagram that you’re listening to the podcast so that I can give you free coffee like I want to gift it to you. So do all of that, and I will see you next week on the If She Did It Podcast.

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