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[00:00:00] Welcome back to the issue of the podcast, I know episodes have been coming out every single week, but I feel like it's been forever because a lot, a lot has changed since the last time I recorded an episode. So a quick update. I've been quite M.I.A. In my business the past almost three weeks now. My grandpa passed on January 30 first and it really, really impacted me. So this week's episode, I'm actually going to be talking to you guys about the shifts that are taking place in my business for the good because of this loss. What I've realized, what has come up for me and where I want to shift things, and I think you're really going to love it and I'm really excited about it. But I wanted to mention this because things are shifting in terms of the abundant business academy. The pre sell presale five hundred dollars off and all those bonuses are still available. As you're listening to this, and I'll be sharing with you in this episode, a free masterclass I'm hosting that I'm so excited about. And yeah, so everything's going to push back a little bit because I'm a little bit behind now. But with that, let's dive in to this week's episode where I'm going to be sharing with you the new approach to online business. Welcome to the If She Did It podcast with your host, business coach and business bestie Becky Fagan. This is your one stop shop for all things business growth, energetic alignment, strategy mindset and a fun touch of spirituality.

[00:01:39] Nothing is off limits here, and you're bound to lead every single episode inspired, excited and ready to take massive action in your business. This podcast was created to help create more badass female CEOs and help you see that business gets to be simple, strategic and fun. Now let's dive in. Ok? Also, let's dive in. As I mentioned, I lost my grandfather at the end of January, and it really, really affected me in a lot of ways. And the biggest thing when it comes to my business and this loss is the new approach that we're taking to business, that I'm going to be teaching and all of my programs and in my content moving forward because, you know, I've always kind of touched on this idea that the online space we have this really toxic relationship with hustle culture. And even when we say, Oh, I don't hustle, we do a lot of us hustle, even if we're not realizing a lot of us have this belief that to start a business, we need to spend our entire lives on this business and we don't get to have a life of our own. Oh my goodness, the um, the phone. My apologies. I'm not restarting. It's fine. So anyway, the very first thing, what I realized that something had to shift was when I made a post about the loss of my grandfather.

[00:03:05] And part of why I felt the need to make the post was to hopefully limit the amount of cold messages I was receiving in that time because I didn't have the energy, I didn't have the energy to even see them coming in. I was just too much for me. And you know what happened when I made that post and I even made like kind of like a joking comment within the post about, you know, hoping that me sharing about this would limit the cold messages I was receiving. People still sent cold messages. They sent cold messages saying that they looked through my Instagram and they loved what they saw. And you know, they wanted to help me. And I'm like, You looked in my Instagram and loved what you saw, but you didn't seem to notice that the most recent post on my Instagram is about the loss of my grandfather, and you are taking a moment to sell to me. I had somebody follow me, send me a message telling me how much they loved me and were so excited to connect with me. I didn't respond because I wasn't in my DMs over the past three weeks, and she proceeds to unfollow me. And it's all of these really gross, icky marketing techniques, if you will, approaches to business that are centered in this idea that it's simply a numbers game, it's simply a numbers game.

[00:04:32] And all we need to do is send enough DMs and we'll finally land a client. And I'm sorry, but it's bullshit. And I have said this time and time again, but I am fully embodying this perception of this is complete bullshit and we can do better. And I am teaching you better moving forward because it it's enough. So here's the thing with business right now, we have this belief that we just, you know. We need to send enough messages, we need to have enough connections and something's going to click, and unfortunately, the majority of coaches that teach this approach of DMing as many people as possible and it's a numbers game and, you know, follow unfollow and all that shit. Those are the coaches, the coaches that teach that are the coaches that often have paid ads. So oftentimes new and aspiring entrepreneurs are seeing those coaches first and then investing in those coaches. So if you're listening to this and you have not invested in those coaches yet and you found me instead, hell yeah. Hi, I'm happy you're here. If you have invested in those coaches and you regret it, it's OK, it's OK. It happens. And I'm not saying that inherently those coaches are a problem or they're bad. But like the reality is, that's a that's a technique that's a strategy to landing clients that is super inauthentic and can be really grabby and can rub people the wrong way.

[00:06:01] Another message that I received in the past three weeks was somebody I would like to post her two of hers. Just while I was engaging for the day, I was engaging through hashtags. And she took that as an opportunity to send me a message asking me about my health goals. And I don't know if she simply sent that message because I liked her photos. I don't know if she sent that message because I'm a plus size woman that liked her photos, but I didn't appreciate it. And I told her so, and I broke down why? What? Her message was problematic. Health and fitness coaches, you have to be careful, right? Because a lot of times you send out, you're taught this method of sending out DMs, but now you're doing people that you think could, you know, lose weight or should lose weight. And it's like, in theory, it makes sense, but in reality, you're traumatizing a lot of people. And you know, I'm comfortable with who I am. I love myself. I love my body. Do I want to personally, for my own sake, lose some weight? Sure. But that's my own personal journey that I'm not looking for help with right now. And, you know, it's not like I shared that on my feed. So she was simply just messaging me to ask me about my health goals. And you know what I'm working on in my fitness, and I'm like, That's really personal.

[00:07:18] And you know, if I wasn't confident in myself and I didn't love myself, I would look at I would read into this as so much more than it really probably was. But you have to be careful. And when you're taught this concept of just like, it's a numbers game, we just have to send out as many DMs as possible and that's going to make us money. It gets dangerous. It gets dangerous. And another thing that's super not cool is sending those messages of like, Oh my gosh, I just came across your account and I love it. You're amazing. Tell me about yourself like fake. And I am saying that and I used to do that shit you guys like. I've learned I've learned the better, and it's something that was always, let me like back up for a second. Those kinds of messages don't always have to be fake. I've sent those messages before because I'm genuinely like, find somebody's account and I'm like, obsessed with them. But it's fake when they fall. When you are sending that message, you're following the person. And then if they don't respond to you right away or they don't follow you back, you proceed to unfollow them. Did you really like my account? Did you really like what I had to say? Or are you just looking for followers and ideally clients? You know what I'm saying? So anyway, I'm getting off on a little bit of a tangent, but my point with all of this is that we need to do better and my people, my community, my audience, my clients will do better.

[00:08:37] I already set the intention of having a goal of impacting more entrepreneurs in twenty twenty two, so creating lower ticket offers to be able to make higher impact, which is why the Abundant Business Academy is being shortened but still having the same strong, potent impact but being shortened so that I can offer the program for less than a thousand dollars during early bird versus the four thousand dollars that this program used to go for. So this is something that I'm super stoked about that I feel so good about. If you haven't applied yet, you're freaking crazy. Go apply. But really, at the end of the day, you know we need to do better. So I am teaching you how to do better. So this new approach to business, this new belief, this new vision that I have created is this really potent idea. Now I'm going to see this year and be like, Becky, this is basic as fuck, like, obviously, but it's not obvious because nobody's fucking doing it. Everybody says they're doing this and they're not, and we're changing the game. So the potent realization is that everybody talks about how they start a business because of time.

[00:09:43] They want time, freedom, they want to control. They want to be in control of their lives. They want to get to like, call the shots, all this stuff, and then they become a slave to their business. They have no time freedom. They are constantly. Stressing out about business and money and life, and they don't spend time with family and they pass up on girls days or friend nights or friend trips or girls trips, whatever it is, and you end up missing out on a lot of life and some people will say, Well, yeah, this is the time to do that. It's the time to, you know, put your head down and grind and hustle and get ahead. Fork, no. Fork, no. We don't know if our life is ending tomorrow. Don't we want to live it to the damn fullest like you can quote unquote grind. You can work hard, you can get work done. You can build a successful, sustainable, profitable business without busting your ass to the point where you are burning yourself out and you don't have time to live your life. My grandpa just died like my grandpa just died, and I am devastated and all I want to do is be with family and love on family and be with friends and love on my friends. I don't want to spend my life so consumed in Oh my god, did I make 10K this month that I make 20 K 50 K one hundred k? And I, you know, I am, I, you know, spending enough time in my business.

[00:11:10] Like, No, fuck that you didn't start a business for your business to control your life. You started a business that you can have a life. You start a business so you could live life on your terms. So let's create a business that allows you to live life on your terms where creating boundaries from day one, we're not working on the weekends or taking at least one day off. We are, you know, creating a work schedule for ourself that allows ourselves to take time off throughout the day to to go to that midday workout class. If we want to go for that midday walk and get some fresh air to start, work late to end, work early, whatever it is, we got to make that decision. And of course, it's a little bit tougher if you are building your business while in a nine to five, but we can still create some level of boundaries and priorities around this idea that our business is not going to run our lives for a long time. I was. Convinced that I learned to teach my clients that they needed to work their fucking asses off to to get ahead. And you do need to work hard like I don't want to get things twisted here, like you do need to work hard.

[00:12:24] I'm not saying that you don't have to, but we need to work smarter. We need to work smarter and we need to create the priorities in our business to make sure that we are on fucking fire every day and feel so excited and aligned with what we're doing that when we create an offer, our client, our dream clients, throw their money at us because they're like, Sign me the fuck up I'm in. We need to show up from a space where we are so excited, confident and aligned in what we are doing that everybody just floods to us. We're talking magnetism. We're creating magnetism and power and impact from day one in our business. You don't need to build up a hierarchy. I'm no better than you. I just have knowledge that I get to share with you. But a lot of the issues in the coaching space and the entrepreneur space in general is like more seasoned entrepreneurs thinking that they're better than newer entrepreneurs, more seasoned entrepreneurs acting like they have it all figured out. You know this this this space of teaching this idea of it's a numbers game like so much toxicity, right? Like this is super fucking toxic, you guys, and we have to change the script like we got to we got to flip the script. You've got to change the story. We got to do better. And so that's what we're working towards together and moving forward.

[00:13:54] When you work with me, we are talking potency, absolute potency. You know what I'm going to do right now? You're going to think I'm crazy, but I am going to read, so I want to share this potency with you. Like, you have no idea how much I want to share this potency with you and like, help change your life. And so I've created a master class and this is what I wanted to share with you. It's called the make your first five K master class. Now it's the most basic fucking name for a master class ever, but what's inside is not basic at all, and it's a free master class. The link to sign up is going to be in the show notes there will be a limited time replay. It's going live. We're going to be live next Monday, Monday, February twenty eighth to be exact, but so it's a free masterclass and everything I'm touching on right now. We're covering it there, and I did something different for this master class, for this opt in page. I didn't make it like a typical opt in page. I actually wrote you a little like inspirational love note. And so I'm actually going to read that to you right now because I just I want to. I think this is the best way to get across what I'm trying to get across in this episode. So, you know, we've been talking about the potency we've been talking about how we need to stop letting our life, our business, control our life, how, you know, a lot of coaches teach this like numbers game and how it's really not sustainable.

[00:15:21] So this little love note really magically brings this all together. So listen to this. Listen, I know you've been working your ass off trying to make ends meet in your business. You woke up one morning and things finally clicked. Your calling was right in front of you. It was time entrepreneurship was pulling you in, and then you ended up online ready to market yourself. There were business coaches coming at you from every angle. Cold messages are king, they said. You have to attract your clients through your orgasms. They said it's all about a balancing of the feminine and masculine. They said, You've got nothing. If you don't have a good strategy, you need my blueprint to success. I can change your life today. If you're not making money in your business, you have an expensive hobby. All of these things are saying so many opinions and none of them clicked for you. Or maybe one of them did. So you hired the coach or you went to their free event and you did what they said to do, but nothing changed. If it did, you wouldn't be here listening to this podcast right now. In the in the in the opt in page, Typekit says you wouldn't be here reading this love letter right now.

[00:16:22] Trust me, I've been there. I remember feeling so sad and exhausted at the beginning of my business. Everyone was promising me success, but it just wasn't coming to me. It felt like nothing was working. I don't want you to keep feeling this way. Something has to give for you, and that's why I'm running this master class that you should sign up for. It might have a crazy basic name, but I can promise you right now that what we're talking about won't be basic at all. I'll be teaching you the foundations necessary to bring in five thousand months, and these are not your run of the mill basic ass foundations. I'm not talking about sending one hundred DMs per day or making your gym client feel like shit to push them into buying from you. Absolutely not. Fuck all of that. That's the old way. We're moving into the new way of building a profitable business. We're talking solid boundaries from day one. Putting you first always and having fun while building your dream business. I'll be teaching you what I wish someone had taught me at the beginning because I realized something potent when my grandpa passed three weeks ago. Our business is not our life. Our business is a vessel to allow us to live the life of our dreams. We need to build a business from day one that supports us.

[00:17:26] In doing just that, we cannot become a slave to our business. So what exactly will you be learning and what you're going to be learning in this master class, you guys? These are things. These are concepts that we're going to that are going to be so potent and so powerful and something that I'm going to be talking about all over the place because it's so fucking important. So you're going to be learning how to deeply understand your dream client so you can speak to them and lift them up to a place where they're throwing their money at you. You're going to be learning how to create offers that speak to your soul and your client's soul. So it's letting everybody up. The fun foundations, the things that will excite you and bring you in so many sales and the new approach to business where we're making more than enough within six months of getting started or six months of finding me, you'll never have to wake up stressed about how you'll pay your bills and live the life of your dreams again. You guys, I'm literally so excited about this master class. I felt like that love note. That inspiration note was just like exactly what I needed to share with you right now. So if that spoke to you, if this episode has spoken to you, definitely go sign up for the free masterclass. Like it's going to be epic.

[00:18:31] Don't get like I'm not going to front, like it's going to be so good. So I'm really, really stoked about it. I really think it's going to be so transformational for you, and I think that the most I know that the most important thing is that it is time to shift the narrative. It is time to do better. It is time to be better and I'm going to help you make that happen. So with that, go sign up for the free masterclass. And if you're like, OK, I want this free masterclass. But honestly, Becky, I just want to be in your space. I want to join the Abundant Business Academy. Fuck yeah. The link to that sales page will be in the show notes as well. We are starting mid-March now because of everything that's happened over the past couple of weeks, but lots of I'm sorry, excuse me, the bonuses are all still available. The five hundred dollars off is still available, so you can literally join us today for like two hundred bucks. Like no fucking brainer. And with that, I'm gonna let you go. I'm gonna let you have a fabulous fucking week. I'm so excited. Remember to leave a five star review of the podcast that would mean the world to me. Tag me on Instagram. I know you're listening and I hope you have a fabulous week and I'm so stoked for this shift.

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