Why You Need An Omnipresence Going Into 2022

[00:00:00] Hello. Hello, and welcome back to the If She Did It Podcast. I don’t know what is going on today, but I am starting to feel like myself again. So for those of you who don’t know my fiance is in the military and he is gone until next summer sometime, I don’t know exactly when. And it fucking sucks. I have been struggling since he left about a month and a half ago, and I’m finally feeling like myself again.

[00:00:28] I’m really excited because when I don’t feel like myself, I have a really hard time calling in dream clients. I have a really hard time showing up in my business and I’m finally excited again and I cannot wait to see what gets created from this energy. So let’s all celebrate Becky. I’m kidding.

[00:00:47] Anyway, today we are going to be talking about why you need to prioritize building an omnipresence for twenty twenty two and how it’s going to transform your business. So let’s roll the intro and let’s dive in.

[00:01:09] Welcome to the If She Did It Podcast with your host, business coach, and business bestie Becky Feigin. This is your one-stop shop for all things business growth, energetic alignment, strategy mindset, and a fun touch of spirituality. Nothing is off limits here, and you’re bound to lead every single episode inspired, excited, and ready to take massive action in your business. This podcast was created to help create more badass female CEOs and help you see that business gets to be simple, strategic, and fun. Now let’s dive in.

[00:01:42] Ok, y’all. Like I said, today’s episode is going to be all about why you need to care about creating an omnipresence for twenty, twenty two and beyond. Obviously. So I apologize if this is somewhat repetitive from past episodes. I’m the queen of unintentionally repeating myself. What can I say? I’m working on it. But here’s the thing. Creating an omnipresence is so fucking important.

[00:02:13] The reason that creating an omnipresence is so important is that it allows you, and I know I’ve said this before, but it allows you to not have to always be so front and center of your business. It kind of honestly eases the stress, the overwhelm that tends to come with utilizing like one platform, right?

[00:02:33] For example, if you just utilized Instagram and you needed a self-care week and you weren’t showing up, you would probably start to panic about, well, if I’m not showing up on stories and I’m not making a new post, nobody’s going to find me this week. I’m not going to get any new leads and what the fuck is going to happen, and you start to panic about that. If you just show up on Tik Tok, it’s going to be a similar fear because, with Tik Tok, it’s like, you know, they’re always saying you really need to be consistent and be posting one to three TikToks a day until you get a large following and then you can kind of slow down.

[00:03:06] And unfortunately, like, that’s not totally realistic for everyone. I do think it’s really, really important to focus on one platform when you just start a business, but there gets to a point where you should be able to, like, expand beyond just one platform. And what this really comes down to is when you feel prepared, when you feel ready because nobody can give you this answer.

[00:03:37] There’s not like, Oh, I’m making consistent five k months. So now it’s time to expand onto a new platform and focus on my omnipresence. Know as somebody that understands the value of omnipresence from the jump. Because of my background in journalism, I created an omnipresence in my business before it was cool to talk about your omnipresence in a business, right?

[00:03:59] I’ve had an omnipresent since pretty much day one of my business. It’s OK that you’re that if you’re not the same, but that’s just that was my reality. So there’s no right time. It’s just really a matter of making sure that you have the mental capacity, the availability to do it, or you have the team to support you in creating it.

[00:04:19] So with that being said, I feel like I have to do like this is like my background, my foundation built before I start talking about why omnipresence is so important in twenty twenty-two. As long as you feel like you can manage it, it’s time to create an omnipresence.

[00:04:36] And of course, I’m going to talk to you about the Make Instagram Your Side Chick Masterclass at the end of this episode because it is the last week to grab a ticket. We go live on Thursday, December 2nd with the master class, and as a reminder, because I love you, my podcast family. There will be not only the link to grab a ticket in the show notes, but I will also be sharing. Discount code to save you one hundred dollars, so you’re welcome.

[00:05:06]  But that being said, the reason that omnipresence is so awesome is that you don’t have to stress so much about always being on because you have things building for you. So here’s the structure of an omnipresence when you’re being strategic about it. So you would have at least one platform like Instagram or Tiktok. So a social platform, and then you would have at least one platform that was more like in a way, evergreen.

[00:05:36] So a blog or a podcast, or being a features writer for something like media or thrive global or something like that, depending upon your niche and what you do? Right. So that would be the next thing. So and then you would have an email list and you would create a freebie for your email list. Now, any time that somebody joins your email list, you would encourage them to connect with you and follow you on all other platforms that you utilize.

[00:06:06] So that’s one thing or another. Now, instead of them being on just one platform, you’re cross-pollinating amongst all of them, they’re also in your email community. It’s magic. Right? So so now you have that.

[00:06:18] And then on top of that, you are now able to on top of that, you are now able to what, Becky? You are now able to what? Sorry, sometimes I get like this and I like to lose my train of thought. It’s totally fine. So when you have it in this way, when you think about it, you have this flow. So from your, let’s say from your podcast, let’s use podcasting as an example from your podcast, you can now encourage people to go connect with you on Instagram, connect with you on Tik Tok.

[00:06:45] I don’t know why I don’t make my TED talk in the show notes. I’m going to link my TED talk this week to connect with you on Tik Tok and connect with you through your freebie. So now you’ve linked them to three things, right? You’ve linked them to your social platforms and your freebie. When they download your freebie, they’re now on your email list.

[00:07:02] If they didn’t already follow you on Instagram, when they’re on your email list for your freebie, you can then encourage them to connect with you on your social platforms. They’re now in your email sequence. We’re able to promote to them whatever it is that you want to promote through that email funnel and all of this like more advanced stuff that I’m getting to like email funnels and all of that we’re doing in my mastermind together.

[00:07:22] So those of you that that come to the come to the master class, you’re not only going to get first dibs on the mastermind, you’re going to get a discount and somebody may or may not be winning a spot to the mastermind. So there’s a lot of reasons to be grabbing a ticket, just saying, I digress.

[00:07:41] So with all that being said, you know, you have this, you have this flow now of flowing people through and being able to constantly be selling on your email list. So that means that your podcast, your blog post, your Tiktok videos, your Instagram, all of that content is consistently selling whatever it is that you’re launching right now or pushing them to your freebie in your email list, which then has a sequence of emails that promotes an offer.

[00:08:16] And because of that, you are now constantly selling whether you are live on social media that day or not. And here’s why this is really important. There’s a couple of reasons. Number one twenty twenty two, I know. So here’s a thing COVID is always going to exist if you don’t believe in COVID, but I don’t know that you’re meant for my community. Covid is always going to exist, right? To some degree, people are starting to do more things.

[00:08:45] People are starting to travel a lot more. Life is going a lot more back to normal and you need you’re going to want the space in twenty twenty two to be able to do all those things. So that’s one piece of it. So if you have to constantly be stressing about showing up on Instagram, you’re not going to have the energy or the space to be traveling, right? You’re going to have to give up something.

[00:09:09] If you take the next couple of months creating an omnipresence, all of the systems are going to be in place by the time that travel picks up in twenty twenty two and you’re not going to have to worry about picking and choosing because you can fucking do it all, bitch. You can do it all. So that’s one big piece of it.

[00:09:29] The other big piece of it is that it’s so important to diversify your leads as you grow in your business and as social media shifts. I don’t want you to have to rely solely on Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, Twitter, LinkedIn to build a business, you shouldn’t have to solely rely on those platforms. This is why we need to create things like your email list. This is why we need to create things like your podcast, like your blogging, maybe even YouTube. Maybe you’re on to YouTube, this is why we need to bring it all together with Pinterest, like there’s so much that we can do to make your business kind of like as the ex-horseback rider would say, bombproof, bombproof.

[00:10:14] We want to make sure that no matter what happens in the online space when it comes to social media, your business still gets to exist. You don’t have to start from scratch. I don’t want you to wake up one day and say, Holy shit, my Instagram has been deleted now. I got to start the podcast and I don’t even know I’m going to find an audience for my podcast because I lost my whole community. Fuck that. Let’s not let that. Let’s not let it get to that point. Let’s not let it get to that point.

[00:10:40] It is so important to make sure that you are being consistent and that you are creating an omnipresence. I don’t know why I said, I mean, consistency is important, but it’s so important to make sure that you are creating an omnipresence that come twenty twenty two. You are prepared for anything and you’re just going to get better at all of it’s going to get better at your email sequences. You’re going to get better at your opt-ins, you’re going to get better at your programs are going to get better at content creation. You can get all the things. So your omnipresence is just going to build and build and build. And this is why having an omnipresence is going to be so crucial going into twenty twenty-two. I know I keep repeating myself, but I cannot let this go.

[00:11:24] I can’t let this go. So many people say to me, so many people vote on my polls on Instagram, so maybe people say to me that visit creating visibility is so important to them and creating an omnipresence is so important to them. And I’m like, OK, great. Here’s to make Instagram your sidekick masterclass. Let me teach you how to do it because you keep telling me that it’s important to you and you don’t know how to do it. I provide them I provide you with the opportunity to learn and you don’t snag it up, but I’m explaining to you why this is so important. Ok. And I am offering you a hundred dollars off the masterclass because I want to make sure that you are there because I want to bomb-proof your business for you. Ok. And this is going to massively increase visibility. This is going to massively increase your lead pool. This is this. This whole strategy screams business blowing up in a positive manner. The business being massively profitable in twenty twenty-two.

Are you reaching all of your goals in twenty twenty-two? This is what all of this screams. So my question is what are you waiting for? I find that I talk really, really fast, so I kind of got my point across and this is what I want you to know. But it’s just it’s so damn important. It is so damn important for you to prioritize this and care about this.

[00:12:47] And the very first step is having the marketing strategy, which that’s the foundation, the marketing strategy to support you, to be able to have an online presence because it’s one thing to have an omnipresence. It’s another thing to have an omnipresence that actually works for your business. So even if you’re on every social platform right now and you have an email list, you have this, you have that. Are you using it to its fullest advantage?

[00:13:09] I’m going to teach you how to do that in this master class. So that’s the first piece. And then the second piece, right? The second piece is using that marketing strategy to create the omnipresence I mentioned to do all of it. Because it’s so important to know and then if you want more support and other business support, that’s where my mastermind comes in, but I’ll tell you all about that at the masterclass and you might even want to win a spot. Who knows? Who knows? I’m not. I’m not saying anything.

[00:13:41] But with that, guys, that’s really my point for the day. That’s the importance of omnipresence. Why you should care. And let me help you make this your reality. So go to the show notes. Click the link. Grab a ticket. Use the code to get a discount. And I hope to see you there. And with that, I will see you on next week’s episode of the If She Did It Podcast, bye everyone.

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