How to Make Money From Having an Omnipresence

[00:00:00] Hello. Hello, and welcome back to the If She Did It Podcast, I am super stoked for today’s episode, I mean, when am I not super stoked? I probably say that every single week, but we are taking it back to a really important concept with becoming an adaptable CEO. Which is your omnipresence.

[00:00:20] I’m really excited about this episode, especially because it’s going to give you an idea of what we’re going to be covering in my brand new master class that I actually am announcing today on social media. And therefore, here it is called the Make Instagram Your Side Chick Master Class. Now that’s just me being goofy. It is really about building an omnipresence and being adaptable, and I’m so excited about it. I already have about five women signed up, give or take, and that’s freaking dope. So for those of you that are like, Oh my God, sign me up, I don’t want anything else. I just need to sign up. The link to grab a spot is going to be in the show notes, but if you want to try your hand at it, I am actually doing a giveaway that I will also link.

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[00:02:40] But with that, let’s get started with today’s episode. Welcome to the If She Did It podcast with your host, business coach, and business bestie Becky Feigin. This is your one-stop-shop for all things business growth, energetic alignment, strategy mindset, and a fun touch of spirituality. Nothing is off-limits here, and you’re bound to lead every single episode inspired, excited, and ready to take massive action in your business. This podcast was created to help create more badass female CEOs and help you see that business gets to be simple, strategic, and fun. Now let’s dive in.

[00:03:16] Ok? Are we ready to talk about the juicy topic? Um, making money with an omnipresence? So excuse me, that was totally rude of me, but we’re keeping it anyway. So I know so many people there like I want to start. I want to have an omnipresence. I want to be on multiple platforms. I want to make money without having to work my ass off so much, et cetera, et cetera. And then when it comes down to it, they’re like, but I don’t actually understand how you can make money by being on multiple platforms. It doesn’t really make sense to me. So I want to break this down for you this week. But that’s going to be this week and next week’s episode is kind of going to be like a continuation of this week where we’re actually going to be talking about what it really takes to have an omnipresence.

[00:04:00] So what are the things that you have to have in place? What are the steps that need to be taken? And so between this episode and next week’s episode, I’m really going to give you a total bird’s eye view of what we’re going to be covering in this master class because the master class that I mentioned at the beginning of the episode is actually going to walk you through how to create a marketing strategy and plan so that you can. It’s essentially a repeatable marketing strategy that can be utilized amongst multiple platforms.

[00:04:34] I’m going to explain to you in the masterclass how it can be utilized amongst multiple platforms. And then from there, I’m going to talk about how you can be repurposing content on multiple platforms, basically saying the same thing on different platforms in different ways, and how to have an omnipresence without feeling overwhelmed and exhausted all the time. So it’s going to be really jam-packed with the information I really should get going on.

[00:04:59] Writing the slides, just like all the information’s in my head, you know, and the thought of having to put it out seems like a lot, but obviously, we’re going to do that. Anyway, I digress. So there’s a lot of moving pieces and you’re going to walk away from this master class with a totally clear vision of how to make this happen for yourself. So that’s why I’m just so unbelievably excited about that.

[00:05:25] And that being said, today, we’re really going to be talking about how you can be making money with an omnipresence, what that would even look like. So the very first thing that you need to keep in mind when it comes to omnipresence, and I also talk about this in my freebie. So if you’re not quite ready to grab a ticket to the master class, maybe you’re signing up for the giveaway. For now, you can go download the freebie, make Instagram Your Side Chick Freebie, which is also going to be in the show notes, and it’s going to take you through this on a deeper level.

[00:05:54] But essentially, the thing with omnipresence is that there are many different ways you can go through social platforms. You could go through your kind of like your own platforms or there are different things like that. So the way I look at it is you have the social platforms of Tic Tok, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, even LinkedIn, right? And then you have the platforms that are more like your own, which is like blogging, podcasting, writing articles for different platforms.

[00:06:23] There’s also the omnipresence of being a featured blogger, being a feature like being a guest on a podcast, showing up as a guest expert in somebody’s program or a summit. Those also help with your omnipresence just so that you’re aware of that. And then, of course, there’s YouTube. And then the cherry on top is Pinterest. You take everything that you’re doing on every single platform and you start pinning it.

[00:06:49] So those are all the different directions that we take, right? So what I like to do and I actually have a mastermind coming out in the next month, those that join the masterclass are going to get first dibs in it. And I actually already have a spot claimed for the mastermind. And there’s only going to be I only have five other spots available. But anyway, I digress. The mastermind, you’re going to walk away from the mastermind with two new platforms being utilized, ideally a social platform and then blogging, podcasting, something like that.

[00:07:19] What this really looks like is that you want to pick two platforms. So I’m going to use the example of, let’s say you’re already on Instagram. You want to expand on two new platforms. Let’s see, you want to expand on to Tiktok, and you want to expand into writing articles and posting them on a platform like Medium or thrive or something like that. So now we need to figure out how we’re going to make that happen. What is the marketing strategy that’s going to allow you to show up on all three platforms without burning out?

[00:07:50] That’s what we’re going to be doing in the master class, which is why you should definitely go grab a ticket or enter the giveaway for now. So, you know, once let’s say you have the marketing strategy, right? Today’s training isn’t really about today’s episode isn’t really about like, how do you create the marketing strategy? It’s more about how does omnipresence lead to making you more money? So let’s say you’re on Tik Tok, right? So you’ve been on Instagram, you make decent money using Instagram, and I want to take a step back for a second in this episode.

[00:08:27] Right now, I’m talking about if you are an online service provider, can creating an omnipresence as an influencer or a blogger or something else like that make you more money? Absolutely one hundred percent. I could totally even help you with that, but that’s just not what today’s episode is really focused on. So if you’re like creative and can think about things and that kind of way. Still, listen to this episode because you can you’ll be able to see how it can work for you as well. But let’s say you’re already on Instagram, you’re doing OK on Instagram. You want to expand. So then you get on to Tiktok. Now the important thing to know is that you do need to understand how the strategy shifts because the marketing strategy can be the same, but the algorithm and the way that you utilize a platform has to shift. So you take the same concept from the original marketing strategy that you’re using on Instagram. You transfer it to Tiktok with the knowledge of how you need to be showing up on Tiktok again, something that I would be able to help you with.

[00:09:27] And you start making content for Tiktok the way that Tiktok content needs to be created, right? So you start making content for Tiktok and you lean into the marketing plan that you are utilizing on Instagram, but you’re creating the content that speaks to the Tiktok users, and all of a sudden your posts start getting traction. Next thing you know, you can have a link in your bio. So you add a link and you have a link to your bio that links to a freebie. The freebie connects to an email sequence at the end of the. Freebie and throughout the email sequence, you’re promoting a paid offer. There are two ways of doing this the freebie promotes directly to your main paid offer, which is typically a high ticket offer or your freebie promotes links to promoting a mid ticket.

[00:10:15] Offer a couple of hundred dollars, maybe even less, maybe ninety-seven, maybe 40 for something like that. And then that mid-ticket offer transistors them to a new email sequence that promotes the higher ticket offer that they can join next. And throughout that mid-ticket offer, you also promote and drop hints about the higher ticket offer. And so now you’ve you build trust this way, right? So they find you on Tik Tok and they’re like, Oh, this person seems dope. They mentioned a freebie and run their videos. I’m going to go download it from the link in their bio. Now they are downloading it from the link, your bio that your email sequence, they’re like, Oh, I trust her or him or them.

[00:10:55] I’ve given them, you know, a micro, yes, I’m giving micro-commitments. And now, you know what? I feel comfortable making this investment. This sounds really dope. And then they’re in this like mid-ticket investment, let’s say. And then you start talking about this higher ticket investment into the perfect next step that they need, and now they’ve signed on to that. And now you’ve made two sales. You have a committed dream client that’s really into what you what you’re doing and really want to learn from you and is ready to really transform. And you’re already most likely doing this to some degree on Instagram. But now you’ve expanded it to not just doing on Instagram, but it’s also on Tiktok.

[00:11:31] Now you’re doing this on two platforms and you have two different followings, right? So you’re reaching two times the people that you normally have reaching and then you expand on to writing articles for a platform. Now, getting traction on articles on a platform is a little bit more difficult. There are things like you want to make, you want to think about SEO and you know, is this a topic that is a search that is searched often? Is this a topic? Have I made a catchy enough headline? Where can I share this article to get some clicks on it that maybe will lead to other people sharing it? Maybe we’ll get it on Pinterest, et cetera, et cetera, right? So there’s a lot of different things that you want to think about, but essentially, let’s say that you have a plan that you know, a strategy that within a month, you’re going to build, know, like, and trust for your audience via Instagram or Tiktok.

[00:12:24] You can build that know, like, and trust through a story that you’re creating in an article within that one post, within that one article, and people are going to be interested in what you’re linking out to within that article. So within the article you make, the article revolved around something that leads you to that, that allows you to reference your freebie within the article, right? You’re referencing your freebie. You’re linking people to your freebie, OK, you’re linking people to your freebie. And now again, they’re opting in. And these are super cold leads, right?

[00:12:57] Meaning you have not warmed them up very much before they click on it. You have. They have clicked on your words. They have clicked on your article, they have read through your article and you warm them up enough from that one article that they just read in three minutes for them to click on the link and download the freebie. And now they’re in your email sequence, and now you have a new lead that gets their turn into a new customer. And it’s all sequenced like that. So where again, we’re going to go into what it really means to have an omnipresent next weekend, omnipresence next week, and get into more detail here.

[00:13:35] But you’re seeing already there’s a lot of pieces to the puzzle. Once it’s built out, it’s very simple and it gets to just run on its own, no matter what you’re doing from day to day. But before it’s built out, we need to build all the pieces. So you’re seeing we have three platforms now. We’re reaching people from three different platforms, but we also need email, right? We also need to create a freebie.

[00:13:56] We also need to create the program that people are buying from us or the service that people are buying from us, or whatever that looks like. But as you build this out, there are now all these different options of ways that you could be making money. And you might say this sounds really great in theory, but prove it, OK, I can prove it in a really dope way because when I was in college, I wrote an article about food delivery kits like those aren’t even in anymore.

[00:14:25] Like, people still use them, but they’re not like the hot thing anymore. And even so. I wrote this article in Twenty Seventeen. In my last semester of college and I still make sales. Well, I still get affiliate payments from the links that are in that article that I wrote in Twenty Seventeen. So think about if you write a really fucking dope article, right? That gets traction. And it gets to live there forever. That’s the thing, right, like Instagram.

[00:15:07] That content kind of usually has a shorter lifespan. Even Tik Tok, a bit of a shorter lifespan. But articles, blogging, podcasting, that shit can get found over and over again for years and years and years. So it’s amazing having an omnipresence does because you’re on the platforms that have the quick turnaround and the quick response, as the social platforms. But you also have platforms like blogging, writing, articles for websites, podcasting, even YouTube, where those things can get seen and repurposed and seen for years to come.

[00:15:45] You can be making money off of articles you write today, years from now. And that is what is so cool about this concept of omnipresence. It’s never-ending. It’s a constant cycle. Like, how freaking dope is that right? So I wanted to show something to show you something like it is so unbelievably possible with the right plan, with the right strategy, with the right thing setting to set in place for you to make so much money, makes so much money, and do half the work.

[00:16:17] You might be like, OK, Becky, you just told me that I’m going to be showing up and creating content for three different platforms and you’re saying I’m doing half the work. Well, the reason I say that is because you’re doing half the work of someone as someone that hasn’t effectively been taught how to have an omnipresence. So there is somebody something there’s oh my goodness, there’s probably somebody out there that that has an omnipresence, but they feel overworked.

[00:16:37] They feel exhausted because they are not using a repeatable marketing strategy that they can use from platform to platform. So they have a different marketing strategy for every single platform that they’re on. And it’s making their brain want to go cross-eyed. They’re getting overwhelmed, they’re getting flustered. Whereas you because you’re here listening to this right now and you’re going to come to my masterclass, you’re going to download my freebie and maybe even you’re going to join my mastermind when the time comes.

[00:17:02] And if you’re impatient about that DM me, because we can totally make that happen. But because of this, you’re going to build an omnipresence in a much more sustainable way, a sustainable and scalable way. And before you know it, you’re going to be on even more than three platforms four or five, six platforms, all the platforms. And it’s not going to feel overwhelming and it’s not going to feel impossible and you’re not going to be spread too thin.

[00:17:26] That is the power of having an omnipresence with a plan and a repeatable strategy. So I’m obnoxiously excited about this. Like, you guys don’t even know how freaking stoked I am. And just for this episode, I’m like, Oh my god. Now, at the beginning of the episode, I was like, Damn, I have to put all my thoughts and knowledge down onto paper. But now I’m like, Oh my God, I get to put all my thoughts and knowledge down onto paper, and I cannot wait to do that and send it over to my VA to turn into a beautiful PowerPoint for all of you.

[00:17:59] So I’m really excited about this. I’m excited to be sharing this knowledge with you because it’s so freaking dope, and I know that there is just so much to come for all of you because of this knowledge. So a couple of reminders for you before I close out this episode. If you want coffee on me, leave a review of the podcast and if you could screenshot it, send it to me on Instagram or email it to me so that I know for sure because for some reason like I said, they’re not showing up, even though I know people have left reviews.

[00:18:35] If you want an extra entry at any point to get free coffee on me, take a screenshot of the episode. Tag me on Instagram. Let me know you’re listening. It doesn’t even have to be a screenshot. You just have to tag me talking about writing, talking whatever about your stories, about the fact that you listen to this episode, and go enter the giveaway for a free ticket to the Make Instagram Your Side Chick Masterclass.

[00:18:58] I’m so freaking stoked and I will catch you all next week on the If She Did It Podcast where we are going to be talking about what it really takes to have an omnipresence. So with that, have an amazing week, and I’ll catch you next week on the podcast.

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