Embodying Your Truth in Your Business

[00:00:00] Hello. Hello. Welcome back to the If She Did It Podcast. I missed you all last week. Today I’m coming to you with a guest episode. I had the honor of talking with Regan Lumpkins, who is an amazing coach. She started as a business coach and she is now a sales coach. And I’ll tell you what, guys. She knows her shit, and she’s also just so insightful and has such, in my opinion, awesome opinions, and it was a really fun episode to record.

[00:00:31] It’s a lot more conversational versus question and answer, and I know that we talked about some really awesome stuff, so I’m excited for all to listen before we dive in some reminders. The Make Instagram Your Side Chick Masterclass is going on on December 2nd. I did have to push the date back a little bit, but it’s going to be happening on December 2nd. You can grab a ticket through the link in the show notes. We are going to build your omnipresence. You are going to learn how to market effectively, create a marketing strategy that is unique to you, and then take that marketing strategy and transfer it to multiple platforms so you can start building your omnipresence.

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[00:02:18] Welcome to the podcast, and I’m so excited to have you.

[00:02:21] I’m so excited to be here.

[00:02:24] Yay. Ok, so to get started, I want to hear your story. Oh my gosh, can I speak? Who are you? What do you do? How did you get to where you are? Tell us all of it.

[00:02:37] Yeah. So I’m Regan. I am an online sales coach and my story is kind of a hot mess express. I always tell people I just like, took the next best step that I could, and I wound up here. So like a lot of you, probably I was in a nine to five that I thought was going to be my forever home and I hated it. It was a super toxic work environment.

[00:03:02] Also, I just didn’t love what I was doing. So I was a behavioral and cognitive coach for kids from ages 4 to 17. It was wild, so I was in that job and I was like, OK, yeah, this isn’t it? And I was playing with a lot of ideas. Do I go back and get my master’s degree? Like, What the hell do I do with my life? Really, that’s just the idea I was playing with. So the first thing I ever did was I started a blog.

[00:03:30] I was like, OK, I’m going to get famous on a blog. I’m going to get paid to write, this is going to be amazing. And so I started a blog and I also started a fake flower shop for weddings. Like, I’m telling you guys, it’s been a wild ride. And so I did that for, I think, a year, and I also got into like Instagram influencing and guys, I’m using air quotes for a reason because I was not like this cool influencer by any means. It was actually just me and my husband fighting behind the scenes about taking photos because he’s like, I did not sign up for this.

[00:04:09] And so I did that for a couple of years, but I made no money and I was like, This is not what my purpose is. I was like, I don’t want to take photos. I don’t want to just write. These fake recipes like this just isn’t what I felt called to do. And so, you know, by divine timing, I was watching a webinar when I should have been at this girl’s wedding dress fitting, but she canceled it. And it was my first ever webinar before. I even knew webinars were a thing, y’all. And it talked about like making your purpose, you know, profitable. So I got in there and I was like, OK, yay! And so the first thing I ever made was a quarter-life crisis averted workshop.

[00:04:51] So I was talking to people who were struggling right out of college like I was and really helping them find their purpose. And what I found was a lot of them wanted to create their own business, so they were like looking at what I was doing and they were like, OK, how do I do that? So that’s kind of how I stepped into business coaching. And then as I got into business coaching, the more you’re in it, the more you kind of figure out what you love to coach on what you’re like gifts are. And that’s kind of where I really ended up in sales and money mindset and self-trust. So I just was always just taking a blind step in faith, and I kind of ground myself into what I do now. But it’s been a wild ride.

[00:05:33] It always is a wild ride, and so so much of what you shared is like in some ways, similar to what I like in my story. I was an influencer total quotations around that I don’t know if anybody cared, but I still managed. I got like, I didn’t. I never made any money, but I was getting packages sent to me, like every other day. It was fabulous. I loved it, didn’t buy a single toy for my dog her first year that I had her because they all just got them all for free and just talked about them. It was great, so I’ve been there too. But anyway, I digress.

[00:06:09] I can. I can talk all day about the old influencer days. Oh yeah. So everyone listening. Before we started recording, Regan and I were talking about different directions we could take this episode and something that we decided felt super aligned to talk about is. This idea of really I feel like what it boils down to is like owning your truth online when it comes to the way you do business. So I feel like you’re still I mean, I’m always hot and bothered about this, but you’re a little bit fresh with the hot and bothered when it comes to this topic. So I’m going to let you take it away around this idea of being, I guess, like being straight up, being upfront about the way that you approach business.

[00:06:56] Yeah. So I think giving some context would be really helpful to start this conversation. So last weekend, so this would be relevant to you guys this timeline, but it’s relevant to me. I got a DM and before I want to dive into this, I want to just say there is nothing wrong with DMing. There’s nothing wrong with any strategy, right? I like to just call it for what it is. It’s a choice to run your business. That’s what strategy really is if we just boil it down.

[00:07:28] So anyway, so I got this DM and someone just asked me if I had hit six or seven figures blah blah blue. And I was like, whatever, like, I just delete those messages because they don’t really resonate with me and didn’t mean this person was doing anything wrong. And I was curious, though I always get a little curious sometimes, and I clicked on this person’s profile and she was talking about attraction marketing.

[00:07:53] Ok? And this is where before we started this podcast, what we were really talking about is it is very disingenuous to sell one thing when you’re running your business a different way behind the scenes. And what I would love to see in this industry, and I think what we’re going to conversate about is how you can just own what you do, have a level of self-trust that people would want to run their business the way you do, and be honest in your marketing about it, because what she was doing behind the scenes again wasn’t wrong or right.

[00:08:27] It was just a strategy. But she was selling an offer that was saying, I make people come to me in the DMs, and that’s how I make money. And they got me all fired up because I’m like, this is why this industry has trust issues. This is why people feel like they get scammed, because how devastating would it be to buy an attraction marketing course or a coach who’s teaching this to find out her VA’s the one who sends DMs, and that’s how she signed clients. And so I think this conversation is really going to be about owning what you do, and I really think the consumers and our online industry are shifting and changing. They are smarter than ever. And so they really want to know what you do, what you teach, and you better be in an embodiment of it.

[00:09:15] Yeah, it’s so true. And what I think is so interesting and apparently, I’m just repeating myself today. That’s just like the vibe where we’re going with her here for it. So. There’s this I think what’s happened is that there is this energy in the online space. So when I started my business and I think probably still when you started your business as well, there was this perception of like 10K as fast as you can.

[00:09:54] I know that after your first year in business, you talked about how you didn’t hit six figures, but why that’s OK. And I actually did the exact I had the exact same kind of Instagram Live conversation after my first year in business. And you know, I think that there’s this obsession with hitting 10k months as fast as possible, six figures as fast as possible. And I think that has now flowed into the idea of like attraction.

[00:10:20] Marketing and DM sales are bad. So even if I do sales, I have to hide that I do them and I have to pretend that I do something else because it has to be the dreamy thing and we continue to get caught up in what’s dreamy and what’s going to sell. But just because you can sell something doesn’t mean that you should sell it if it’s not actually what you do. Yeah.

[00:10:43] You said that perfectly the way you were able to compare this chase of if I’m just going to be real, these money milestones that are made up, made up, y’all. All these are all made up somehow, somehow in the online industry got started there. Just like these are the biggest milestones that you can hit. And if you’re not hitting them, then something’s wrong with you. And that’s just a whole nother podcast.

[00:11:08] You know you want to put that right there, but again, it’s selling this dream idea. And what I think really needs to shift is, what are your gifts? What do you do really, really well? And how are you running your business and sell that? Hmm. There is nothing wrong with again, these DMs or ads or funnels or literally whatever the hell you do. There are so many strategies, right? But don’t sell this dream solution because it’s popular. Sell the solution that’s actually working for you.

[00:11:43] Yeah, exactly. And I think I’m going to kind of bring this all together. But the other thing that you had said to me before we started recording was how you are really interested for back story, you guys. Reagan and I both went through a program with Taylor Weaver where we learned about creating frameworks and how to effectively educate and how to, like, be better coaches, honestly.

[00:12:20] And you were telling me that from that, you’ve realized that something that you really love doing is helping your clients individually create their sales strategy that works for them and that aligns with them in creating it from scratch, not just like a copy and paste method. So I think that this all intertwines because we get so hyper-focused like a consumer, so a coach and an online service or whatever gets so hyper-focused on the idea of being sold, attraction marketing or one certain concept that somebody swears could completely change their business and like led them to where they are today, which might not even be true when and they’re buying into that one, what they really need is something that works specifically for them. Hmm. Yes.

[00:13:12] Like, Amen. Amen. Amen. Amen. Like. Absolutely. And I think and something that I talk about and what we kind of talked about before this podcast is identifying where you’re at in business is really important. And sometimes when we don’t identify as a beginner and I really think you’re a beginner, if you’ve made less than probably fifty thousand dollars in your business or I’ll just say that for now, and when you don’t identify where you’re at in business, what happens is like, you don’t identify what you actually need in business, what your business actually needs from you.

[00:13:52] Then if you jump into an attraction marketing course and guys, there’s nothing wrong with attraction marketing. I love attraction marketing. It actually works really well after you have some building blocks, right? If that’s the first thing that you jump into and you don’t know your offer very well, you don’t know even how to talk. You don’t know your messaging. What happens is you’re going to be really disappointed because you haven’t fine-tuned the basics mastered the simple stuff that would really help you in that. And so again, it’s just like redefining that being a beginner, sexy redefining, like how you want to run your business, like the vision, your gifts, that’s way more important than selling something you’re not doing behind the scenes.

[00:14:39] Mm hmm. Exactly. I think something I’ll never forget this. I think it was probably my first year in business. I was scrolling through Instagram and I was I read this post from a really well-known at the time business coach who was saying that if you are having any conversations in the DMs, it’s not just starting conversations, but any kind of conversation. You’re doing it wrong and all you need is content to like, get clients, and like, That’s it. As long as you have the content, you’re going to be able to sign clients and you don’t have to have any conversations. And I remember getting really frustrated because I knew that I was like, No matter what, it’s not true.

[00:15:20] Even if we’re doing attraction marketing, at least half of those people are still going to DMs us and ask us questions before they actually sign on with us. They’re not going to necessarily automatically go book a sales call or pay us thousands of dollars to work with us, right? So I remember seeing that and getting so frustrated, and I think again, it’s just this. This unclear focus, right, like we’re trying so hard to chase after whatever it is that we’re looking for and even like not being identified as a beginner when there’s nothing wrong with identifying as a beginner, right?

[00:15:58] What’s wrong with like, who cares? Like, we’re so focused on the shiny object, perfect things, and it’s just so crazy, honestly to me. But with all of this being said with this idea of all entrepreneurs, but especially those beginners like chasing after those shiny objects and being so focused on, essentially almost getting a copy and paste method from somebody else because they think that that’s the solution.  As someone who’s really into creating unique sales strategies for your clients and working with them on that. What is your take on that concept of the one size fits all model that some coaches sell?

[00:16:41] Y’all, let’s take this out of business just for a second. Those one size fit all dresses or pajamas. Do we like them? No, we don’t. We literally don’t, because there’s just no such thing. If there is a one size fits all strategy, everybody in their mom would be on Instagram making millions of dollars. That’s just true. It’s so strategy. I always tell people is the easy part, too.

[00:17:11] Once you get a strategy that really aligns with who you are, your gifts, your like, your skillset, and your vision. That’s the easy part. What? What? When you’re talking about it, all I could think about was like, This is so much about our ego. Are we using the best methods, the most popular methods? Are we hitting this 10k month so we can take a screenshot of it and put it on Instagram? Like, are we traveling to Bali? Like with our laptop? Like, so much of our business has begun to be about feeding our ego and looking good to others that we’ve completely have lost what our business is to do and it’s to give us a little more freedom.

[00:17:52] Duh. But it’s really about other people. It’s about your mission. And I think that gets lost in the sauce when we’re just trying to. Keep up with the I don’t want to say the cool kids, but like the coolest things, the trending things, right? When really, if you just developed a sales process, right with your gifts and by gifts, I mean what? You’re naturally good at, right? I love speaking. That’s why we were on podcasts and have our own podcast, right? That’s a gift of mine.

[00:18:22] I’m going to make that the top of my funnel, and I’m just going to own it. I’m not going to jump on YouTube because I don’t like being on video. I’m weird. I don’t know what to do with my hands, right? And so from that process of really just understanding that developing it from there. And so helping people find that and fine-tune it and know that it’s enough, I think that’s the kicker. Am I enough? Is this enough? Like, that’s what really transforms your business.

[00:18:50] That’s so true. And I think another thing that is really important that a lot of people don’t realize, and I don’t even think like, I think that a lot of people had a lot of stages don’t realize it because as I’ve been creating an offer, a mastermind for the higher level entrepreneur that wants to expand and wants to be on multiple platforms. And all of that, I’ve realized, because I’m all about simplicity is that it’s really actually very simple. It doesn’t. I do 100 percent stand by like, let’s start on one platform and wait to expand because the overwhelm is totally there.

[00:19:23] But quite frankly, if you actually understand marketing and how to create a strategy, being on multiple platforms is quite simple because it’s just about taking that strategy and utilizing it amongst like one-two, three-four, however many platforms. It’s not about creating something new for everyone, it’s just like tweaking it for each platform, right?

[00:19:44] In creating this higher-level mastermind, I’ve realized that you have to go back to the basics first because a lot of people do not, even if they’re taught how to create a marketing strategy, how to create a sales strategy. They don’t fully understand that that’s what they’re being taught.

[00:20:05] You know, and that’s something that I have realized recently is that that’s a lot of the problem. And I think that that’s part of why people go after these people that are saying one thing and doing another because they’re saying the like, dreamy, like sexy thing and people are jumping on that. But they don’t even know why they’re jumping on that because they don’t fully understand what a marketing strategy even looks like or what a sales strategy even looks like.

[00:20:33] Yeah. And I always think marketing in the past, and I’m hoping again with some radical transparency and like just taking responsibility that we don’t market what you want. Sell you what you need. We market what you need and you get what you need, right? I’m always like, I’m not going to tell you what you want, right? I’m just straight-up, tell you what you need and it’s not sexy. Like, you need a lot of mindset work and you probably are like, no, don’t make me like, that’s not going to work.

[00:21:06] You probably need to know that you have a lot of gaps in the foundation of your business, right? And your sales and your messaging and your framework right. And if you do not go deeper instead of wider, that’s all I always say. Go deeper instead of wider. It does not matter because at that next level, that foundation is cracking and you can’t continue to sustain it’s like you wouldn’t go into a house that has cracks all over the place, the water’s coming in, there’s mold, and put up pretty wallpaper.

[00:21:43] You would have to leave and rebuild that baby from the ground up. And I think again, it just goes back to your ego. Well, I don’t want to do that. I’m too far advanced. Like, let’s again, let’s not make it about your ego. Let’s just make it about what your business needs and what you need.

[00:22:01] Yeah, it’s so true. You have to go back to the basics sometimes because I think that the biggest thing and this is even something that I’ve realized about myself is someone that, like, built her business on a beginner program is I was so concerned about giving them everything all at once that I’m even like, I have to go back to the basics and I have to simplify things like we don’t need to be creating a whole crazy launch within your first 12 weeks of owning a business like we should be building up your, we should be doing other things first, right?

[00:22:30] Shifting that in the way that I coach and how I help my clients. But I think that the thing is a lot of people don’t realize it, and then we’re rushing. It’s like, it’s the problem is we’re building businesses off of cracked foundation from the start is really what it is because.

[00:22:50] We are in an industry where there’s this pressure, so almost like the societal pressure within the industry to help our clients get the fastest results as quickly as possible and the best results and the most money and all of this. And so we cut corners. Yes. And that’s the thing that needs to change because then things go missing, and maybe the first six months are great and they do really well, but then the cracks start to open more and things kind of start to fall apart.

[00:23:23] I mean, even me, I look back and I’ve worked with some great coaches, but even still, I’m like, shit. Maybe I wouldn’t have basically started fresh every single year since I started my business and like, redid my entire product suite if I had a more solid foundation when I started.

[00:23:41] And I think it’s because it’s all copy and paste. I am so against copy and paste, like it’s like a hill I will die on, like the copy and paste content, the copy and paste sell strategy, the copy and paste even sales page copy like it is driving me crazy because what that actually just means is that you don’t know what you’re doing.

[00:24:06] I say that with so much love because that was me. Like, the only reason I’m in this space to talk about this is that for two years I’ve been running my business, I’ve been working with clients and I’ve been coached differently and I’ve gotten different credentials. And I’m like, OK, there’s just these huge gaps, right? And you don’t know until you do know. But since I do know, I’m like, copy and paste isn’t where it’s at, especially as a beginner.

[00:24:31] Mm hmm.

[00:24:32] Because what’s happening is you’re taking somebody else’s words. You’re taking somebody else’s strengths and skillset and gifts, and you’re trying to make fetch happen in your business. And it does work. That’s the issue. It works for a little bit. And then you’re out of that coach’s container and you don’t know what to do. And I think that’s what creates co-dependency. That’s why are mindsets? Just go straight down the drain. And then you look to the online space and you see everyone winning and you think there’s something wrong with you, but there’s nothing’s ever been wrong with you. It’s just a deeper need to understand and a deeper need to believe in yourself and trust yourself to run your business in your own way like you have a product suite. Like, I only have two offers, right? There’s a ton of ways to run your business.

[00:25:28] Yeah, absolutely. I mean, I built my business off of one offer and it’s not serving me anymore. So I’m changing that next year, and I’m going to have a lot like then I’ll probably have a lot of offers and I’m daunted as hell by it. But I’m going to do it because it’s new and different and fun. You know, like, there are so many different ways to run a business, even like circling all the way back to what we started to start with at the beginning. It’s like there’s nothing wrong with sending. I mean, I’m not the biggest fan of sending cold DMs. I don’t think it’s the best, most genuine way of building a business. But if that’s what serves you and you’re not afraid to say, this is what I do and this is what I’m going to teach you how to do because I’m not sure what else you would be teaching.

[00:26:13] You know, like if that’s what serves you, that’s one approach. But for those that are like running from that and want nothing to do with that, there are other things too. There are happy mediums where there’s a mixture of sales techniques. There’s, you know, there is attraction marketing like Regan said, once you build that foundation to be able to utilize attraction marketing effectively.

[00:26:36] There are so many different ways to sell and create the strategy that serves you. Really, what you have to do is you either have to identify the way that you want to sell and hire a coach that’s going to teach you how to sell in that way. Or you need to say, I have no idea and I need to hire a coach that knows all of the ways and can help me figure out what works for me.

[00:26:58] Mm hmm. Exactly. And that takes a level of you shutting off the noise and getting off of Instagram and really asking yourself, what do I need? And if you don’t know what you need, all you have to do is look back and think, what is not working? What do I absolutely don’t want to do and what am I really good at? And then from that space, you can really move forward.

[00:27:27] You can really be like, OK, I’m really good at being funny, making people laugh like being witty. I would say, utilize the hell out of reels, right? Make reels happen for you. And from this place of reels and developing messaging, right, you can move into, OK, how do I now funnel people into working with me, right? It’s just like, again, just going back to the basics. But I always feel like I don’t know if this resonates with you, but I feel like the things that people miss the most at the basics and why I kind of created a framework around this was self-trust, messaging, and sales. Like, if it came back to anything, it was always. Like that was where it was really, really rocky.

[00:28:12] Yeah. No, I mean, I would completely agree. If you don’t trust yourself, you can’t do the other things, and the messaging in the sales is where it all comes, what it really all comes down to at the end of the day. And something else I think is really interesting and I think. It kind of goes into that as well as this, you know, with. Again, the like almost ego in the online space, there’s this idea of like business coaches are going to make the most money and anybody else is not, and I’m just going to come in and I think this sounds cool. So I’m going to do this and people come in and pick random ass things that they have no background in and to start a business and then wonder why it’s not clicking for them when they forget how many skills they really have.

[00:29:00] So like, you know, something that my friend encouraged me to do that I was like, Why in my three years of business have I never thought of? This is like owning what you went to school for owning your degree. We like so and it’s OK if you’re not if you’re listening and you don’t have a degree, there’s obviously nothing wrong with that. We all have our paths. But if you went to school and you have a degree and said the degree can be a selling point for why you are good at what you do and why you have experience, why are we not using it? Like, for example, as a business coach, a business degree isn’t the only answer, right? That is not the only answer. Using myself as an example, I went to school for journalism.

[00:29:39] I minored in business, but I went to school for journalism. But that taught me how to be a damn good writer. That taught me a lot. That taught me how to the importance of omnipresence. I had a code of freaking was ugly as hell, but I had to code a website for a class and journal when I was a journalism student. So like, there’s so much that I learned that can be brought into my business today, and it’s like, why do we not own these things? Do we think that you know? We think that our past isn’t worthy, but our past is what brought us to where we are today, and we learn things along the way to get us here.

[00:30:13] And that ended up itself can be a way to sell like something that I lean into a lot for selling. And it kind of circles into attraction marketing. But I use storytelling and I share my background to build authority and to connect with people and relate to them. And it speaks to them, and that’s what pulls them towards me is sharing those stories. So there are so many different ways, but I think that it’s just so important to own your experience or even use our past coach Taylor as an example, right? Like she did like Beachbody. And then she was a VA, and then she was a business coach and she was like, Hang on, I have like a background in education like I was a teacher. Why am I not teaching people how to educate? No one knows how to educate as coaches like, why are we not doing things that we actually are good at?

[00:31:02] Yeah. And I think you hit the nail on the head when you started. It was this we think it’s not going to sell. We think that the only thing that sells is money. And I just want to like give you guys an example of what like like I hired a dietician this year at a really bad case of food poisoning that gave me like consistent bloat and her R.Y. Had nothing to do with business growth and nothing to do with money and nothing to do with any of that. It was like, Hey, we’re going to get rid of this bloat. And that’s exactly what I wanted. And I say this to you because people are seeking your solution.

[00:31:43] But when you have decided that only people want to make more money or save money or learn strategy, what you do is you really cut off all the people who are wanting, who are seeking your solution. And the truth is is they’re finding people who are talking about it, even because you’re not, people are still hiring relationship coaches, you know, mindset coaching, nutrition, and coaches. And it has nothing to do with money because people value a lot of things outside of money. But I think we forget that because the online space is just really loud and we are taking responsibility for what we’re taking in.

[00:32:21] It’s so true. And I know for everyone listening, I know this podcast has gone on in a bunch of different directions, but I do have to like since we’re on this now, I have to say that for you. Part of me is like, do I even say this? Because what Regan just said is, so good and so true. But for anybody that needs this, I’ll say this too. If you really, really think about it, you can tie anything back to making more money. Like, if you really think about it, because Regan, if you didn’t hire the health coach, nutritionist, whoever you hired to help you with your health when you felt bloated and uncomfortable, you may have spent two months sitting on your couch not feeling good instead of working in your business and make you money or like somebody that hires a relationship coach, they might be in like the most miserable relationship, and they want to learn to, like, find themselves. They can find something happy, and when they get out of their relationship, they move to a new city and they get this promotion like you can connect anything to making somebody’s life better, and in return, they end up with more money.

[00:33:22] At the end of the day, if you really, really wanted to, if you need, if you feel the need to, like, tie everything back to money. But that’s the crazy thing is like when you are your best self. And basically, most coaches are helping you in some way become your best self or your business to be its best business or whatever it is, you’re always going to end up making more money when you’re your best self.

[00:33:50] It is so true. And that might that knowledge can maybe help your brain get on board to play behind the scenes. If you really just need a bridge to believe your thing is worthy of selling online, something that I talked with one of my clients about is the reason you’re not in full trust of your transformation is that you haven’t thought about it very much. Right?

[00:34:17] Take it seven levels deep, like take your baseline transformation and then ask yourself what that does and then take that and ask itself what it does and what you’re going to find is you change their life like in all different types of industries. And once you’re grounded in that, you can be free from this thought. I have to be a business coach, I have to be a money coach to make money. Yeah, it’s not required, not required at all.

[00:34:49] Not required. There are so many, so many things you could do to make so much money. I’ve seen extremely, extremely well off health coaches, nutritionists, mindset coaches, all the things, all the things. It’s all possible.

[00:35:03] So I think the moral of the story here on what you do. Don’t be afraid to own what it is that you do and how for business coaches, especially how you get your results, don’t sell one thing and do another thing that’s icky own what you do in general. Own your background own your experience and lean into that. I’m trying to wrap everything else up. What else? What else have we talked about?

[00:35:31] It’s just like, Yeah, it’s just like being an embodiment of that work. I think if you’re your best client, you’ll always have clients. Yeah. Like, it’s just totally being an embodiment of what you say on Instagram Stories and what you do behind the scenes, right? And we started the conversation, like, really heated because that isn’t what we’re seeing all the time, right? So this isn’t about shaming. This is about where can you be a leader and step into that role of, OK, I want to rise to the occasion of being the best of the best of what I do, being my best client, being an embodiment of what I teach, and then I’m going to sell that. It’s not going to be anything different.

[00:36:15] Yeah, exactly, exactly. I feel like that’s the perfect ending to this episode. But before we go, Regan, where can everybody find you?

[00:36:25] Yeah, come find me on Instagram at _Reganstorm. I’m all my stories. I post it connects to my podcast, and if you did listen to this, come say hi to me. I don’t bite. I would love you to introduce yourself. But yeah, that’s where I’m hanging out.

[00:36:43] Amazing. Thank you so much for being here today.

[00:36:45] Yeah, it was so much fun.

[00:36:47] I don’t know about you, but I think that was a pretty dope episode. I hope you enjoyed the conversation. And as always, it would mean the absolute world to me. If you would leave a review for the podcast.

[00:36:57] The more reviews, the more ears this podcast can get into, the more lives that we have the potential to change and to help when it comes to business. So get at em, leave a review. I mean, the world to me and as a reminder. If you share and tag me on Instagram Stories that you’re listening to the podcast, you will be entered to have a coffee on me next week, so lots of fun there. Don’t miss out on that opportunity and go share, share, share. And I will catch you next week on the If She Did It Podcast.

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